ANA BERKENHOFF by Jörg Baumann
Photo: Jörg Baumann
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7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ
Phone: 020-7437 7631
Fax: 020-7437 5881
Location:London, United Kingdom
Height:5'5" (165cm)
Weight:8st. 7lb. (54kg)
Playing Age:21 - 35 years
Actual Age:35 years
Appearance:Eastern European, Scandinavian, White
Eye Colour:Heterochromia/Mixed
Hair Colour:Blond(e)-Dark
Hair Length:Mid Length
Voice Quality:Bright
Voice Character:Natural


Francis Chagrin Award for sound&music! last: @Theater Winkelwiese Zürich 22.2.-4.3.2017 Spring 2015: Awarded the grant of the International Forum Theatertreffen Berlin! New short film in English: Further see: voice& sound: New Album Out! Mesmerizing MUSUK on Ono records/Manchester

Stage Short Film Concert Opera Radio Further Credits
2017, Stage, Leading role, Unsere musikalischen Prinzipien (our musical principles), Theater Winkelwiese Zürich & on tour in Swiss, Andreas Liebmann
2016, Stage, Einstein/lead, FYIE -Find Your Inner Elvis, Festival Implantieren Ffm, Berkenhoff/Siegwald
2016, Stage, Player 1, Das Haus (the house), As we are, Theaterhaus Stuttgart & Frankfurt LAB, Rebecca Egeling
2016, Stage, Performer, Cosmopolitan Universal Cinema, Arnolfini Bristol & CloseUp London, Nikhil Vettukattil
2016, Stage, Solo, In the penal colony. after Kafka by Müller., HAU Berlin, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt
2015, Stage, The woman from the forest (solo) (27.11.15), Social Muscle Club Bristol, Ausform Microfest Bristol, Chris Gyle, Richard Aslan
2015, Stage, Solo/ Maschinist (15.11.15), In der Strafkolonie nach Kafka von Müller, Theater Aachen/Heiner Müller conference, Cecilie Ullerup-Schmidt
2015, Stage, Solo stage character/ in a short solo, live sounds& Antonin Artaud, Blue Elephant Theatre, Ana Berkenhoff
2015, Stage, Me/Performer, my magic face changing machine (small solo), Theatertreffen Berlin/ International forum,
2015, Stage, Ophelia, Please, Continue (Hamlet), Theater Kaserne Basel CH, Yan Dyvendak & Roger Bernard
2015, Stage, Mrs President, After the mexican Opera, HAU Berlin, 100° Festival, Ana Berkenhoff/ Roland Siegwald
2014, Stage, Ophelia, Please, Continue (Hamlet), Berliner Festspiele D/ Foreign Affairs, Yan Duyvendak & Roger Bernat
2014, Stage, Magic Ana, The face changing machine, Roskilde Festival DK/Savage Amusement, Ana Berkenhoff
2014, Stage, Chronist, City as Garden, Mobile Albania, Frankfurt+International, Roland Siegwald, Katharina Stephan, Ana Berkenhoff
2013, Stage, Duo/Female Lead and Live Musician own Text writing, Birthday!, Tour 2013/14: HAU Berlin, Zürich CH, Stuttgart..., Andreas Liebmann
2013, Stage, Barbarian Girl, Waiting for the Barbarians/Warten auf die Barbaren, HAU Berlin, Kaserne Basel, Gessneralle Zürich CH, Dominik Huber/Blendwerk
2012, Stage, King of Sax - Lead Role, Michael Kohlhaas, Körber Studio Junge Regie, Kampnagel Hamburg, Felix Mayer-Christian
2011, Stage, Dariusz (Lead Role), Expedition und Psychatrie, Experimental Musical, Theater Heidelberg, Nis-Momme Stockmann
2011, Stage, She (Main Part), Herkules Manhattens Kompendium Des Modernen Seins, Schauspielhaus Frankfurt, Nis-Momme Stockmann
2011, Stage, She (Main Female/ Rudi Dutschke) (see Vimeo), Wartopia, Theatre Osnabrück, Spieltriebe Festival, Pedro Martins-Beja
2011, Stage, She, Hotel Savoy, HAU Berlin, Goetheinstitut New York, Dominik Huber/Blendwerk
2010, Stage, Shockheaded Peter, Shockheaded Peter, Theatre Schwankhalle Bremen, Cecilie Ullerup-Schmidt
2009, Stage, Solo, 3 x Heiner Müller, Körber Studio Regie Hamburg + Tour in Germany, T. Rosenberger, C. Ullerup-Schmidt, St. Behrendt
2009, Stage, Solo Ana, Schlicht Und Einfach, Heidelberger Stueckemarkt, HTA Frankfurt, Daniel Schauff
2009, Stage, Elvire, Der Findling by Kleist, Theaterakademie Hamburg, Ivna Zic
2008, Stage, Speaker and Dancer, NM, Musictheater, ZKM Medientheater Karlsruhe, Ensemble Modern(IEMA), Julien Bilodeau and Matthias Mohr
2007, Stage, Electra (Main Part), The Man With A Bag. Texts Ernst Junger/Heiner Mu¨ller, Festival Junger Talente Offenbach, Tobias Rosenberger and Matthias Moor
2007, Stage, Orlando, Orlando after Virginia Woolf, ATW Gießen, Written and Directed by Bastian Kraft
2006, Stage, Performer/Director, Check-In Offenbach, Festival Junger Talente Offenbach, team Berkenhoff/Belser/Siegwald
2005, Stage, Performer/Director, Moorbach A Homeland Project, Theatermaschine Giessen, Team Berkenhoff/Belser/Siegwald
2005, Stage, Assistant/Camera, Three Atmospheric Studies, Forsythe Company Frankfurt, William Forsythe
2004, Stage, Dancer/ Open Air, Wilhelm Tell, German National Theatre Weimar, Openair Ruetli, CH, Stephan Marki, Chor: Phillipp Doucou
2001, Stage, Lead/ Loving girl, Exokarp after Jean Tardieau, Theater Total, Bochum, Tour in Germany, Barbera Wollrath-Kramer
2001, Stage, Dancer, Projekt 05, Theater Total, Bochum, Silvia Phillipp
Short Film
2014, Short Film, Solo/Woman, Cormorant,, Ethan Folk/Ana Berkenhoff
2013, Short Film, Main Female, Why Not On The Moon, dffb Berlin, Bastian Gascho, Anselm Belser
2012, Short Film, Girl in War, John of York, Hfmdk Bremen, Hendrik Röhrs
2011, Short Film, Main Female, Angeziemen, Kino Hamburg, Robert Rapaport
2011, Short Film, Betty, Betty, Kinokabarett Hamburg, Merlin Magg
2007, Short Film, Several Roles, Bridge Projekt, Richard Foreman/ATW Gießen/Opera San Francisco, Richard Foreman
2006, Short Film, Various, Shortfilms and Own films, KinoBerlino, Kinokabarett
2005, Short Film, Main Female, Everything is Black, Akademia nOn Grata Estonia kinokabarett Berlin, Anselm Belser, Maxim Surin
2016, Concert, Musuk, Elvis`most loved cooking recipes, Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt, Ana Berkenhoff & Matthias Meppelling
2016, Concert, Baroness Elsa, dada unsung, Dada Festival zurichmeetslondon, Ana Berkenhoff/Hayat Erdogan
2016, Concert, Solo concert, Oriel Sycharth Gallery Wrexham/ Wales
2016, Concert, Singer& Soundartist, Symbiosis, Oriel Sycharth Gallery Wrexham& on BBC Wales
2015, Concert, Singer/dancer, Symbiosis, Manchester Mediacentre, Manoli Moriati
2015, Concert, Musician and Composer, Mothering, Theater Marburg/DE, Katrin Hüller
2013, Concert, Duo, live music-radioplay-band, Soundhybrid, One Shot Berlin, Katharina Kellermann /Ana Berkenhoff
2010, Concert, Director for Scenic Concerts, In Freundschaft (in friendship) contemp. music, ZKM Karlsruhe with the the Ensemble Modern Academy, Ana Berkenhoff
2010, Concert, Directing Scenic Concerts of Contemporary Music, Open House, Musikfabrik Köln, Heiner Goebbels, Ana Berkenhoff, Roland Siegwald
2009, Concert, Singer+ Performer of own music, Songs am Rande des Nervenzusammenbruchs, ATW Gießen, Felix Kubin
2011, Opera, She - Main Female, Stadt und Mensch - Short Film, Royal Opera London, Alexander Herzog
2010, Opera, A modern opera show for singing and speaking choir, Wilhelm Meister, Schauspielhaus Frankfurt, Ulrich Rasche, Jürgen Lehmann
2011, Opera, Workshop, Operare, Contemporary Opera Berlin, Andreas Rochholl
2010, Opera, Participant/Worshop, New musictheater directing, Schwetzinger Musikfestspiele, Andre Wilms, Georges Delnon, Michael Jarrell
2017, Radio, Me, Miss flower, BBC 3, Ana Berkenhoff in the show of Nick Luscombe
2016, Radio, My music, Towards the margins,
2016, Radio, Singer& Soundartist, Our last land, BBC Wales, Ana Berkenhoff live at Oriel Sychard Gallery
2016, Radio, Singer& Soundartist, Miss flower, Resonance Extra, The gravity waves show
2014, Radio, Solo, Collaboration, Berlin/ Hamburg, -, Björn Deigner, Ana Berkenhoff
2011, Radio, She - Lead Role and singer/melody authorproduction, Innere Meute, HR 2, Björn Deigner
2009, Radio, She Duo/Singer Story- Bandproject, Im Himmel immer/ Always in the Sky, HAU 3 Berlin, 100°, Símon Birgisson, Ana Berkenhoff
2009, Radio, Ana, Hörgenau a radiofeature, HR3, Luise Voigt
2009, Radio, Speaker Hearinstallation, Duo, leeres Geschwaetz, ATW Gießen, Festival Theatermaschine, Serena Schranz/Ferdinant Kluesener
2008, Radio, Lead/ Solo/ author, Der Walter der Welt, BR 2 /germany, by Ana Berkenhoff
2007, Radio, Lead Speaker, Wolters Tage, HR3, Weimarer Hörspielpreis, Björn Deigner
2006, Radio, Storyteller, The Art of Destruction, Daniel Franz
Further Credits
2015, Recording, Musician, editor, singer, New album: watch close, Ono records Manchester, Michael Holland, Sam Weaver
2014, Multimedia, President/Storyteller/Talkmaster, Masters Of The Universe, Kampnagel Hamburg, Kongress for the generations, Mobile Albania
2014, Viral, Several, Hotel Obscura, Triage Live Art Collective, Berlin/ Australia, Melanie Jame Wolf
2014, Dance, Trio solo Choreo, Release al whales from captivity / Carlos Ishikawa Gallery, MXM movement Company London, Mary Hurell
2013, Film, Main Female, Why You Can´t Use A Ladder To Climp To The Moon, DFFB Berlin, Bastian Gascho, Anselm Belser
2012, Recording, Speaker, Musician, On Instruments Sound and Physicality, Dokumenta Kassel, Tarek Atoui
2011, Event, Performer/Artistic Director, Decent Work, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Florian Wessels/Ana Berkenhoff
2010, Dance, Workshopleader Contemporary Dance for Tenagers, Tanz in Schulen, Mousonturm Frankfurt/Tanzplan 21, Norbert Pape+ Ana Berkenhoff
2010, Workshop, Performer/Participant, Explorationen 08, Learning Activists, Pact Zollverein Essen, Gob Squad, Eva Meyer-Keller, David Zambrano
2009, Site Specific, Team and Performer/Workshop, On Lenz by Büchner, ATW Gießen, Matthias Langhoff
2009, Recording, Singer+Author, Glæsilegt, German/Icelandic Band, Símon Birgisson & Ana Berkenhoff
2009, Interactive Video, Woman, Wie Ich Lernte Einen Augenblick..., Dokfest Kassel (First Prize), David Sarno
2009, Site Specific, Lead in Performance, Aminta, Villa Imperiale, Italy, Mentor:Fr.Dr. Helga Finter, Group+Mentor
2009, Site Specific, Participant/ Seminar, Practical Experiments/Directing, ATW Gießen, Antonio Araujo
2009, Workshop, X, Lenz (Büchner), ATW Gießen, Matthias Langhoff
2008, Dance, Choreography for dancer: Norbert Pape, Napoleon D., PostTheater Berlin/New York, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Ana Berkenhoff
2008, Workshop, Artist/Performer, Internationales Sommerlabor 08, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Kris Verdonck und Alexis Destoop (BE)
2008, Choreography, Participant/Performer, Seminar, ATW Gießen, Mathilde Monnier
2007, Workshop, X, Heiner Müller Scenes, ATW Gießen, Lee Breuer
2007, Dance, Performer/Participant, Dance/Movement, ATW Gießen, Gregory Livingston
2007, Workshop, Performer/Participant, Workshop PET 2007, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Anouk von Dijk and Hubert Machnik
2007, Workshop, Marteuill, Quartet by Heiner Müller, ATW Gießen, André WIlms
2006, Choreography, Performer/Director, Drei gru¨ne Tannen, Exp. Art and Performance Festival, St.Petersburg, Team Berkenhoff/Belser
2006, Site Specific, Actor/Choreography/Camera, Everytime You Walk Away You Take A Peace of Me With You, Prag Galery+ Theatre Noku, Team Berkenhoff/Belser/Siegwald
2005, Dance, Camera+ Assistent, Three Atmospheric Studies, Forsythe Company Frankfurt, William Forsythe
2005, Event, Performer/Artistic Director, Fotoperformance, Festival Tanztage, Sophiensaele Berlin, Anselm Belser, Ana Berkenhoff
2003, Dance, Bond Girl, Dance+ Choreography, James Bond Revue, Foyer Deutsches Theater Berlin, Kathrin Veser, Daniela Aue
2000, Choreography, Ensemble, Opening of Ruhrfestspiele, Theater Total, Collaboration/Ruhrfestspiele


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
(* = Native/Fluent)
English*, French, German*, Russian
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Ballad, Ballet, Blues, Bollywood Dance, Ceilidh Dancing, Choral Singing, Choreography*, Contemporary Dance*, Dance (general), Freestyle Dance*, Freestyle Disco, Funk-Style Dance, Guitar-Lap Steel (Hawaiian), Indian Dance, Kathak, Laban, Modern Dance, Singer-Songwriter, Singing (general), Waltz
Performance:Actor-Musician, Actor-Singer, Audio Books, Audio Drama, Comedy, Dancer-Professional, Experienced Musical Director, Immersive Performance, Interactive Performance, Musical Theatre, Outdoor Performances, Public Speaking, Radio Drama, Radio Presenting, Singer-Professional, Spoken Word, Story Telling, Theatre In Education, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Writer/Director - Comedy Fringe
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence, Farm Machinery, HGV Licence, Motorcycle Licence
Other Skills:Artist (Fine Art), Artistic Director, Choreographer (professional), Dance Teacher, Director, Farm Skills, Garden Designer (experienced), Theatre Design, Vocal Workshop Leader, Workshop Leader (Acting), Writer


Trained at Theateracademy in Germany

Germany, University of Gießen, Applied Theatre Science/performing on stage&voice, 2004-2011 with A.O. Heiner Goebbels, André Wilms, Laurent Chétouane, Richard Foreman, Lee Breuer, Mathias Langhoff, Forsythe Company, needcompany, Rimini Protokoll

France: CNSMD Lyon: Contemporary Dance& Choreography, guest in 2007-2008

Professional Contemporary Dance Training in Berlin & Frankfurt 2002-2011

Germany, Theater Department Academy Hamburg, HbK, acting guest in 2009 &2011

Germany, Theater Department Academy Berlin, Ernst Busch, directing, guest in 2006

Singing at Vivien Lee, Duo Dong West, Berlin 2011