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Technical specifications

You shouldn't need to worry about technical specifications too much but quality is important.

Just ask your photographer for a high resolution (i.e. high quality) 'web' image or set your own camera to photo quality 'normal' or 'better' (depending on the camera used) and size 'medium' to obtain a photo suitable for displaying on a website.

Technically this is at least 72ppi (pixels per inch) and an image size of about 800 x 1000 pixels. But note that most cameras can produce images smaller than this, which you should avoid.

All professional photographers can supply you with an image suitable for displaying on a website.

Supplying photographs

Photos can be supplied by email to [email protected] (as attachments). Please do not embed in the email.

Make sure you state your Spotlight name, a contact number where necessary and your photographer credit.

We cannot take responsibility for unnamed photographs.

If you have a question, please contact [email protected] or call 020 7437 7631 during office hours only.