Spotlight Graduates is our directory of final-year students from the UK's top drama schools, dance and musical theatre courses, promoting you to agents and casting professionals as you begin your professional career.

How do I join?

Membership is open to final-year students from all Drama UK and CDET Accredited schools.

Your school will supply you with a special password which you can use on this page:

If you are a student at a non-Drama UK or non-CDET Accredited member school, we're sorry but you are not eligible to join Spotlight Graduates. You should instead consider joining our main Actor / Actress directories once you graduate.

Already a Spotlight Member?

If you are already a member of Spotlight you will not be able to use this online joining system for Spotlight Graduates as our system will recognise your details and not allow you to proceed with a new application.

In this instance please contact your college for paper forms, call us on 020 7437 7631 or email to request them.

How much does it cost?

The cost of membership for Spotlight Graduates is £77.00. You will also be offered a half-price Spotlight membership for your first year as an Actor or Actresss after you graduate.

When will payment be taken?

Previous Spotlight members

If you have previously appeared in Spotlight payment will be debited as soon as your web CV is published on our website. This is normally within 48 hours. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover this payment.

Brand New Spotlight Members

If you have not been in Spotlight before you are entitled to a 30-day cooling off period before any payment is deducted. You may cancel your application at any time during this period by emailing Your membership begins when your web CV is published on our website, and we'll take payment from your card 30 days after your CV is published. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover this payment.

In addition we will not take your money until membership eligibility has been approved and photographs have been double-checked.

Student Membership of Spotlight

Like all other Spotlight members, your full CV plus photos, voice-clips and showreel will appear on our website where they can be viewed by industry professionals.

In February your web CV will also become part of The Spotlight Link, the UK’s leading casting information service. Job information will be emailed to you / your agent daily, and you can start to put yourself forward for job opportunities so that you have acting work lined up as soon as you graduate.

Your web CV will also be available to all casting professionals and agents via the Spotlight Performance Calendar: our online timetable of drama school showcases, which lists upcoming performances and their respective performers. Agents and casting professionals use this daily, to schedule their diaries and book ticked. Click here for more information about the Performance Calendar.