Rocket to the Moon

Rose Bruford College (3 yr. Acting)

Clifford Odets

Performances take place at the Rose Theatre, DA15 9DF

Set entirely in the waiting room of a dentist’s office in the oppressive heat of a stifling New York summer, the play dramatises the mid-life crisis of a dentist, Ben Stark. His marriage is tinged with tragedy and his wife won’t speak to her father, the flamboyant Mr Prince. But she does take his money, which Ben uses to support his struggling colleagues. Enter Cleo, his spirited, flirtatious secretary who wears no stockings and too much makeup. The catalyst is the showman and provocateur Mr Prince, who encourages Ben to find a ‘rocket to the moon’ to ignite his life…

This powerful and fascinating play deals with the dilemmas surrounding themes of marriage, ambition and personal relationships. It was first presented in 1938 by the Group Theatre in New York.

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The last performance of this production was on 5 November 2013.

There are no further scheduled performances.