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Spotlight's unique directory is the most comprehensive and respected guide to professional broadcasters working in the UK. It is the UK's leading directory of professional broadcasters and is a handy tool for casting directors, production companies, TV and radio stations, advertising agencies and publicists to browse and locate talent for all their future productions. Professionals can search the Spotlight database by specific criteria, so presenters will always be found for the right job! Spotlight members can also upload voice-clips and showreels as part of their online CVs, enabling them instantly to showcase their presenting talents.

Casting and production teams can use Spotlight's powerful search engine to locate presenters by search fields including specialist skills, location, accents, previous credits and age / appearance: offering a far more targeted search.

Spotlight's online job information service - The Spotlight Link - also enables production companies to email specific casting briefs directly to agents and presenters, who can respond instantly by submitting their Spotlight CV if their skills match the brief.

Recent examples of presenting work cast via Spotlight in this way include JML Shopping Channel, sport presenters for COPA90 internet channels, SORTED Food internet channel, Morrisons Taste Test presenter, host and master of ceremonies for City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra concert, corporate for O2, Green Flag reporters and presenters and even pantomimes & commercials.

Membership of Spotlight ensures a presenter can be found and contacted quickly, easily and professionally and is open to all presenters who are 18+ years of age. Once an application is approved, a presenter's web CV will go live on our website within days, and the presenter and their agent will begin to receive job information via The Spotlight Link. The presenter will appear in the next edition of the Spotlight Presenters & Personalities directory published annually in January.

The Presenters & Personalities directory is split into two sections, Presenters & Personalities and Emerging Talent Presenters & Personalities.
Those featured in the Presenters & Personalities section have professional broadcast experience. The Emerging Talent section showcases new, up-and-coming names on the presenting scene and can be found at the back of the Presenters & Personalities book.

What does Spotlight Presenters & Personalities membership offer?

- Spotlight web page
Your full professional CV plus photos will appear on where they can be viewed by casting professionals. Your casting details are fully searchable, so, for example, a production professional can look for 'a female presenter, 35-40 with sports experience' or 'a male presenter, 20-30, who has presented music programmes'. Thousands of production professionals locate presenters online this way.

- The Spotlight Link
The Spotlight Link is the UK's leading job information service for performers. In a typical week, casting professionals send over 245 breakdowns and cast over 700 roles using the Spotlight Link. That's an average of over 160,000 CVs being reviewed on the Spotlight website every week. You - and your agent, if you have one - can get job alerts by e-mail, and submit your Spotlight web CV instantly.

- Enhance your web pages with video and voice clips free of charge!
Our showreel and voice reel service enables Spotlight members to upload their own CV media.

- Spotlight book page
Your photo and casting details will appear in the Spotlight Presenters & Personalities directory, published annually in January and distributed to key industry professionals nationwide.

- Help & advice from the experts
Spotlight holds free seminars for its members, where leading experts answer questions and share their expertise.

- Artists' Records
Our free telephone / web information service. This is a quick and easy reference tool for production professionals trying to locate you. If you're not in Spotlight, we can't tell them how to find you!

- Spotlight card
A handy reminder of your View PIN number and entitles you to discounts on products and services negotiated especially for Spotlight members. If you need a new card, please request one from us.

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