It is the responsibility of the Spotlight member or agent (if uploading on their behalf) to ensure that they have full copyright clearance for all photography, video and audio featured as part of a Spotlight membership.


You must provide the name of the photographer for all photographs submitted to Spotlight. Photographers must be credited, according to copyright law.

Video and audio clips

Copyright is a legal right which exists in literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works. If you are taking a clip from previous professional work, in most cases the producers of that work will either have rights assigned to them or at least, a licence to the rights. Producers normally grant permission for you to use short clips completely free of charge – but you must check with them first and get their permission in writing.

If you are recording a clip from scratch especially for your showreel / voice-clips, remember that most 20th century scripts are still subject to copyright, and you should seek permission from the publisher.

Under Spotlight's terms you have the responsibility for clearing any material that you decide to use for your showreel or voice-clip. If there is any sort of dispute, Spotlight will take your material offline until you clear the right to use the material.

Spotlight reserves the right not to broadcast any material which it deems inappropriate.