Betty Blue Eyes book by Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (3 yr. Musical Theatre / all Stage Management)

Dougie Irvine

Performances take place at the Chandler Theatre, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, G2 3DB

Betty is causing a merry old stir in her Yorkshire village. It’s 1947 and post war rationing measures are hindering the local business elite from celebrating the upcoming royal wedding in true style. Betty,
the pig, is being raised in the barn and is their illegal grand plan for true decadence at their planned ‘private function’. The exclusivity of the event has put a few noses out of joint and Gilbert Chilvers, encouraged
by his wife, steals Betty and hides her in his Chiropodist
shop. Amidst the mayhem that
ensues a rather determined food
inspector is in town to stop the
locals circumventing the austerity

Booking Information Details

The last performance of this production was on 6 December 2013.

There are no further scheduled performances.