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7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ
Phone: 020-7437 7631
Fax: 020-7437 5881
Hudson House, 8 Tavistock Street, London, WC2E 7PP
Phone: 020-7240 2345
Location:London, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Height:5'3" (160cm)
Weight:9st. 4lb. (59kg)
Playing Age:26 - 40 years
Eye Colour:Green
Hair Colour:Light/Mid Brown
Hair Length:Long
Voice Quality:Bright
Voice Character:Enthusiastic


Finalist in the UK's Narrator of the Year Award for The Audio Production Awards - announced Nov 2016. Finalist for two categories at Voice Arts Awards in Hollywood, Nov 2016: Best Classic Narrator, and Best Mystery Narrator. Nominated for Voice Arts Awards in LA, 2015: Best Romance Audiobook Narration, and Best Teen Fiction Audiobook Narration. Winner of Earphones Award for outstanding narration performance- May 2015 Motion Capture Training with The MoCap Academy and with The MoCap Vaults.

Stage Audio Further Credits
2014, Stage, WREN, Bletchley Park, Too Big for Ballet, Liv Spencer
2014, Stage, Kitty Marion, Paper Dolls, A Cat and Mouse Act
2012, Stage, Witch 2, Macbeth, OTG, Caz Tricks and Sally Luff
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2011, Stage, Puck, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Pepper's Ghost Theatre Company, Rosemary Hill
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Further Credits
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2001, Short Film, Gina, Sally, New York Film Academy, Lillian Chee
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Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Standard, Cockney, Dublin, Heightened RP, London, Luton*, RP, West Country, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Flute, Mezzo-Soprano, Piano, Sight-Reading
Performance:ADR-Additional Dialogue Recording, Audio Books, Audio Drama, Children's Theatre, Comedy, Corporate Roleplay, Dubbing, Green Screen, Immersive Performance, Living History, Mask, Motion Capture, Outdoor Performances, Physical Theatre, Repertory, Role Play, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Voiceover Professional (own studio & ISDN)
(* = highly skilled)
Cycling, Ice Skating, Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Yoga
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:Computer Literate, Devising, Director, Drama Workshop Leader, Hypnotherapist (qualified), Improvisation, Life Coach, Motion Capture, Narration, Qualified Massage Therapist, Typing (touch)


The Actors Company, 1 year Post-Graduate Training, 2000-2002

The MoCap Vaults- Motion Capture Basics, and Advanced Compat Training for MoCap.

Capture Training, The MoCap Academy (Audiomotion) - including MoCap, Facial Capture (markered and markerless) and Full Body performance and ADR, 2015

Radio Drama Training, Wireless Theatre Company/Cherry Cookson, 2015

Audible and ACX - Audiobook Narration, Audible US in Newark, 2014

Screen Acting with Mel Churcher, The Actors Studio with Tim Kent, Aug 2013

ADR Training Course, Louis Elman Academy & Dave John In the Loop, 2013

Voice Actors and the Video Game, High Score Productions, 2013

Utterbrilliance Voice Acting for Video Games, 2012