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Frequently asked questions

If you need help managing showreels and voice reels on your CV, please read these frequently asked questions, which are split into four sections:


If these FAQ have not answered your question, you can also read how to get further assistance.

Uploading media to your CV

Which types of file can I upload?
We can accept almost every commonly used video and audio format, though for best results please refer to our recommended encoding settings.

Can I upload a link?
You cannot upload a website link. You will need a video or audio file on your computer to upload.

What size of clip should I upload to my CV?
A five-minute video should ideally be no bigger than 350mb. You can upload much larger files (up to 1GB) to your media library but playback will not necessarily be improved. Please refer to our recommended encoding settings for guidance.

How long can my media clips be?
If you have one Spotlight CV, you can upload a total of five minutes' video and five minutes' audio to your media library. If you have two Spotlight CVs, you can upload 10 minutes' video and 10 minutes' audio. And so on. The remaining space within your media library is displayed at the top of the video and audio upload pages.

Can I increase the capacity of my media library?
Yes, you can upgrade to premium media.

How many clips can I upload?
There is no limit to the number of clips you can publish on your CV(s). And you can change them as often as you wish.

What are the recommended settings for saving a clip for upload to my CV?
Please see this page for details.

When will the clip I've uploaded appear on my CV?
Clips will usually appear on your CV within a few minutes of upload, though at busy times you may need to wait up to 30 minutes.

Why won't my clip upload?
There could be a number of reasons. First, check your internet connection, then ensure your file is in a valid media format. You may wish to re-encode your file using our recommended encoding settings.

Which browsers, devices and OS do you support?
Please see this page for details.

Can I upload a voice clip directly from a CD?
No. You must first import the track from the CD to your computer, using software such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

I don't want to upload my clips - can Spotlight do this for me?
Yes, we can upload your files for you. Details of this service, for which we charge a fee, are available on this page.

Can my agent upload showreels and voice reels on my behalf?
Your agent (or agents) can access your media library to manage showreels and voice reels on your behalf. They can upload, edit and remove media from your library, and they can upgrade your account to premium media.


Managing the media on your CV

What happens if I have more than five minutes of existing showreels or voice reels on my CV?
Every adult Spotlight member with a single CV can now upload up to five minutes of video and five minutes of audio to their media library. But you can only upload new media clips if you have space available in your media library.

If your existing media clips amount to more than your allowance, you will not be able to upload new clips - you should consider freeing some space or upgrading to premium media.

If you are already exceeding your allowance, you may not be able to upload a new file even after deleting a clip if there still isn't sufficient free space. And if you delete a clip you may not be able to re-upload it.

How do I change the order of the clips on my CV?
If you're using a desktop of laptop computer, just click and drag the reordering icon to the left of the video thumbnail. If you're using a mobile device, tap the arrows to the left of the thumbnails to move clips up or down.

How do I rename a clip?
Select 'Options' to the right of the clip you wish to rename, then 'Edit details and thumbnail'. On the next screen you'll be able to rename your clip.

How do I change the thumbnail of my clip?
Select 'Options' to the right of the clip, then 'Edit details and thumbnail'. On the next screen you'll be able to choose a new thumbnail.

How do I remove a clip?
Select 'Options' to the right of the clip, then 'Delete'. Deletion is permanent - you will not be able to reinstate deleted media clips.

Can I hide a clip from my CV?
Yes. Premium media subscribers can choose to hide or show clips on their CV. Details of the premium media service are available here. If you are not a premium media subscriber, it is not possible to hold clips in your media library without publishing them on a CV. Instead, you may wish to delete the clip and re-upload it when you want to show it again on your CV.

I'm a premium media subscriber. How do I hide a media clip?
To hide a clip that's published on your CV, select 'Options' to the right of the clip, then 'Hide from CV'. The clip will be moved to the bottom of the media library screen, under the heading 'Hidden from CV'.

You can also choose to hide a clip at the point when you upload it into your media library. After selecting the file to be uploaded, choose 'Hide from CV' on the following screen.

I'm a premium media subscriber. How do I show a hidden media clip on my CV?
Select 'Options' to the right of the clip, then 'Show on CV'.

How do I manage media on multiple CVs?
If you have more than one Spotlight CV, you will see tabs at the top right of your media library showing which clips are published on your CVs. When uploading or editing clips, you can choose to publish them on one or more CV. If you want to publish a clip on more than one CV you need only upload it once.

If you are a premium media subscriber, the options for hiding and showing clips appear under the 'Options' dropdown menu alongside individual clips after you have navigated to one of your CV tabs. They do not appear when viewing media in the 'All Video' or 'All Audio' tabs.

How do I download a clip from my CV?
Select 'Options' to the right of the clip, then 'Download'. Please note the quality of the downloaded file may not be as high as the file you originally uploaded.

Can I edit or trim the clips on my CV?
It is not currently possible to edit or trim clips within your media library. Instead, you may wish to edit the original file, using an application like iMovie or Final Cut Pro, and re-upload it.

Spotlight offers a professional editing service - for details see this page.

Can my agent manage my showreels and voicereels?
Agents are not currently able to manage performers' media. The media library is only available to adult performers.


Upgrading to premium media

What are the benefits of upgrading to premium media?
You'll be able to store more video and audio in your media library - either 10 minutes' or 15 minutes' (per CV), depending on the upgrade option you choose. Premium media subscribers can also hide some or all of their media clips from their Spotlight CV(s).

How much does it cost to upgrade to premium media?
Upgrading to 10 minutes' media costs £5.99 per year. Upgrading to 15 minutes' media costs £9.99 per year.

I've already upgraded to 10 minutes' media storage (per CV). Can I upgrade again?
Yes, if you've upgraded to 10 minute' media storage (per CV), you can upgrade to 15 minutes' storage at any time. The cost is £9.99 per year.

What happens if I want to upload more than 15 minutes' video or audio (per CV)?
Casting professionals tell us that concise showreels are the most effective, so it really shouldn't be necessary to exceed these limits. It is therefore not currently possible to upload more than these amounts via your media library. If you need to add more media to your CV, please use our upload service.


Playing media on your CV

Why is there no sound on my clip?
There could be a number of reasons for this. First, try playing the original file to check it has sound. Also check that your computer speakers are connected and that the volume is high enough. You may also wish to re-encode your file in accordance with our recommended encoding settings.

Why is my video squashed/stretched?
Check that your video was exported using the correct aspect ratio for the original source material (16:9 or 4:3). You may wish to refer to our recommended encoding settings or talk to your showreel editor for further guidance.

Why is my voice reel so quiet?
The sound level of the original media was probably too low. In this case, try re-exporting the file with a boosted audio level.

Does my video or voice reel play on mobile devices?
Yes, our players are optimised to work on most portable devices released in recent years, such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You need a wifi or cellular data connection such as 3G or 4G.

Why am I seeing a low-quality version of my clip?
Media playback quality is optimised for your current connection speed and the device you are using. If you have a low-bandwidth internet connection, you may experience lower quality playback. You should also check that the original file uploaded to your media library is of sufficient quality - please refer to our recommended encoding settings. Also, a file that was uploaded to your CV several years ago might only be available in a lower quality format - you may wish to try uploading such a file again, using the recommended encoding settings.

Can I view my showreel full-screen?
Yes, click on the full-screen icon. But please be aware that a number of factors affect the quality of full-screen playback, such as the quality of the original showreel and how long ago the file was uploaded to your CV.

Why is the video playback freezing or not smooth?
This may happen when your internet connection fails or is unstable.


Further assistance

How do I get more help with uploading and managing my media?
If the guidance on these pages has not answered your questions, please email [email protected].