Photo: Peter Hall
31 Parkside, Welwyn, Hertfordshire AL6 9DQ
Phone: 01438 714652
30 Redston Road, Crouch End, London N8 7HJ
Phone: 020-3362 4300
Central Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Height:6'2" (187cm)
Playing Age:41 - 45 years
Eye Colour:Blue-Grey
Hair Colour:Grey
Hair Length:Short
Voice Quality:Strong

About me:

Audio Documentary Stage Event Short Film Television Video Video Game
2019, Audio, Narrator, Bloodstone (audiobook), Tileyard / Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press
2019, Audio, Narrator, Death's Dark Valley (Audiobook), Oakhill
2019, Audio, Part narration, In the Full Light of the Sun (audiobook), Isis
2018, Audio, Narrator, A World on Fire (audiobook), Tileyard Audio Productions for Quercus
2018, Audio, Narrator, Betrayal (audiobook), Oakhill
2018, Audio, Narrator, I Always Find You (audiobook), Tileyard Audio Productions for Riverrun
2018, Audio, Narrator, It's a Dodger's Life (audiobook), Ladbroke Audio for Fantom Publishing
2018, Audio, Narrator, The Line (audiobook), Tileyard Audio Productions for Wildfire
2018, Audio, Narrator, We Chose to Speak of War and Strife (audiobook), RNIB
2017, Audio, Narrator, By Blood Divided (audiobook), Tileyard Audio Productions for Quercus
2017, Audio, Narrator, Dark Serpent, Oakhill
2017, Audio, Narrator, Darwin (audiobook), Tileyard Audio Productions for John Murray
2017, Audio, Narrator, Devil's Day (audiobook), Tileyard Audio Productions for Hodder
2017, Audio, Narrator, Devil's Wolf (audiobook), Oakhill
2017, Audio, Narrator, Inspector of the Dead (audiobook), Oakhill
2017, Audio, Narrator, The Long Weekend (audiobook), RNIB
2016, Audio, Narrator, Ack-Ack Macaque (audiobook), Solaris
2016, Audio, Narrator, Black Water (audiobook), Tileyard Audio Productions for Faber and Faber
2016, Audio, Narrator, Hitler's Last Day (audiobook), RNIB
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2016, Audio, Narrator, Macaque Attack (audiobook), Solaris
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2016, Audio, Narrator, The Darkness and the Thunder (audiobbook), Oakhill
2016, Audio, Narrator, The Madagaskar Plan (audiobook), Oakhill
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2016, Audio, Narrator, The Wall (audiobook), RNIB
2015, Audio, Narrator, A Study in Murder (audiobook), Oakhill
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2006, Documentary, Narrator, Mahler's Heavenly Retreats, Oblique Angle Productions, Keith Clarke
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2005, Documentary, Narrator, Target: Hitler, ZDF / Media Transform, H G Hollein (voice)
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1999, Stage, The Executioner Of Calais, The Rise And Fall Of Ann Boleyn, Past Pleasures, Mark Wallis
1999, Stage, The King, The Shoemaker's Holiday, Troupe Theatre Company, Simon Purse
1998, Stage, Master Bailie, Gammer Gurton's Needle, The Lion's Part, Sonia Ritter
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1997, Stage, Bob Cratchit, A Christmas Carol, Katch 22, Steve Kray
1997, Stage, Mark Antony, Julius Caesar, Galleon Theatre Company, Bruce Jamieson
1996, Stage, Male Singer, Side By Side, Rack Productions, Lisa Coombe
2015, Event, reader at book launch, The Madagaskar Plan
Short Film
2007, Short Film, Voice of Mahler, Mahler's Heavenly Retreats, Oblique Angle, Keith James Clarke
2003, Television, Captain Carmichael, A Most Desperate Undertaking, The History Channel, Richard Melman
2003, Television, Mr Brown, Inventions That Changed the World: the Computer, BBC, Peter Leonard
2002, Television, Colin, Harry and Cosh, Two Hats/Channel 5, Daniel Peacock
2002, Television, Prince Albert, Royal Deaths and Diseases (2 episodes), Lion TV/Channel 4, Kate Bartlett/James Quinn
2006, Video, Professor / Husband, University of Surrey / Wellcome Trust, Glassshead, Mark Loughlin
Video Game
2005, Video Game, Freighter Captain, X 3 Reunion, Egosoft, Andrew Walsh


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Southern States, American-Western States, Dublin, Edinburgh, Geordie, Lancashire, RP, Teesside, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Baritone*, Guitar
Performance:Audio Books, Dubbing, Voice Over
(* = highly skilled)
Fencing*, Stage Combat*
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:Improvisation, Narration