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Who sees my web page?

Your web page can be seen by the hundreds of industry professionals who use Spotlight's online services. These include large organisations such as the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky, through to individual casting directors, agents or independent production companies.
If you have an agent, he/she can also access your web page. They will use this to suggest you for castings.

What kind of information can be featured on my web page?

You can include all your credits, plus very detailed information about your appearance, specialist skills and accents etc. You can also include extra photos, voice-clips and showreels.
Information on your web CV is searchable. For example, a casting director could run a search for "an actress with brown hair who has a Welsh accent, is based in Bristol and who plays the cello" or "an actor with red hair who speaks German and is a highly skilled baritone singer."
It is very important to keep your CV details up-to-date. Out of date CVs look very unprofessional and do put casting directors off.

What does 'c/o Spotlight' mean?

Performers who do not have an agent will appear as 'c/o Spotlight'. This means that Spotlight handles casting enquiries on their behalf (free of charge). For security reasons, we do not publish personal contact details.
So, if someone wants to get in touch with you they will call or email Spotlight. We will double-check the enquiry and then pass it on to you straight away. It is then up to you to contact them directly if you are interested. We take the privacy and security of our members very seriously, and this is reflected in the huge numbers of our clients who trust us with their personal details.

What is a Spotlight PIN?

Every performer in Spotlight is given a View PIN number which can be used for viewing their web CV. These are twelve digit numbers. Your View PIN is a number which can be given out to casting professionals so that they can look at your CV on the Spotlight website.
You will also have the opportunity to access and amend your profile with confidential sign in in details which will allow you to access your web CV and make updates and changes online.

I have checked my web page and some of the information is incorrect or out of date. What should I do?

You can update your web page at any time, as often as you wish, by signing in. You can do this from anywhere with Internet access.
If you do not have Internet access, or do not feel confident when amending your details, you are welcome to e-mail your changes to us.

I'm trying to update my CV, why aren't my changes accepted?

This could be caused by a browser compatibility problem. We constantly test our website to make sure it works across as many platforms as possible (Mac, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) but it could be that the computer you are using has a browser that is not compatible.
Click here to read information about the browsers we recommend you use when accessing our website.
If you continue to have problems, please email us, including details of the browser and platform you are using.

I do not have access to the Internet, so how can I change or update my web page?

Sigining in enables you to change your details (with the exception of contact details) from a web enabled device (phone tablet) or computer anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. If you do not have the Internet at home, you might think about using an Internet Cafe or a library.
Spotlight can also amend your details at any time. Please email these to [email protected] if you wnat us to make changes for you.

I have entered my View PIN number, but am told it is incorrect, or the CV I see is not mine. What is wrong?

To find yourView PIN, click 'Link to my CV' in the left hand column of your account page.

Will my Spotlight CV show up in Google or other internet search engines?

No. Our website is designed so that Google and other internet search engines will not include Spotlight CVs in their search results. Your CV is only searchable by qualified industry professionals who subscribe to Spotlight. If you wish to share your CV with somebody who is not a Spotlight subscriber, you can do this using your Spotlight VIEW PIN; this will give them direct access to your Spotlight web page.

How do I print my CV? And is there a way of doing this without the web information appearing at the top and bottom of the page?

To print your CV, you need to sign in and then go to the link on the top right hand side which says "Print CV". If a pop-up doesn't appear automatically, press "File" on your menu bar and select "Print" from the drop-down menu. To remove the web information at the top and bottom of your CV, go to "File" on your browser tool-bar and then "Page Setup".

For PC Users: make sure that the header boxes (document title and document location (URL) and footer boxes (page number, page total and date printed) are blank. If the boxes are checked, click them to make them blank. Click OK to save your new page settings.

For Apple Mac users: make sure that the Header and Footer menus say "none" under the left, centre and right columns. Click OK to save your new page settings.
Then return to your CV and print as usual.

How do I access Spotlight discounts?

Spotlight discounts are featured on our website. You will be able to see them when you sign in.

How do I send a link to my Spotlight web page?

You can link to your Spotlight CV using an address like this:

and replacing "1234-1234-1234" with your own View PIN. This will also work if you are trying to email somebody a link to your Spotlight Internet CV.

Can my own personal website be linked from my Spotlight web page?

Yes. You will need to email the address to [email protected]

Can I use the Spotlight Logo as a link to your website from my own website?

Performers who are currently members of Spotlight may use the Spotlight logo on their own website as long as:

  • It is a single instance of the Spotlight logo as a link to our website, or to your own Spotlight web page
  • The logo must not imply Spotlight's endorsement of any website or online service.

Click here to download the Spotlight logo if you or your web designer wishes to make your own button or link.