VELTON LISHKE by V-Pac Productions
Photo: V-Pac Productions
The Studio, Brocton Avenue, Newark NG24 4TH
Phone: 07974 511419
104 Cromwell Street, Sheffield S6 3RP
Phone: 07976 394823
Height:5'7" (170cm)
Weight:13st. 10lb. (87kg)
Playing Age:38 - 50 years
Actual Age:47 years
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Light/Mid Brown
Hair Length:Short
Facial Hair:Sideburns
Voice Character:Cheerful
Voice Quality:Melodious

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Film Short Film Television Further Credits
2018, Feature Film, Barry, Clouds, V-Pac Productions, Velton J. Lishke
2016, Feature Film, Mr R.E, Destination Dewsbury, Circus Pictures, Jack Spring
2016, Feature Film, Bobby & 1stAD, The Last Laugh, Visualize Films, Danial Coll
2014, Feature Film, Mal, A father's justice, Damion Slater-Campbell
2014, Feature Film, Builder, Buskin wars, Peter Trifunovic
2014, Feature Film, Red/Co-writer & Producer, Madmonkey crew 2, Crimson Reel/Vpac Productions, Aidan Rawnsley
2013, Feature Film, George, 1920 london, ASA Productions, Vikram Bhatt
2015, Feature Film, Reverand Coigne/Barman Coigne, Gate Automated, Suharruru Cinema, DW Hoppson
2015, Feature Film, Drew (Lead), Where The Journey Ends, Crimson Reel Studios & VPac Productions, Aidan Rawnsley
2016, Feature Film, Stanley Johnson (Lead), untitled / post production, Silver Lining Productions, Louis Wesley Frost
2015, Feature Film, Dad, Beneath The Shadows, Six Degree Films, Gage Oxley
2015, Feature Film, Doctor, Immental, Reel Street Films, Marcus Lee
2015, Feature Film, Chris, The Lodger, Richard Fysh
2020, Feature Film, Officer Nickalot, Cardboard Fort, Clean Cut Media Ltd, Sam Hartshorn
2020, Feature Film, Frank Fox, Fortune Cookies, Screen Northants, Brenda Lee
Short Film
2017, Short Film, Jerry, Stag do, V-Pac Productions, Velton Lishke
2014, Short Film, Red (Lead), mad monkey crew, Crimson Reel, Aiden Rawnsley
2014, Short Film, Hank, mission statement, Bobbin Rex Media, Ryan Troy
2014, Short Film, Toilet (Lead), potty mouth, Alt Angle, Darren Langlands
2014, Short Film, Detective Robert Davies (Lead), solitude, Craig Pitts
2014, Short Film, Jimmy, the pick up, Bobbin Rex Media, Ryan Troy
2014, Short Film, Stan, the woods, Crimson Reel, Aiden Rawnsley
2013, Short Film, Road Rage Man, destiny of fate, Hold on Tight, Sean Hughes
2015, Short Film, Lead Actor/Writer/Producer, The birs The bees and The bullets, V-Pac Productions/Crimson Reel, Aidan Rawnsley/Velton Lishke
2015, Short Film, Co-lead/Dad, Run Red, N.U.C., George Swan
2015, Short Film, Mr Ackerman, The White Crayon, York University
2015, Short Film, Alex (Lead), In Search Of Humanity, Barkmatter Films, Timothy Barker jnr
2015, Short Film, Lead, Self Inflicted, V-Pac Productions & Crimson Reel, Velton Lishke & Aidan Rawnsley
2015, Short Film, Blue (Lead), Blue, V-Pac Productions, Velton Lishke
2015, Short Film, Harry Clayton (Lead), Bleak, Crimson Reel, Aidan Rawnsley
2015, Short Film, Lyra (Lead), Anothers Eyes, New Image Films, Rob Worsey
2015, Short Film, Perciville - Lead Antagonist, Fight For Redemption, Cranius Productions, Elliot Aralar
2015, Short Film, Dad, Bad Dreams, V-Pac Productions, Velton Lishke
2016, Short Film, Husband, Hush, V-Pac Productions, Velton Lishke
2016, Short Film, Larry (Lead), The Happiness Of Larry, V-Pac Productions, Velton Lishke
2016, Short Film, Ron, Logan Hunter, Harrison Fletcher Films, Harrison Fletcher
2016, Short Film, Mr Graves, 2 Miles Under, Flash Frame Prouctions & V-Pac Productions, Dave Thorp
2016, Short Film, Michael, Brexit Tales, Marcus Lee Productions, Marcus Lee
2016, Short Film, Jimmy, Double 7 Six, V-Pac Productions, Velton Lishke
2016, Short Film, Dad & Sound Engineer, Never Alone, Olivia Maiden
2014, Short Film, Carl (Lead), Do Not Disturb, James Barker
2019, Short Film, Dr Lewis, Without Light, V-Pac Productions, Velton Lishke
2020, Short Film, Mick (lead), Hear no Evil, James Devereux
2020, Short Film, John Doe, Hollie, V-Pac Productions, Velton J. Lishke
2019, Short Film, Husband, Road Trip, V-Pac Productions, Ronald J. Wright
2016, Television, Ross Turner (Lead), sticky Times, Pink Productions & Management, Trey Williams
2018, Television, Shango, Tough in Spandex, V-Pac Productions, Velton J. Lishke
2013, Television, Andy Laptew, crimes that shook britain, Title Role
2013, Television, Detective 7673, emmerdale, ITV
2013, Television, Chris, last orders - sitcom, Toadstool Media, Tom Stratton, Tom Corbitt
2013, Television, Armour Guy 3, trying again, Sky Atlantic, Chris Attkins
2012, Television, Steve, crimewatch, ITV
2012, Television, Chris, prisoners wives 2, ITV
2006, Television, Soldier 2, vincent, ITV
2015, Television, Billy, Missing The Point - episode 3, Made in Leeds, Danielle Parton
2015, Television, Alex - Lead Antagonist, Outlasters, Lost Chapeter Studios, Mark Tillotson
2015, Television, John (Lead), A Town & County Murder
2015, Television, Undercover Policeman, Happy Valley (Season 2)
2020, Television, (2019 & 2020), Bob, Green Fingers (ep 1, 2 & 3), V-Pac Productions, Velton J. Lishke
Further Credits
2018, Commercial, Michael, Legal & General, JWT Production, Jackie Oudney
2017, Music Video, The Fighter, The Fighter, V-Pac Productions, Dave Thorp
2014, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry - speed dating, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2014, Comedy, Tommy Law (Lead), CBBC, Alex Rhodes
2014, Comedy, Phill, friends on benefits, Claire Buswell
2014, Comedy, Marcus, project meteorite, Hold on Tight, Sean Hughes
2014, Film school, Mark (Lead), do not disturb
2014, Film school, Damon (Lead), the bench, Kieran Meates
2013, Corporate, Testimonial, debt settlers
2013, Corporate, Manager, the trouble with change, Anthony Greenfield
2013, Documentary, Grant Dyer, take a stand, Leeds City Council
2013, DVD, Keith - Bouncer, personal appearance, Toby Everett
2013, Film school, Charecter B, slackers, Sheng Zhuo
2013, Film school, Darryl (Lead), the heist, Mike Shaw
2013, Infomercial, Tom Langley, royal mail, Royal Mail, Anthony Greenfield
2014, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry debt collectors, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2014, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry window cleaners, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2014, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry in da pub, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2014, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry car booty, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2014, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry lemonade, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2014, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry come on england, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2013, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry one last job for christmas, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2015, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry ladies night, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2015, Comedy, Harry Broner, Am-Dram, B.U.A., Geogia Dunstone
2015, Corporate, Police 1, Her Majesty's Service, Gravesend Police Force
2015, Film school, Sean Hopkins (Co-lead), Awakened, Manchester University, Lauren Gandy
2015, Corporate, Lead, The Silent Killer, Dave Thorp
2015, Web Series, Skippy, Boys In The Band, Momentary Revolution Entertainment, Craig Quinn
2016, Comedy, Barry, Alan & Barry Judegement Day, Jackman Productions, Jack Kenna
2016, Web Series, Skippy, Boys in the Band (Series 2), Momentry Revoulution, Craig Quinn
2016, Animation, Head Teacher - Voice Artist, Literally Hell, Robert Poller UK
2016, Corporate, Male Lead, stress & anxiety, James Barker
2019, Commercial, Construction Worker, ALDI - THAT'S AMAZING, Outsider TV & Aldi, Chris Balmond


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Standard, Bradford, Cockney, English-Standard, German, Heightened RP, Italian, Leeds, Polish, Spanish, Yorkshire
Performance:APC Basic Broadsword, APC Basic Knife, APC Basic Unarmed, Comedy, Comedy Improv, Corporate Roleplay, Disc Jockey (DJ), Green Screen, Role Play, Stand-up Comic, Voice Over


Manchester, ActUpNorth Accents course, 2014