Arabian Nights

Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (3 yr. Acting)

Titania Krimpas

Performances take place at the ALRA South Theatre - Wandsworth, SW18 3SX

Booking Information Details

The last performance of this production was on 30 November 2013.

There are no further scheduled performances.

Cast Members

Dinarzad/Wise Old Woman HOLLY OXINOU
Vizier/Ali's son/Chief of Police/Sidi 1 MATT LYNCH
Shahrahar/Fakir/Ghoul/King JONNY VAUGHTON
Queen/Maid/Abu Hassan's Wife/Mother/Eldest Sister ANNA BONNETT
Ali Baba/Merchant./Abu Hassan/Haroun/Perviz GIANBRUNO SPENA
Ali's Wife/Hangman/Preacher/Amina/Religious Woman RACHEL HINE
Kazim's Wife/Tailor's Wife/Page/Marriage Broker/Foe/Daughter/2nd Sister LYDIA ROBINSON
Kazim/Sindibad the Porter/Uncle/Sidi 2/Bahman ANDREW ARMITAGE
Marjanhah/Watchman/Merchant 1/Aunt/Baker/Bird MICHELLE BARNETTE
The Little Beggar/Merchant 2/Friend/Customer 1/Youngest Sister ELEANOR BENNETT
Doctor's Wife/Merchant 3/Customer 2/Parizade ROSIE AKERMAN
Steward/Great and Good/Sorceress/Stewards Wife/Second Cook MORAG CARTER