Reefer Madness

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts (3 yr. Musical Theatre / 2nd yr. Stage Management)

Performances take place at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, N15 4RX

It’s America in the 1930s. J Edgar Hoover is running the newly-founded FBI and conservatism is rife. Marijuana, the demon weed, is turning the nation’s children into depraved drug fiends. Rock musical Reefer Madness pastiches the public health warnings of the day.

Wholesome couple Jimmy Harper and Mary Lane are drawn from their English studies into a heady world of sex and psychosis, through jazz joints and hallucinatory orgies with singing poppies and dancing goats. Jesus and Franklin D Roosevelt, the President of the United States, try to intervene but will this be enough?

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The last performance of this production was on 24 November 2012.

There are no further scheduled performances.