Spotlight: NIKA ROZMAN


NIKA ROZMAN by Željko Stevanic
Photo: Željko Stevanic
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Phone: 00 38 763397727
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Zagreb, Croatia
Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Height:55'9" (1699cm)
Weight:8st. 9lb. (55kg)
Playing Age:25 - 35 years
Appearance:White, Eastern European, Mediterranean
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Hair Length:Long

Currently appearing:

Film Television Short Film Stage Video Animation Radio Film school Further Credits
2018, Feature Film, Sara/supporting, Jaws of Life, Chickenorpasta, Urban Pekle
2016, Feature Film, Rebeka/lead, Buoyancy, Rtv Slovenia, Klemen Dvornik
2015, Feature Film, Mia/supporting, Killbillies, Blade Production, 666 Production, Strup production, Tomaž Gorkic
2011, Feature Film, Lena/supporting, Bread and Circuses, Studio Arkadena, Rtv Slovenia, Klemen Dvornik
2010, Feature Film, Partisan woman/small, Piran-Pirano, Arsmedia d.o.o., RTV Slovenija, Jadran film, Goran Vojnovic
2019, Television, Katarina/supporting, V dvoje, Pop TV, Klemen Dvornik
2019, Television, Tina/lead, Jezero, Rtv Slovenija, Matevž Luzar, Klemen Dvornik
2018, Television, Katja/lead, Precednik, Idejalist, Pop TV, Luka Marcetic
2012, Television, Maja/lead, Youth, AGRFT, Sara Kern
2009, Television, Girl/episode apperance, Brother to Brother, Rtv Slovenia, Branko Ðuric
2009, Television, Worker/supporting, Love is Energy, AGRFT, Barbar Zemljic
Short Film
2018, Short Film, Woman/supporting, The Bull, Staragara, Bojan Labovic
2016, Short Film, Surgeon/supporting, Apoptosis, Blade Production, Tomaž Gorkic
2014, Short Film, Swimming teacher/supporting, Swimming, AGRFT, Katarina Rešek
2013, Short Film, Iris/supporting, John Lacklife, AGRFT, Domen Martincic
2013, Short Film, Nada/supporting, The Right to Love, A Atalanta, Rtv Slovenija, Barbara Zemljic
2010, Short Film, Daughter/lead, Her Rules, My Feast, Famul Stuart, Polona Zupan
2010, Short Film, Waitress/supporting, First Day at Work, Famul Stuart, Urška Ðukic
2019, Stage, Theresa May/supporting, Agnieszka Jakimiak and Tom Silkeberg: The Republic, SMG Ljubljana, Anja Suša
2018, Stage, Erna/supporting, Ödon von Horváth: Kazimir and Karolina, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Eduard Miler
2018, Stage, performer/co-author, Moved by Voice, Emanat, Irena Tomažin Zagoricnik
2017, Stage, Ophelia/suppotring, William Shakespeare: Hamlet, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Krešimir Dolencic
2017, Stage, Marija/supporting, Gregor Strniša: Cannibals, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Ivica Buljan
2017, Stage, Marnie/supporting, Simon Stephens: Birdland, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Janusz Kica
2016, Stage, Ana/supporting, Drago Jancar: Dissident Arnož and His Followers, Slovenian National Theatre Ljubljana, SNT Maribor, Diego de Brea
2016, Stage, Nada/supporting, Simona Semenic: 1981, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Selma Spahic
2016, Stage, She/supporting, Nataša Matjašec Rošker: Hic Sunt Leones, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Nataša Matjašec Rošker
2015, Stage, Mrs. Pellner/lead, Wolfram Lotz: Die lächerliche Finsternis, SMG Ljubljana, AGRFT, Tin Grabnar
2015, Stage, solo-performance, To The Last Drop, Via Negativa Lab, Bojan Jablanovec
2015, Stage, performer/co-author, Drakula, SNG Maribor, ZKM Zagreb, FTD di Parma, Andras Urban
2015, Stage, Kristina/supporting, Ellias Canetti: Wedding, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Eduard Miler
2014, Stage, Jacinta/lead, Ivan Cankar: Scandal in St. Florian Valley, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Janusz Kica
2014, Stage, Lulu/lead, Frank Wedekind: Lulu, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Diego de Brea
2014, Stage, Isabella, Helena/supporting, Jera Ivanc: The Deceits, Ljubljana City Theatre, Jaka Ivanc
2014, Stage, Monika Stettler/supporting, Friedrich Durrenmatt: The Physicists, Ljubljana City Theatre, Boris Kobal
2013, Stage, Eve/small, Miroslav Krleža: Adam and Eve, Ljubljana City Theatre, Miloš Lolic
2013, Stage, She/lead, Nina Šorak: Thursday, Glej, the theatre, Nina Šorak
2013, Stage, Woman/supporting,co-author, Luka Cimpric, Andrej Zupanec: Ernesto, Glej, the theatre, Luka Cimpric
2013, Stage, Ana/supporting, J. Lane, D. Yazbek: Women on the Verge of a Breakdown, Ljubljana City Theatre, Diego de Brea
2012, Stage, Cita/supporting, Simona Semenic: Kill Me Softly, Ljubljana City Theatre, Zala Sajko
2012, Stage, Jacqueline/supporting, Eugène Ionesco: Jack, or The Submission, Ljubljana City Theatre, Miloš Lolic
2012, Stage, Octavia/supporting, Lope de Vega: El caballero del milagro;, Ljubljana City Theatre, Luka Martin Škof
2011, Stage, Katerina Ivanovna/lead, Aleksander Nikolajevic Ostrovski: The Storm, Ljubljana City Theatre, Jernej Lorenci
2011, Stage, Sasha/lead, Ivan Viripajev: Oxygen, Ljubljana City Theatre, Primož Ekart
2011, Stage, Elise/supporting, Moliere: The Miser, Ljubljana City Theatre, Boris Kobal
2011, Stage, Sarah, Justine/supporting, Simon Stephens: Harper Regan, Ljubljana City Theatre, Boris Ostan
2010, Stage, Juliet/lead, Janez Janša: The More of Us There Are..., Maska, Janez Janša
2010, Stage, Juliet/lead, William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Ljubljana City Theatre, Diego de Brea
2010, Stage, Mother, Snow White/supporting roles, co-author, N.Rozman,, T. Vrbnjak, L. Sušnik: Princess, Margareta Schwarzwald, Maruša Kink
2009, Stage, Thea/supporting, Steven Sater, Duncan Sheik: Spring Awakening, Ljubljana City Theatre, Sebastijan Horvat
2009, Stage, choir, Andrej Rozman Roza, Davor Božic: Neron, Slovenian National Theatre Ljubljana, Matjaž Zupancic
2008, Stage, Eva/lead, Daphne de Bruin: Eva (This is my life), Ljubljana City Theatre, AGRFT, Daphne de Bruin: Eva (This is my life)
2008, Stage, Rupica/supporting, Milena Markovic: Rails, FDU Beograd, AGRFT Ljubljana, Milan Neškovic
2008, Stage, several supporting roles, H. Ch. Andersen: Ugly Duck, Mini Theatre, Robert Waltl
2007, Stage, performer, Alain Badiou: 20.century, Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Matjaž Berger
2007, Stage, Princess/lead, H. Ch. Andersen: Princess and the Pea, Theatre Škuc, Klemen Markovcic
2013, Video, Girl with a peral earring/lead, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Famul Stuart, Pila Rusjan
2010, Video, Woman/lead, Naked Freedom, Marina Gržinic & Aina Šmid, Marina Gržinic & Aina Šmid
2019, Animation, Wendy/lead, Peter Pan, VPK Pro, Gorazd Kernel
2019, Animation, Dorothy/lead, The Wizard of Oz, VPK Pro, Gorazd Kernel
2019, Animation, Nakoma/supporting, Pocahontas, Studio Ritem, Studio Ritem
2018, Animation, Rapunzel/supporting, Wreck it Ralph, Studio Ritem, Jernej Kuntner
2018, Animation, Gruppert/supporting, Grinch, Studio Ritem, Studio Ritem
2018, Animation, Rusty/lead, Rusty Rivets, Studio Ritem, Studio Ritem
2018, Animation, Max/supporting, We're going on a Bear Hunt, RTV Slovenija, Nana Milcinski
2018, Animation, Xuli/lead, Go Jetters, RTV Slovenija, Nana Milcinski
2018, Animation, Cottontail/supporting, Peter Rabbit, Studio Ritem, Jernej Kuntner
2016, Animation, Marcy/supporting, Eudora/supporting, Peanuts, RTV Slovenija, Jaša Jamnik
2015, Animation, Nicholas, Lea, Elise/supporting, Emilie, RTV Slovenija, Nana Milcinski
2014, Animation, Luka/lead, Cloud Bread, RTV Slovenija, Jaša Jamnik
2014, Animation, Raa Raa/lead, RAA RAA The Noisy Lion, Studio Ritem, Studio Ritem
2013, Animation, Princess, Lara/ supporting, Justin and the Knights of Valuor, Pop Tv, Blitz production, Pop Tv
2013, Animation, several episode roles, Peppa Pig, RTV Slovenija, Jaša Jamnik
2011, Animation, Rapunzel/lead, Tangled, Studio Ritem, Tanja Ribic
2019, Radio, sound and voice interpretation, Kozin, Rakef, Podešva: Electro acoustic opera IDEN, RTV Slovenija, Saška Rakef Perko
2018, Radio, Poetry interpretation, Forum Ars: The Literature of Authors in Italy and Austria, RTV Slovenija, Alan Jelen
2018, Radio, Poetry interpretation, Distances – voice and sound performance on World Poetry Day, RTV Slovenija, Saška Rakef Perko
2014, Radio, episode role, Vinko Moderndorfer: Lost, RTV Slovenija, Irena Glonar
2014, Radio, episode role, Mateja Perpar: Psyhoterapist, RTV Slovenija, Klemen Markovcic
2013, Radio, Sara/supporting, Ivor Martinic: My Son Just Walks Little Slower, RTV Slovenija, Irena Glonar
2012, Radio, Emma/lead, Mike Bartlett: Contractions, RTV Slovenija, Ajda Valcl
2010, Radio, Daughter/supporting, Dragica Potocnjak:, RTV Slovenija, Irena Glonar
Film school
2008, Film school, Her/lead, Mr. Subconscious, Famul Stuart, Urška Ðukic
2007, Film school, Anja/lead, Against the Window, AGRFT, Barbara Zemljic
2007, Film school, Girl/supporting, Zora, AGRFT, Blaž Završnik
Further Credits
2018, Event, host, poetry interpreter, Day of Uprising Against Occupation ceremony, Ministy of Culture of Slovenia, Matej Filipcic
2018, Event, host, Štiglic awards ceremony, The Directors Guild of Slovenia, Darko Sinko
2018, Event, host, Closing ceremony of the 3rd Scenarnica, The Directors Guild of Slovenia, Matevž Luzar
2017, Voice Over, Narrator voice, Est – Frac Lorraine:VIS-À-VIS, Maribor Art Gallery, Andreja Borin
2017, Event, host, Closing ceremony of the 2nd Scenarnica, The Directors Guild of Slovenia, Matevž Luzar
2016, Event, host, Closing ceremony of the 1st Scenarnica, The Directors Guild of Slovenia, Matevž Luzar
2010, Event, host, Zois Awards for Science, Board of the Rep. of Slovenia for the Zois Awards, Diego de Brea


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
Czech, East European, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian
(* = Native/Fluent)
Croatian*, English*, German, Russian, Serbian*, Serbo Croat*, Slovenian*
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Aerobics, Ballet, Butoh Dance (Japan), Cabaret Dancing, Cabaret Singing, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Dance (general), Guitar, Jazz Dancing
(* = highly skilled)
Bouldering, Climbing, Cycling, Gymnastics, Horse-riding, Mountain Hiking*, Scuba Diving, Snowboarding*, Swimming*, Yoga*
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence, International Certificate of Competence


-2019 Tusse Lande masterclass (Zagreb, Croatia)

-2018 Voice Workshop Anne-Marie Blink (Ugljan, Croatia)

-2018 Participant at the ICDN and Sarajevo Film Festival Workshop (by invitation only)

-2018 Nancy Bishop and Derek Power masterclass at the 3rd Kranjska Gora Film Festival

-2016 International Screen Acting Workshop - selected for E-talenta scholarship by International Casting Directors jury (Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg, Ludwigsburg, Germany)

-2014/2015 Via Negativa Lab (Ljubljana)

-2012/2013 Via Negativa Lab (Ljubljana)

-2012 ImpulsTanz (Vienna)

-2009 Sarajevo Talent Campus (Sarajevo)

-2007 Image-making Laboratory with David Lakein (Berlin)

-2006 International Theatre Festival Olive (Tel Aviv)

-2005-2010 studied and graduated at the Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television at the University of Ljubljana