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Your portfolio

You can upload 15 portfolio photos for free via the online system, but 4 or 5 excellent, well-chosen photos are much better.

For copyright reasons the name of the photographer should always be credited.

Spotlight is a casting resource and the people looking at your profile want to hire performers.

Top Tips:

  • Be selective - only choose the best professional images. Poor quality images reflect badly
  • Think objectively - what does a particular photo say about you? Look at the context of the photo - does it give a poor or good impression?
  • Does your photo look like you do now? If you were a casting director would you know yourself from your picture when called for a meeting / audition?
  • Show a variety of looks - hairstyles, hair colour, facial hair etc
  • Don't upload holiday photos, modelling or glamour shots
  • If included, production stills should be professional and kept to a minimum. Don't upload numerous photos of the same production, just one will do - and the centre of attention should always be you not other performers - it should be clear who you are!
  • Stills of you on set or with the crew are likely to be seen as a 'vanity' shots. Be mindful how this looks to a casting professional. Likewise, if you are on a red carpet with a Hollywood star, think, is Spotlight the right place for this?
  • Always use the original file supplied by the photographer - don't upload a screen grab from a mobile device
  • Photographs should not contain a copyright watermark, an embedded photographer credit or borders
  • Spotlight does not publish images containing guns or other weapons unless in the context of a production still, nor do we include print advertorials / posters or composite photographs etc
  • If you are unsure whether to use a photo then don't!

Please note that while it is free to upload photos online, we charge £5 per image to upload photos on your behalf. Please download this form