Nine Days They Fell devised by Ian Morgan (Showcase)

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (MA Theatre Lab)

Ian Morgan

Performances take place at the GBS Theatre, WC1E

The final showcase production by the graduating actors of the MA Theatre
Lab, devised by the students with director Ian Morgan. "Icarus fell from the sky because he lacked humility; Lucifer fell from Paradise to become Satan; we say leaders fall from power, that sinners fall from grace, that a civilization fell into barbarism. Falling has been a negative metaphor for millennia. But falling can thrill and seduce…it can feel like rapture: like falling in love. Have you ever been tempted by the edge, by the risk, living regardless of consequence? No one checked their rise - no one tempered their ascent. When they fell, the world did too."

Booking Information Details

The last performance of this production was on 7 September 2013.

There are no further scheduled performances.

Cast Members

tbc Tanya Vital
tbc Stig Zeiner
tbc Stephen Hoo
tbc Stefani Mavrokordatou
tbc Siobhan McMillan
tbc Selene Beretta Grande
tbc Kate Kennedy
tbc Kasey Wilson
tbc Jesse Stanley
tbc Isaac Bush
tbc Henry McGrath
tbc Gakuji Nomoto
tbc Errol Clayton
tbc Elliot Blagden
tbc Elizabeth Quilter
tbc Adam Davies