Photo: Paul Clarke
50 Liverpool Street, London EC2M 7PY
Phone: 020 7224 9036
1st Floor, 1A Devonshire Road, London W4 2EU
Phone: 020-8742 8683
Fax: 020-8742 8693
Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Height:5'5" (165cm)
Playing Age:31 - 50 years
Eye Colour:Blue-Grey
Hair Colour:Blond(e)
Hair Length:Long
Voice Character:Natural
Voice Quality:Warm

About me:

Catherine can be heard on: WITNESS: THE LAST KEEPER OF THE LIGHT on BBC World Service -

And selected readings from TONGUE AND TALK: THE DIALECT POETS - Lancashire - can still be heard at -

Stage Television Film Radio Audio Voice Over Further Credits
2020, Stage, Tina, Sticks and Stones, Tristan Bates Theatre, Rasheka Christie-Carter
2019, Stage, Denise, Protest Song, Miniaturists/Vault Festival, Poppy Corbett
2016, Stage, Lindsay, Ashes of Roses, Miniaturists at the Arcola/Old Red Lion, Erica Miller
2015, Stage, Diana, Absent Friends, National Tour/LCT, Michael Cabot
2015, Stage, Various - sketch show, Comedy Haemorrhage, Soho Theatre, The Comedy Project
2014, Stage, Lisa, 17, Finborough Theatre, Emma Faulkner
2014, Stage, Shirley, A Blue Bonnet for Samuel, One Festival/Equal Writes, Poppy Corbett
2013, Stage, Saskia, Bush Beano - The Geisha Girls, Bush Theatre, Madani Younis & Omar Elerian
2013, Stage, A/Hal, XY, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, Poppy Corbett/Erica Miller
2012, Stage, Urtecaria, The Purification Ritual of the Sacred Nymphs of Natterjack, Bush Theatre/Theatre Delicatessen, Emma Faulkner
2012, Stage, Various, New Views, National Theatre, Drew Mulligan
2012, Stage, Nurse, Pets Corner, The Miniaturists at the Arcola, Ola Ince
2012, Stage, Linda, The Parrot House (R&D), West Yorkshire Playhouse, Alex Chisholm/Tom Mansfield
2012, Stage, Various (sketch show), Comedy Haemorrhage, Soho Theatre, Ric Bacon/Jane Lamacraft
2011, Stage, Sarah, The Rialto Burns, The Miniaturists at the Arcola, Alex Brown
2011, Stage, Mrs H, Crocodile Tears, Soho Theatre, The Comedy Project, Louise Hill
2011, Stage, Various, Trad (R&D), Young Vic, Cathal Cleary
2010, Stage, Patty, Quality Street, Finborough Theatre, Louise Hill
2010, Stage, Harriet, Unburied - Vibrant, The Finborough, Adam Barnard
2010, Stage, Stephie, Pack, Theatre 503, Ashley Cook
2010, Stage, Mags, Face to Face, Old Red Lion, Louise Hill
2010, Stage, Qwerty, My Balloon Beats Your Astronaut, Papatango/Tristan Bates, Elly Green
2010, Stage, Maureen, The Beauty Queen of Leenane (R&D), Young Vic, Joe Hill-Gibbins
2010, Stage, Vicky, At the Back and Out of Focus, Soho Theatre, The Comedy Project
2010, Stage, Caller, Why does Nurse Rhyme with Hearse?, Soho Theatre, The Comedy Project
2009, Stage, Mrs Hodges, Alison's House, Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, Jo Combes
2009, Stage, Mrs Prizborski, THE RING OF TRUTH, Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, Auriol Smith
2008, Stage, Rosie Pye, (2008-2009) Humble Boy, Tour of UK and Ireland/LCT, Michael Cabot
2007, Stage, Kate Saskell, Nightfall, National Tour/LCT, Michael Cabot
2006, Stage, Madame Hermine, Les Enfants du Paradis, Arcola, Sebastian Armesto
2006, Stage, Mrs Marchmont, An Ideal Husband, Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Christopher Morahan
2003, Stage, Viola, Twelfth Night, Young Vic Studio, Tom Mansfield
2000, Stage, Thaisa/Antiocha, Pericles, Ludlow Festival, James Roose-Evans
Stage, Deirdre, Deirdre Of The Sorrows, Riverside Studios, Sam Shammas
Stage, Zenocrate, Tamburlaine, Cochrane Theatre, Sam Shammas
Stage, Kitty Verdun, Charley's Aunt, Norwich Playhouse, Paul Jepson
Stage, Lisbeth, Erasmus Montanus, Greenwich Studio, Time Out Critics Choice at BAC, Julian & Margarete Forsyth
Stage, Nurse, Medea Material, ELIA Amsterdam/Berlin, Cicely Berry/Kristin Linklater
Stage, Sonya, Uncle Vanya, National Theatre Studio, Ian McKellen
Stage, Roxanne, Words From The World's End, Oxford Theatre Group/Edinburgh 'C', Richard Steadman-Jones - Winner of Guardian Award
2017, Television, Mary Bishop, Murder on the Blackpool Express (TV movie), Tiger Aspect/Shiny Button Productions, Simon Delaney
2015, Television, Reba McIntosh, Holby City, BBC, Louise Hooper
2014, Television, Nurse, Tommy and Tuppence - Partners in Crime, BBC/Endor Productions, Edward Hall
2014, Television, Vetting Officer, Safe House, Eleventh Hour Films/ITV, Marc Evans
2012, Television, Mrs Dangerfield, Restless, BBC Television/Endor Productions, Edward Hall
2011, Television, Nurse Joan, Emmerdale (2 episodes), Yorkshire Television, Piotr Szkopiak
2008, Television, Mum, NHS Choice, The Life Channel, Marion John
2005, Television, Trudy Fanshawe, Where The Heart Is, ITV Television, Paul Walker
2005, Television, Tracey, Casualty, BBC Television, Paul Walker
2004, Television, Dr Martine Woods, Judge John Deed, BBC Television, Deborah Paige
Television, Carol Danter, Wing and a Prayer, Channel 5 Television - BAFTA nominated series, David Skinner
Television, Kitty Bennett, Red Dwarf (VII), Grant Naylor/BBC Television, Ed Bye
Television, Natasha, The Three Sisters, BBC, John Gorrie
Feature Film, Melody, Oscar and Lucinda, Twentieth Century Fox/Dalton Films, Gillian Armstrong
2015, Film, Yan, Tuyen, Mungos Films, Ivana Basic
2012, Film, Various, Comedy Haemorrhage, (Sketch Comedy), Ric Bacon/Jane Lamacraft
2011, Film, Alison, Thanks for Nothing, (Short), Tom Mansfield
2008, Film, Kylie, The Chambermaids, (Short) TVU, Evelina Engberg
2007, Film, Christine, Waiting for Exit Music, Edinburgh International & Tribecca Festivals, David Stoddart
2007, Film, Marie, Beginnings, (Short), George Purcell
2007, Film, Fran, Blame, Filmlab, Michael Ferguson
2006, Film, Anne, John's Redemption, (Short), Dave Anderson
2004, Film, Karen, Spent, Independent Short, Simon Jarvis - Orange Challenge Shortlisted
2020, Radio, Reader, Pandemic 1918, BBC Radio 4/MIM, Iain Mackness
2019, Radio, Presenter/writer, Tongue and Talk: The Dialect Poets (series 2), BBC Radio 4/MIM, Iain Mackness/Catherine Harvey
2018, Radio, Presenter/Writer, Tongue and Talk: The Dialect Poets (series 1), BBC Radio 4/MIM, Iain Mackness/Catherine Harvey
2018, Radio, Presenter/Writer, Colomendy: A Rite of Passage, BBC Radio Wales/MIM, Iain Mackness/Catherine Harvey
2018, Radio, Presenter, Witness: The Last Keeper of the Light, BBC World Service/MIM, Ashley Byrne/Iain Mackness
2018, Radio, Reader, Sporting Witness, BBC World Service/MIM, Ashley Byrne/Iain Mackness
2015, Radio, Reader, Words and Music, BBC Radio 3, Elizabeth Arno
2012, Radio, (1994-2012), Reader, Poetry Please, BBC Radio 4, Paul Dodgson, Sarah Langan, Felicity Goodall, Christine Hall, Frances Byrnes
2011, Radio, Reader, WORDS AND MUSIC, BBC Radio 3, Elizabeth Arno
2007, Radio, Mary, 43 Years in the Third Form (series), The Watershed Partnership/BBC Radio 4, Chris Wallis
2005, Radio, Francesca, Cartoline Del Inferno, RAI 3, Rosario Tedesco
2005, Radio, The Ice Maiden, Hans Christian Andersen (Series), BBC Radio 4/Pier Productions, Paul Dodgson
2004, Radio, Lucia, Artists With Designs (The Verb), BBC Radio 3, Martin Smith/Horatio Clare
2004, Radio, Reader, Night Waves, BBC Radio 3, Martin Smith
2000, Radio, Annie, Orchestra Paloma, BBC Radio 4, Paul Dodgson/Viv Beeby
Radio, Martina, Bangers And Mash (comedy series), BBC Radio 4, Cathryn Horn
Radio, Reader, Head Down (Short Story), BBC Radio 4, Sally Marmion
Radio, Reader, With Great Pleasure, BBC Radio 4, Paul Dodgson/Arthur Smith
Radio, Reader, Poetry Of The Second World War, BBC World Service, House of Lords/National Tour
2018, Audio, Reader, The Hour of Separation, Oakhill Publishing, Douglas Kean
2018, Audio, Reader, Song of the Sea Maid, Oakhill Publishing, Douglas Kean
2017, Audio, Reader, You Don't Know Me (audio book), Oakhill Publishing, Douglas Kean
2017, Audio, Reader, The Wild Air (audio book), Oakhill Publishing, Douglas Kean
2015, Audio, Reader, The Last Pier (audio book), Oakhill Publishing, Garry Bowen
2014, Audio, Reader, The Other Child (Audio Book), Oakhill Publishing, Douglas Kean
2014, Audio, Reader, She Landed by Moonlight (Audio book), Harper Collins/Oakhill Publishing, Garry Bowen
2013, Audio, Reader, Peripheral Vison (Audio book), Solidus/Oakhill Publishing, Garry Bowen
2013, Audio, Reader, All the Beggars Riding (Audio book), Harper Collins/Oakhill Publishing, Garry Bowen
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2011, Audio, Felina, Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus, Big Finish Audio, Ken Bentley
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2008, Audio, Panthea Vyne, Adventures of Professor Bernice Summerfield: Diet of Worms, Big Finish Productions, Toby Longworth
2006, Audio, Mrs Gaskell, Stockport Stories, Centre Screen Productions, Castlefield Museum
2000, Audio, Voiceover, Revisewise/Bitesize Revision - Maths, English, Science, BBC Education, Juliet Waugh
2000, Audio, Martha, Ride, Ride (musical), Cast Recording - SOMM Records, Penelope Thwaites
Audio, Belisa, Don Perlimplin, Hearplay, James Callum
Audio, Celie, Sganarelle, Hearplay, James Callum
Voice Over
2018, Voice Over, Voiceover, Killer Women Promo, A+E Networks TV, Robert Godwin
Voice Over, Voiceover - Media ads include, OK, Evening Standard, Daily Express, Daily Star, Loot
Voice Over, Voiceover - Other ads include, Scottish Power,Cable & Wireless, Britannic, Bernard Matthews
Voice Over, Voiceover, UPS, American Express, Trebor, Halcro, Cross & Blackwell, Eardrum, Ralf Van Dijk
Voice Over, Voiceover - Corporates include, CPS, SGB, DWP, HBOS, O2, Virgin, British Gas,Dorothy Perkins
Voice Over, Voiceover, Promotions, Daybreak (ITV), Olivia Heriot Walker (and various)
Voice Over, Voiceover, Promotions, Lorraine (ITV), Olivia Herriot Walker (and various)
Voice Over, Voiceover, Promotions, GMTV, Olivia Heriot Walker (and various)
Voice Over, Voiceover, Competitions, GMTV, Charlotte George (and various)
Voice Over, (3 years) Continuity for TV Channels, True Movies/True Movies 2, CSC Media, Mark Deitch/Danielle Benton
Voice Over, Continuity for TV Channel, True Entertainment, CSC Media, Mark Deitch/Danielle Benton
Voice Over, (2 years) Character Comedy Voices (various), Muffragette, The Stand, Edinburgh/International Tour, Mary Bourke
Voice Over, Voiceover, Bitesize Revision (Maths, English, Science), BBC Schools Online, Rosemary Ling
Voice Over, Voiceover, (2 years) Now Magazine, Heresy, Joanne Cresser
Voice Over, Wife, Two Sides - Virtual Empty Space Project, Company of Angels, Tara Robinson
Voice Over, (2 years) Voiceover, Death by Powerpoint, Above & Beyond, Winner of the World of Learning Award
Voice Over, Voiceover, Casino Games, Stephan Chase Productions
Voice Over, Voiceover, English as a Foreign Language CDs, Cambridge (XUBE)
Voice Over, Voiceover, Continuity, BBC TV
Voice Over, Voiceover, Idents - The Secret Life of Us, Channel 4
Voice Over, Voiceover, Nicky Clarke's Showreel
Further Credits
2013, Event, The Woman, On the Nose - Virtual Empty Space Project, Company of Angels, Steven Bloomer/Sophie Lifschutz
2013, Event, May, Dreams of May (solo poetry show), Theatre Delicatessen, Sue Guiney
2011, Event, Poetry reader, Truths About Love, Museum of Broken Relationships/Tristan Bates, Clive Swift
2011, Rehearsed Reading, Various, Finborough Literary Development Ensemble, Finborough Theatre, Van Badham/Sophie Korevaar
2011, Corporate, Nurse, Alcohol Awareness Training Video, Activate, Danny Howard
2010, Comedy, Nurse, Open Heart Football (sketch), 24:7 Festival, Manchester
2006, Event, Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte, Emily and Anne (2004-2006), Bath/National Portrait Gallery/Howarth, Valerie Doulton
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2001, Corporate, Receptionist, Equality Challenge, Angel Productions, Steve Englehard
2000, Corporate, Interviewer, Cable and Wireless Training Video, Theatre Active, Helen Dickens
Corporate, Betty, Dr Withering's Lunar Society Lecture (Carvedilol Launch), Expertease, Gordon Dilieu/Steve Hocking
Commercial, Victim's Wife, British Heart Foundation, Abbott Mead Vickers
Musical, Gertrude, Colours of the Wind, Tristan Bates Theatre, Sylvia Syms
Musical, Martha, Ride, Ride!, Westmister Theatre/Lambeth Palace/Oxford Festival, Penelope Thwaites
Musical, Princess, The Princess and the Goblin, Greenwich Theatre, Fiona Angwyn


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cheshire, Dublin, Edinburgh, French, Geordie, Italian, Lancashire*, Liverpool*, London, Manchester, RP*, Welsh-Southern, West Country, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
English*, French, Italian, Latin
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Contemporary Dance, Folk Singing*, Guitar, Jazz Singing*, Mezzo-Soprano*, Piano, Tap*
Performance:Audio Books, Audio Drama, BADC Intermediate, Comedy, Comedy Improv, Live Roleplay, Musical Theatre, Poetry Reading, Radio Drama, Radio Presenting, Role Play, Voice Over
(* = highly skilled)
Cycling, Stage Combat, Swimming*
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:DBS (CRB) clearance, Drama Coach (professional), Drama Workshop Leader, Editing/Proof-Reading (experienced), Impersonation, Improvisation, Journalist, Narration, Photography, Writer