'Serjeant's Musgrave's Dance' by John Arden

Rose Bruford College (BA(Hons) Acting & BA(Hons) Actor Musicianship)

Jeremy Harrison

Performances take place at the Rose Theatre, Rose Bruford College, Lamorbey Park, Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup, DA15 9DF

Four soldiers are on the run. They are deserters from the Imperial British Army. They arrive in a freezing northern English town gripped by a coal strike and cut off by heavy snowfall. The soldiers are there to persuade the townsfolk against war; the mayor thinks they are recruiting; the townspeople think they are there to break the strike. The deserters are led by Serjeant Musgrave, a charismatic visionary prepared to adopt shocking methods to convince the town of the evils of war. This magnificent epic play has become a modern classic, rich with song, poetic language and memorable visual images.

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The last performance of this production was on 17 November 2012.

There are no further scheduled performances.