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Your main photo

As a professional performer your main headshot is vitally important.

It must represent who you are. It is your first selling point to get you that audition. If a casting professional is unaware of your work, it is the first thing they will see, and first impressions do count!

Top Tips:

  • It should be a recent head and shoulders shot
  • Blurry, pixelated or amateur photography will make you look unprofessional and will put casting directors off
  • Keep your appearance as neutral as possible. Remember, a casting professional wants to see the 'real' you
  • Wear something simple and avoid props, hats, distracting backgrounds and accessories
  • Your eyes are your most important feature, so make sure they are as visible as possible
  • Don't Photoshop out wrinkles, don't airbrush, don't use dramatic studio lighting

Think of your photograph as an investment in your career.

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