Photo: Coxy At Ugly
7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ
Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Height:5'9" (175cm)
Weight:10st. (64kg)
Playing Age:40 - 60 years
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Light/Mid Brown
Hair Length:Mid Length
Voice Quality:Clear
Voice Character:Natural

About me:

March 2020 seen as "Smythe the Butler" in "Celebrity Murder Mystery" (Channel 5)

2020, Television, Smythe The Butler, Celebrity Murder Mystery, Spungold TV, Tom Stark Holland
2020, Film, Julian, Banglatown, Dishad Husain
2020, Rehearsed Reading, Everyone Else (multi roles), Gametes, Jack Paterson Theatre, Jack Paterson
2020, Rehearsed Reading, Earl of Essex/Augustine Harris/Narrator, The Men who Saved Shakespeare, Dramatists Guild of America/Stagewrite, Harri Mardlin
2020, Rehearsed Reading, Damian Pluto, Bonfire night, Andrew Cartmel
2020, Rehearsed Reading, Red, Stinker, Andrew Cartmel
2020, Voice Over, Magic Balloon Ride Barker, The Adventures of Sleepy the Magic Bear, HHA Productions/Smashing Swan, Morten Peet
2019, Internet, Annoyed Husband, Making it Rain, DTV, Joe Sellar
2019, Television, Hieronemus, Little Grey Fergie, Farmyard Stories Ltd, Morton Mykkelbust
2019, Rehearsed Reading, Ian Collison-Hargreaves, Rumble, Razor Sharp Productions, Yasir Senna
2019, Stage, BBC Announcer/US Serviceman/Dr MacTavish, Hancock's Half Hour, Apollo Theatre Company, Tim Astley
2019, Site Specific, Kings Attendant, Robbery at the Tower, Past Pleasures, Mark Wallis
2019, Stage, Nye Bevan/Vicar/Ernie Bevin/George VI, A Modest Little Man, Gatehouse Theatre, Owain Rose
2019, Event, Professor Carcass, Royal Punch at Osborne, Griffin Historical, Tim Ford
2018, Educational, Snorri Sturlsson, Viking Day, Yeo Theatre Services, Stephen Yeo
2018, Stage, Harry Secombe, The Goon Show, Apollo Theatre Company, Tim Astley
2018, Film, Party Guest, Like Everyone Else, UAL, Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez
2018, Site Specific, Douglas Griffiths, Keeping up with the Courtaulds, English Heritage, Callum Coates
2018, Stage, Clown 1, The 39 Steps, Sarah Thorne Theatre/Michael Wheatley Ward, Michael Friend
2018, Stage, Chief Inspector Hubbard, Dial M for Murder, Sarah Thorne Theatre/Michael Wheatley Ward, Michael Friend
2018, Event, The Mad Hatter, Malice in Wonderland, Blackwatch Entertainment, Tamara Wilder
2018, Arena, Herald of the Lists, Hampton Court Joust, Griffin Historical/Past Pleasures, Mark Griffin
2018, Stage, David Woods, Twist, Baroque Theatre Company, Adam Morley
2018, Stage, Brian, Passages to Somewhere, Hen & Chickens London, Cliff Chapman
2018, Arena, Yeoman Warder, Opening Ceremony, Music Scotland International, John Douglas
2018, Site Specific, Captain Woodget, Ahoy Captain, Andrew Ashmore Associates, Andrew Ashmore
2018, Role Play, Various Roles, RCGP Roleplay, Interact
2018, Educational, Mr Smith (Victorian Butler), The Victorian House - above and below stairs, Freshwater Theatre, Carol Tegg
2018, Stage, Daniel Sandford, The Onion at the End, Sarah Thorne Theatre/Michael Friend Productions, Michael Friend
2018, Site Specific, Mr Draper, 1878 - The War that Never Was, Royal Armouries/Griffin Historical, Mark Griffin
2018, Role Play, Various Roles, House of Lords Diversity & Inclusion Training, WWP Learning and Development, Chrystie Harrison
2017, Site Specific, ARP Warden, Get Blitzed at the Palace, Fulham Palace, Victoria Maitland
2017, Event, 18th Century Sea Captain, Tenerife Wine Show, Yandex, Carlos Hernandez
2017, Rehearsed Reading, Griggs, Burn The Witch, Player Playwrights
2017, Rehearsed Reading, Policeman, Feast or Famine, Room One TV, Poppy Corbett
2017, Event, Various Roles and Co-Writer, The Great Georgian Science Show, David Hall Shows
2017, Site Specific, Steve the Stooge, Down to a Sunless Sea, Thunderclap, Maartens Lourens
2017, Stage, Barney Cashman, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Sarah Thorne Theatre/Michael Friend Productions, Michael Friend
2017, Stage, Val, Sugar Daddies, Sarah Thorne Theatre Broadstairs, Michael Friend
2017, Stage, Rigsby, Rising Damp, Sarah Thorne Theatre Broadstairs, Michael Friend
2017, Video, Lord Nelson, Virgin 10k Promo, Virgin Media
2017, Television, Privy Councillor, Private Lives of the Monarchs - Henry VIII, Like A Shot, Bruce Burgess
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2017, Site Specific, Sir Thomas Summerbee, Easter at Walmer, Griffin Historical, Mark Griffin
2017, Site Specific, Quack Doctor, Victorian Variety, Fulham Palace, Nia McIntosh
2017, Site Specific, Sir Henry Holland, Victorian Explorers and Scientists, Griffin Historical, Mark Griffin
2017, Stage, General Mitchener, Press Cuttings, Michael Friend Productions, Michael Friend
2017, Still Photography, Homeless Man, Crisis Skylight Shoot, Sam Melllish
2016, Musical, Melvyn Starbright, Mama Mia its Murder!, Laughlines, Michael Wilson Green
2016, Commercial, Annoying Party Guest, Madrisa Resort Commercial, Maybaum Films, Robin Rippman
2016, Television, Bride's Father, Horrible Histories Don't tell the World War 2 Bride, Lion TV, Steve Connolly
2016, Site Specific, Quizmaster, Family Misfortunes, Past Pleasures, Lachlan McCall
2016, Stage, Frankie Howerd, Howerd's End, BH Theatre, Jason Mills
2016, Site Specific, Compere, Anne Designs, Past Pleasures, Lachlan McCall
2016, Television, Man in the Hat, The Rebel, Retort TV for UK Gold, Vadim Jean
2016, Site Specific, Narrator, Fit for a King, Past Pleasures, Lachlan McCall
2016, Internet, Arthur, London 2050, The Science Museum
2016, Role Play, Various Roles, Medical Roleplay, Interact
2016, Multimedia, Brother William, Meet the Monk, Griffin Historical
2016, Event, Mr Smee, Peter Pan, Flying Seagull
2016, Corporate, Jabba The Hutt, Star Wars Themed Event, Flying Seagull
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2015, Internet, The Tax Man, Cut Tourism VAT, PLMR, Mike Ramsden
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2014, Stage, Boycie, Del Boy & Rodney, Laughlines, Michael Wilson Green
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2009, Short Film, 1940's Studio Guard, A Face For Pictures, Marcus Liversedge
2009, Stage, 6 Dead Comedians, Goodbye - the (after) life of Cook and Moore, Leicester Square Theatre, Michael Eriera
2009, Event, Dr Socrates Gripenerve, Quacks and Cures, Wellcome Foundation, Clive Greenwood (self written piece)
2009, Rehearsed Reading, Gordy/Lance, Sex Drive, New Players Theatre, Lorae Parry
2008, Site Specific, Thomas Waad, The Escape of Father John Gerrard, Past Pleasures, Chris Bailey
2008, Voice Over, Character Voices/Impressions, The Serial Quiller, Rowan Finch Productions, Rowan Finch
2007, Stage, Various Dead Comedians!, Goodbye - the (after) life of Cook & Moore, Disestablishment/Gilded Balloon, Michael Eriera
2006, Television, Andrew, Secret Life of Fantasy, Tiger Aspect
2006, Music Video, "Old School Raver" Dad, Big Bass - "What You Do", Between The Eyes Film & TV, Jonathan Hopkins
2005, Promo, Bidder, Bid Up TV launch Promo, Lambie-Harper, Fi Lambie
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2000, Training Film, Mr Finch, Consumers - know your rights, First Field, Greg Loftin
1999, Corporate, Presenter, Telecom - 99, NTT, A. Takashi
1999, Television, World War I Journalist, Military Campaigns, Darlow-Smithson For Channel 4, Katherine English
1999, Television, Bruce Granville, Amazing Luck Stories, BBC Television, Anne Ross-Muir
1998, Television, Shopkeeper, Harbour Lights, Valentine Productions, Keith Young
1998, Ident, Bookie, Racing Ident, Channel 4, Jon Harvey
1998, Video, Simon Carter-Jones, Wesleyean Financial Services - Best Practice, ICS, Mike Davies
1998, Commercial, Papparazzi, Womans Day - advert, Julian Seddon Films, Robin Walters
1997, Short Film, Pete Turner, Some Bright Spark, Creation Communications, Nick Straker
1997, Television, Prisoner, The Big Story, 20-20 Television
1997, Commercial, Father, Ford Cars, Howard Williams
1996, Stage, Corin/Adam/Audrey, As You Like It, Hamburg English Theatre, Clifford Dean
1996, Music Video, Doctor, Rick Wright- Night of a thousand Furry Animals, EMI, Storm Thorgerson
1995, Video, Richard, British Gas Corporate Video, The Works, Jeremy Weeks
1995, Video, Joseph, Foreign Office Corporate Video, Howard Williams Associates, Howard Williams
1995, Video, Hotel Manager, Ventilation - Corporate Video, Barry Palin Associates, Barry Palin


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Southern States, American-Standard, Birmingham, Cockney, French, Geordie, German, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, Liverpool, London*, Norfolk, Northern, Scottish-Standard, Welsh-Standard, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Ballad*, Folk Singing*, Tenor*
Performance:Audio Books, Audio Drama, Clown, Comedy, Compere, Live Roleplay, Living History, Master of Ceremonies, Outdoor Performances, Radio Presenting, Role Play, Stand-up Comic, Story Telling, Theatre In Education, TV Presenting, Voice Over
(* = highly skilled)
Bowling*, Cricket*
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:Computer Literate, Drama Workshop Leader, Impersonation, Improvisation, Interpreter, Journalist, Mime, Narration, Photographic Model, Story Telling