POSY BREWER by Simon Walker
Photo: Simon Walker
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3rd Floor Joel House, 17-21 Garrick Street, London WC2E 9BL
Phone: 020 7420 9358
Fax: 0843 2905796
E-mail: smvoices@shepherdmanagement.co.uk
WWW: www.smvoices.co.uk
Artist's Website: www.posybrewer.com
West Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Height:5'6" (167cm)
Weight:10st. 9lb. (68kg)
Playing Age:33 - 45 years
Appearance:Mediterranean, White
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Hair Length:Long
Voice Quality:Bright
Voice Character:Engaging


For a full CV and samples please visit the main website: www.posybrewer.com OR www.thevoiceovervoice.co.uk IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2648664/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PosyBrewer

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2012, Corporate, Voice, Special K, LBS


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Standard, Cockney, Dublin, Edinburgh, French, Glasgow, Hampshire, London*, Northern, RP*
(* = Native/Fluent)
English*, French, Italian
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Folk Dancing, Jazz Dancing, Mezzo-Soprano
Performance:ADR-Additional Dialogue Recording, Audio Books, Audio Drama, Children's Theatre, Clown, Comedy, Mask, Musical Theatre, Physical Theatre, Radio Presenting, Singer-Professional, Story Telling, TV Presenting, Voice Over
(* = highly skilled)
Horse-riding, Kick Boxing, Lacrosse, Netball, Skiing, Squash, Stage Combat, Swimming, Tennis, Yoga
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:Balloon Modelling, Computer Literate, Disc Jockey (professional), Drama Workshop Leader, Improvisation, Magician, Narration, Painting, Pilates, Puppetry, Vocal Workshop Leader


The Oxford School of Drama - 3 year course (1998-2001)

TVI Actors Studio course L.A.

Numerous voice workshops.

Gaming workshop