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Uploading media clips

How do I add media to my Spotlight CV?

Spotlight members can upload 5 minutes of video and 5 minutes of audio clips to their Spotlight CV for no additional charge, using their media library. Just sign in and select 'Video' or 'Audio', below the heading 'Manage media', in the left-hand navigation.

For a list of accepted video formats and technical specifications for your media files, see our recommended encoding settings.

Can Spotlight upload my video or audio clips?

The self-upload Spotlight media library is the quickest and easiest way to add media to your CV - see above. However, you can send your media to Spotlight for upload to your CV. Please be aware we charge for this service and you will need to complete a form - please call us on 020 7437 7631 and ask us to send this to you.

You can email a digital version of your showreel and a scan of your media upload form to us at [email protected]. If you need to use a third-party file transfer site to send the showreel, we recommend and

We cannot accept links to videos hosted on YouTube or any other sites containing embedded video.

It is your responsibility to obtain copyright clearance for all material supplied or uploaded to Spotlight. Click here for full information.

Why do I need video and audio clips on my CV?

Casting professionals can access members' media clips at the click of a button, when looking at their web CVs. They can also refine their casting searches to include only those performers who have uploaded video or audio material. So if you don't have media on your CV, you may be missing out on lucrative work.

What sort of clip(s) should I use?

Your media can be one continuous showreel or split into several clips: a great way for you to showcase a variety of different work. For information on file types and size limits, see our frequently asked questions. Spotlight offers a professional showreel editing service - more information is available here. If you need to record a voice-clip from scratch, you should book a session with a recording studio. Search Contacts for information about studios offerng performer showreel services.