The Spotlight Link

What is The Spotlight Link / The Spotlight Link Board?

The Spotlight Link is the quickest and easiest way for casting and production professionals to get their casting briefs into the in-boxes of leading UK agents and performers.

You will receive immediate suggestions in return, and be able to organise them all via the Spotlight website.

No faxing, no phoning, no chasing, no 'snail' mail - and you can use this service from any location with Internet access.

From January - September 2013 an average of 272 casting breakdowns were sent out each week via the Spotlight Link, of which 173 were Spotlight Exclusives. They span every type of performance work: from TV to dance, film to live events, commercials to musicals. These weekly breakdowns contained an average of 708 individual roles (jobs) of which 478 were Spotlight Exclusives. During the same period we saw an average of 211,503 CVs on the Spotlight website being reviewed every week.

How does it work?

Casting professionals can choose to send out a casting breakdown to agents via the Spotlight Link or post one-role jobs to the Spotlight Link Board to all agents and all performers, regardless of agency status.

  • When you have a role(s) to cast enter the information into the Spotlight Link or post to the Spotlight Link Board
  • Roles sent via the Spotlight Link can be sent to all agents or agents of your choice
  • Roles posted to the Spotlight Link Board will be seen by all agents and all performers
  • Include role descriptions, location, fees, deadlines etc
  • Press send and your breakdown / post will be sent instantly
  • Within minutes, you will receive suggestions in the form of performers' Spotlight CVs
  • Sort responses by 'Yes', 'No' and 'Maybe' to create your final casting shortlist

Who can use it?

The Spotlight Link can be used by anyone who needs performers for professional, paid roles.  

To discuss sending out your breakdown, please e-mail rachel.flenley@spotlight.comor call
020 7440 5069.

Spotlight Sides

Casting professionals can also use The Spotlight Link to send out audition scripts and other attachments.

This ensures that performers will be able to come to your auditions ready-prepared, to give their best performance possible.

Spotlight Sides converts all scripts to PDF so that performers and their agents can view and print everything quickly and easily.  

How much does it cost?

Access to The Spotlight Link is part of our casting subscription package. Please click here to visit our shop.