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Welcome to The Spotlight Podcasts featuring advice from Spotlight's experts.

Here you'll find tips and advice from Spotlight staff about all aspects of the industry, and maximising your use of Spotlight.

The podcasts come in easy-to-digest bite-size podcasts under 15 minutes long, often exploring one particular subject or question.

We release new podcasts regularly. As well as covering general career advice, we interviewing industry professionals on their top tips and advice for performers.

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  • Making the most of your Spotlight membership
    Spotlight's Pippa Harrison talks you through ways to ensure your CV and Spotlight profile is selling yourself to casting directors - and the added extras you may be missing out on.
  • Sell yourself with a covering letter
    Spotlight's Emma Dyson runs us through the key points on what a performer needs to consider when writing to an agent, casting director and history professionals.
  • Selling yourself with your online CV
    Spotlight's Emma Dyson talks us through ways to make your Spotlight CV shine online, with tips on everything from picking headshots to keeping your credits up to date.
  • The Actor's Survival Kit
    Things you will need to run yourself as an actor in today's industry. Good for people just starting out or coming back to the business after a break.
  • The Actor's CV
    Information and advice on the standard layout of an actor's CV in the UK.
  • Photographs
    Actor photographs are of primary importance - this podcast offers some basic do's and don'ts that'll stop you going wrong.
  • Audition Tips
    In this podcast we offer tips on how to prepare for that all-important acting audition.
  • How to Write to Casting Directors
    In this edition we look at the format, style and content of your covering letter, which is sent with photographs and a CV to casting directors.
  • How to Suggest Yourself via the Spotlight Link
    If you are a c/o Spotlight performer and suggest yourself for roles via the Spotlight Link, here are some invaluable tips on how to do it and what to tell the casting director.
  • Face-to-Face Networking
    Face-to-face networking can really improve a performer's chances of gaining employment. Here are some tips on how to bite the bullet and make those all-important industry contacts.
  • The Science of Showreels
    Online showreels are becoming increasingly popular with casting directors. Here are some handy hints to help you present your screen work in the best possible light.
  • Uploading Multimedia to YourSpotlightProfile
    Showreels and voice clips can really make or break a performer's online profile. Joe Bates, Spotlight's technical manager, provides some advice on uploading your materials and the range of editing services Spotlight offers.
  • What Makes a Good Portfolio Photograph?
    Spotlight members can upload up to 15 portfolio photographs to their online CV, but what makes a good one and what makes a bad one? Jaime Robb, Spotlight's resident portfolio photograph expert, gives advice on all things portfolio.