Victory by Howard Barker

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (3 yr. Acting)

Hugh Hodgart

Performances take place at the Tron Theatre - Main House, G1 5HB

VICTORY is perhaps the most popular and enduring of all of Barker’s plays. Set in the immediate aftermath of the restoration of Charles II the play charts the journey of the widow of a leading Parliamentarian, Bradshaw, as she gathers up the pieces of her disinterred and dismembered husband’s body. An affirmation of the human spirit in times of chaos, VICTORY’s ‘dark matter’ is shot through with flashes of wit and humour as Barker explores the outer reaches of human behaviour in the midst of political, social, and moral upheaval.

Booking Information Details

The last performance of this production was on 1 June 2013.

There are no further scheduled performances.

Cast Members

Gaukroger / Devonshire ALEXANDRA BIRCHFIELD
Shade / McConochie / Somerset / Feak / Mobberley DANIEL CAMERON
Scrope / Brighton / Moncreiff GRACE CHILTON
Roast / Hampshire / Gwynn / Milton DIANA DUARTE
Darling / Charles / Beggar NCUTI GATWA
Boot / Hambro / Footman GRIFFIN LYNCH
Wicker / Clegg / Cleveland / Parry LOIS MACKIE
Cropper / Ponting / Pyle / Street HESPER STRATFORD
Bradshaw / Derbyshire PAKSIE VERNON
Nodd / Edgbaston / Beggar SAMMY HAYMAN