Spotlight Mondays

Book a free career advice session with a Spotlight expert

Whether you’re just starting out or feel the need for a "refresher chat", Spotlight Mondays are an opportunity to have a 20-minute appointment with career expert Emma Dyson.

Anything is up for discussion, including photos, CVs, showreels, casting directors and agents (however, it is not possible for us to recommend agents).

This is a free service, inclusive within Spotlight membership and available only to members.

Bookings for appointments will open on the 20th of every preceding month (or the next working day if the 20th falls on a week-end).

These sessions get booked up very quickly, so please let us know if you need to cancel your appointment, so that others can re-book them. The boxes will appear in green when a slot is available.

About Spotlight’s career expert

Emma Dyson trained at the Guildford School of Acting. After working in other areas of the arts, she became an agent and developed a broad understanding of the relationship between the performer, management and casting process. Her six years’ experience as an agent gives her an invaluable perspective on portfolio photography, CVs and presentation. She is well placed to offer general advice and guidance to the working actor.

Spotlight Mondays sessions are held at our offices at 7 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7RJ.

Feedback from Spotlight members who have used this service:

"I would highly recommend these sessions to other spotlight members"

"Yes very useful. Emma was responded with warmth and empathy to my concerns. This was both reassuring and refreshing"

"Emma’s positive approach to my CV and voicereel was encouraging and this is hugely valuable for me to know that it is worth me continuing and to try and develop some other avenues that I haven’t yet i.e. getting a voiceover agent"

"Yes I found the session very useful. I had a list of questions and got answers to them all. As well as being informative, the session was friendly and I came away feeling both motivated and reassured about the progress of my career"

"Emma was very positive about my CV and was very direct and clear with what she thought regarding photos, play age and other questions I asked"

"I found it very valuable to get to speak to Emma as she is very experienced in the industry and it was refreshing to hear things from an outsider for once... ie- not my agent"

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