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Managing your photos

The manage photos section is where you can add, delete / hide photos, change the main photo showing online and re-order your gallery.

If you are a performer simply log in and follow the link to Photos.

If you are an agent use your user name and password to log in, select a client from your client list and then click on the photo management icon for each individual client.

To add a photo:

  • You will see a green button at the bottom of the screen 'add a photo'
  • Click on the browse button to browse your computer/device and find the photo you want to upload
  • Click the upload photo button
  • Now, enter the name of the photographer (this is required due to copyright law) and if your photo is a still from a production, enter this in the description field
  • If you have more than one Spotlight CV tick the box to indicate which CV you want the photo to appear in
  • Make sure everything is correct, and click finish
  • Your photo is instantly online
  • Uploaded your picture upside down? Use the rotate arrows at the bottom of the screen to rectify this
  • You will now see a message stating "waiting approval". This means that although the photo is online and visible, it may later be removed by Spotlight who check every photo submitted for content and quality
  • This usually takes 2-5 days. If a photograph is rejected whoever uploaded the photograph (performer or agent) will receive an email directly

To delete a photo:

  • Click on the thumbnail of the photo you wish to remove, and click the red delete button at the bottom of the page. A pop up box will appear, asking you to confirm whether you want to delete the image or not. If you click yes, the image will be permanently deleted from our server
    Please note agents published on your profile can also delete your photographs.
  • Please note: the master photo cannot be deleted and must remain on your web-page. It can however be hidden
  • If you delete the photo you have chosen to be your first viewable / main picture the system will default to your master photograph

To hide a photo:

  • Occasionally you may wish to hide a photograph rather than delete it permanently, this will allow you flexibility with your CV
  • Click on the thumbnail of the photo you wish to hide, and then click the hide button at the bottom of the page
  • A hidden picture will appear as 'greyed out' on the manage photos page
  • If a picture is hidden it will not appear on your web-page nor be available to you (or your agent) when submitting your CV via the Spotlight Link / The Spotlight Link Board
  • To unhide a picture, click on the 'greyed out' thumbnail and then click the 'Show Photo' button, the photo will now appear in your gallery

To re-order your gallery:

  • According to which browser you may be using you can either click on a thumbnail and use the navigation arrows at the bottom of the manage photos page to re-order your gallery, or you can simply drag and drop them into the new position

To change the main photo showing online:

  • From the manage photos screen, click on the thumbnail of the photo you wish to be the main one showing online
  • If you have hidden the photo you will need to press the 'Show photo' button to unhide it first
  • Underneath the image is a button saying "Set as main photo"
  • Click this photo and it will instantly be the main photo in your portfolio

I can't upload a photo - can Spotlight do this for me?

If you are having technical trouble uploading a photo to our website please contact [email protected] or call 020 7437 7631 (office hours only).

We are able to upload photos on your behalf if you want supply your photo by email. However it will cost £5 per photo. This is a one-off charge for uploading it onto our system.

You must also complete a multimedia form - you can download it here