Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (2nd yr.& 3 yr. Acting)

John Hartoch

Performances take place at the Redgrave Theatre, BS8 3LE

Myteline, on the Island of Lesbos... the local brothel is running out of wares for its clients. A new girl is brought in, purchased from pirates. She is everything the brothel needs - young, beautiful, unsullied. There is a fortune to be made from her.

But one problem arises - she will not ‘do the deed of darkness’.

The maid’s virtue starts miraculously to change the lives of those around her, and when a stranger Prince puts in at the harbour - a man driven by misfortune and grief into a state of catatonic disconnection from the world - the maid attempts to cure him by telling a story. Unbeknown to her, the story she tells him is his own.

A tale of adventure, love redeemed and redeeming, and of the triumph of the human spirit over the crushing blows of fate.

Booking Information Details

The last performance of this production was on 2 March 2013.

There are no further scheduled performances.