LUCIEN MORGAN by Magdalena Korpas
Photo: Magdalena Korpas
Suite 28, Springhead Enterprise Park, Fleet House, Springhead Road, Northfleet, DA11 8HJ
Phone: 020 3189 1441
Fax: 01474 338845
Mobile: 07946 260926
Phone: 07798 688732
Height:5'11" (180cm)
Playing Age:56 - 65 years
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Greying
Hair Length:Short
Voice Character:Authoritative
Voice Quality:Warm

About me:

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Television Radio Stage Film Further Credits
2018, Television, Rocky Amering, Sisters In Diaspora, Donpedro Ltd.( Sky TV), Ruke Amata
2017, Television, Anthony Kingston, Maids Of Docklands, Benalex Media( Sky TV), Malcom Benson
2016, Television, Presenter, Take 101 at Premier Night, Belalex Media, Lucien Morgan
2015, Television, Presenter, The BFI London Film Festival Show, Benalex Media (Sky TV), Lucien Morgan
2014, Television, Presenter, Take 101 at the London Film Festival, Belalex Media, Lucien Morgan
2014, Television, Presenter, The Raindance Festival Show, Benalex Media, Lucien Morgan
2013, Television, Presenter, Take 101, Benalex Media, Lucien Morgan
2012, Television, Dr. John Summers, Oceans Of Wisdom, Sky TV, Syed Naqvi
2007, Television, Clairvoyant, Test The Nation, Presented By Anne Robinson, Talent Television for the BBC, Danny Wallace
2004, Television, Co presenter with Nina Conti, Ghost Watch In Bulieau Palace, BBC, Danny Wallace
2001, Television, Dr.Williams, Pwobol Y Cwm, BBC Wales, Lee Haven Jones
2000, Television, Vicar, Murder Rooms :Mysteries Of The Real Sherlock Holmes, BBC2, Simon Langton
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1997, Television, Presenter, World Weird News, Live TV, Paula Bentley
1996, Television, Presenter, Mind and Body, Live TV, Alyson Smith
1996, Television, Presenter, The Lucien Zone, Live TV, Josephine Smith
1995, Television, Presenter, Chelsea Magic, Live TV, Lucien Morgan
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1998, Radio, Oberon, A Midsummer's Night Dream, London Network Radio, Lucien Morgan
1998, Radio, Presenter, BBC Radio 5, BBC, Sally Head
1998, Radio, Elyot Chase, Private Lives, London Network Radio, Lucien Morgan
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1997, Radio, Krapp, Krapp's Last Tape, Ariel Radio Productions, Lucien Morgan
2020, Stage, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vershinin, Swan Song, Anglo Russian Theatre London, Chris Diacopoulos
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1980, Feature Film, Albert, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Rosemont, Jack Gold
Further Credits
2019, Short Film, Sir Augustin Walton, Futures, Villefranche Film Production, Lucien Morgan
2019, Web Series, Charles, Melodrama, Metropolitan Production, John Otteson
2017, Short Film, Olaf Edmondson, Hope Springs, Hoofprint Productions, George Ackers
2016, Short Film, ArchdeaconPaul Moor, Dinner With Eugene, Newman Productions, James Newman
2015, Short Film, Father O'Neil, Secrets Of Stormvale, Solent Films, Jordan House
2015, Short Film, Lieutenant General Auberon Bragg, The Adventures Of Dirk Lazer, Simon Pheonix Productions, Simon Gedney
2014, Short Film, Pete Applegate, Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom Productions, Jonny Englemann
2011, Short Film, Bob, Silentium, Myrrky Films, Ruben Geraldo


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
African, American-East Coast, American-North East, American-Standard, Australian, Cockney, Cornwall, Dublin, Essex, French, Geordie, Lancashire, London, Mexican, Northern, RP*, Russian, Welsh-Northern, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
English, Welsh
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Ballroom Dancing, Baritone, Bollywood Dance, Tango
Performance:Autocue trained/experienced, Comedy, Outdoor Performances, Presenting, Radio Presenting, Story Telling, Translation Audio Books, TV Presenting, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Writer/Director - Comedy Fringe
(* = highly skilled)
Camel-riding*, Fencing, Horse-riding, Horse-riding (Western Style), Polo, Sailing-RYA Level 1, Scuba Diving-Dive Master, Shooting (Handgun), Shooting (Shotgun)
Vehicle Licences:Powerboat Licence


1976 Royal Academy of Dramatic Art short course

1977-78 Herbert Berghof Studios NY

Winner Of Best Supporting Actor Award Monaco Film Festival 2013

Winner Of Best Supporting Actor Award New York City Independent Film Festival 2016

Winner Of Lifetime Achievement Award NELAS 2019

Member Of The Jury,Nollywood Film Festival(U.K)2019