Spotlight: VERA HORTON


VERA HORTON by Louise Freeland
Photo: Louise Freeland
Sandy Mac
Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
Phone: 020 3633 7073
Height:5'9" (175cm)
Playing Age:40 - 50 years
Actual Age:49 years
Nationality:British, Belarusian
Eye Colour:Grey-Green
Hair Colour:Blond(e)
Hair Length:Mid Length
Voice Character:Natural
Voice Quality:Strong

About me:

Stage Film Voice Over Further Credits
2016, Stage, KGB Captain Mrs. Orlova, Music From Nowhere, Immersive Theatre Le Crique De Charlese Le Tannes, Yuriy Kviatkovskiy
2015, Stage, Soviet Grandmother, Palace Of Youth, Immersive Theatre Le Crique De Charlese Le Tannes, Yuriy Kviatkovskiy
2020, Stage, Director, The Night Before Christmas, RDT Goodge Street Theatre, Vera Horton
2020, Stage, Sven (principal boy), Mother Goose Panto, Tisbury Arts Group (TAG), Judy Fitzpatrick, Jasper Bacon
2020, Stage, The Witch, The Golden Goose or Key To Once Heart, RDT Goodge Street Theatre, Rita Batyr
2019, Stage, Irina Arkadina, The Seagull, Ithaca Productions, James Rose
2019, Stage, Merchutkina, Actress, Mother, Wife For Sale, Art-Vic, Victor Sobchak
2019, Stage, Director, Reconciliation, Russian Theatre Group "Goodge Street", Vera Horton
2018, Stage, Storyteller, 10th International Festival of Mono Drama, Art-Vic Anglo- Russian Theatre, Vera Horton
2018, Stage, Gerla, Master and Margarita, Art-Vic, Victor Sobchak
2018, Stage, Gertrude, Hamlet, Art-Vic, Victor Sobchak
2018, Stage, Inna, Recounting my life and experiences, Art-Vic, Victor Sobchak
2017, Stage, Mrs Shvonder, The Heart of a Dog (Mikhail Bulgakov), Art-Vic Anglo- Russian Theatre, Victor Sobchak
2017, Stage, Director, The Blue Bird (Maurice Maeterlinck), Art-Vic Anglo- Russian Theatre, Vera Horton
2017, Stage, Katherine the Great, Kathrine the Great (Bernard Show), Art-Vic Anglo- Russian Theatre, Victor Sobchak
2017, Stage, Dual Citizen, Europe will Reboot in Five Minutes - 4017 Enacted, Common Initiative, Namuun Zimmermann
2017, Stage, The Wicked Mother, Cinderella, InvestArtGroup, Dmitrij Turchaninov
2016, Stage, The Wife, The Businesswoman, The Bride, Wife for Sale - Chekhov's Shorts, Art-Vic Anglo- Russian Theatre, Victor Sobchak
2015, Stage, Katherina/Merchutkina/Dolskaja-Kaychykova, Chekhov Farces, Act Provocateur, Victor Sobchak
2015, Stage, Ksenija, Moscow Girls, Russian Theatre Goodge Street, Dmitrij Turchaninov
2014, Stage, Paulina, The Seagull, Theatre Collection, Victor Sobchak
2014, Stage, Korobotchka, Dead Souls, Theatre Collection, Victor Sobchak
2014, Stage, Lolita's mother Mrs Haze, Lolita, Theatre Collection, Victor Sobchak and Chris Diacopolous
2014, Stage, Madame Desgranges, Marquise De Sade, Theatre Collection, Victor Sobchak and Christopher Diacopolous
2013, Stage, Anna Andreyevna, The Government Inspector, Theatre Collection, Victor Sobchak
2012, Stage, Eurydice, Antigone 2012, Theatro Technis, George Eugeniou
2012, Stage, Chorus, Antigone 2012, Theatro Technis, George Eugeniou
2012, Stage, Megaera, Oedipus at Colonus, Theatro Technis, George Eugeniou
2012, Stage, Chorus, Seven Against Thebes, Theatro Technis, George Eugeniou
2012, Stage, Heidi, Superior Race by Dr Robert Boland, Theatre Collection, Victor Sobchak
2012, Stage, Iocasta, The Phoenician Women, Theatro Technis, George Eugeniou
2012, Stage, Natasha, The Three Sisters, Theatre Collection, Victor Sobchak
2017, Stage, Evdokija Matveevna, Chains of Hatred, Art-Vic, Streetwisefilms Productions, Victor Sobchak and Nicolaus Mackie
2018, Film, Soviet Union Grandmother, Bitterly Sweet, Lana Luchka
2018, Film, Elise, It Is Your Choice, Elena Roganyan, Elena Roganyan
2017, Film, Dana Rostovsky, Hope Springs, Wychwood Studio, Alan
2016, Film, Eva, Nightingale, Alex Gardner Fillm, Alex Ashford
2016, Feature Film, Executive's Wife, Bitter Harvest, Devil's Harvest Production, George Mendeluk
2015, Feature Film, Russian Tourist, Sparks and Embers, Cinemagine, Gavin Boyter
2015, Feature Film, Villager, Macbeth, See-Saw Films, Justin Kurzel
2015, Film, Prisoner 39920, Kitty's Fortune, Superplex Pictures, Adam Baroukh
2015, Feature Film, Agent, Mission:Impossible-Rough Nation, Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise
2014, Feature Film, Nunn, The Imitation Game, Black Bear Pictures, Morten Tyldum
2014, Feature Film, Barbarian Horse Woman, Katherine of Alexandria, KOA Ltd, Michael Redwood
2013, Feature Film, Cashier, Plastic, Plastic The Movie Ltd, Julian Gilbey
2013, Feature Film, Party Guest, Austenland, Fickle Fish Films, Jerusha Hess
2013, Feature Film, Russian Citizen, World War Z, Paramount Pictures, Marc Forster
2013, Film, Nurse Inese, The Hummingbird, Watergun, Rafa Pavon
2012, Feature Film, Ballroom Guest, The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros, Christopher Nolan
2012, Feature Film, Carnival Party Guest, Gambit, Crime Scene Pictures, Michael Hoffman
2012, Feature Film, Countess, Anna Karenina, Universal Pictures, Joe Wright
2011, Feature Film, 1930th Citizen, Captain America: The First Avenger, Paramount Pictures, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
2011, Feature Film, Local Woman, Hugo, Paramount Pictures, Martin Scorsese
2011, Feature Film, 1920th Lady, The Awakening, StudioCanal, Nick Murphy
2011, Film, The Onlooker, Bill Bradley's Boot Camp, Rupert van den Broek, Rupert van den Broek
2011, Feature Film, Casino Croupier, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, StudioCanal, Tomas Alfredson
Voice Over
2018, Voice Over, James Bond's Wife, Narrative Research Film, The Voice Over Gallery, Jungle Studios
2018, Voice Over, 5 voices, Estee Lauder Training Video, The Voice Over Gallery
2015, Voice Over, Maths Teacher, Part B of Maths 4-6, Onebillion, Alexandra Turner
2014, Voice Over, Russian Accent Beauty Salon Customer, MAC Cosmetics Video, Hi-ReS! FILMS, Andrew Duffus
2014, Voice Over, Russian Voice, HUB interview videos, Blake Kenward – Hub TV, Sync Box
2013, Voice Over, Voice Over Director, Google Translate Russian, Google, Voiceover Gallery, Vera Horton High Score Productions
2013, Voice Over, Barbarian Horse Woman, Fall Of An Empire (Katherine of Alexandria), KOA, Michael Redwood
2012, Voice Over, Maths Teacher, Mathematics 3-5 years, Eurotalk, Alex Turner
2012, Voice Over, Maths Teacher, Mathematics 4-6 years, Eurotalk, Alex Turner
Further Credits
2018, Concert, Mother Shark, Pike Fish, Sadko, Skazki Ru, Alexandr Mosnin
2018, Rehearsed Reading, Father, The Khomenko Family Chrionicles, Xameleon Theatre, Alice Terekhof
2018, Rehearsed Reading, Alla, Somnambulism, Xameleon Theatre, Dmitrij Turchaninov
2018, Event, Raconteur, An eveninng with bilingual writer Anna Parijskaia, ARCC Anglo Russian culture club, Anna Parijskaia
2015, Still Photography, Opera Caracter, The Bear, Opera and Photography Exibition, The Proud Archivist, Yiannis Katsaris
2015, Television Movie, Duchess, Outlander, LBP Outlander Series 2 Ltd, Metin Hüseyin
2015, Educational, Model, 18th Century Hear Designs, Creative Media Skills, Corporate
2014, Television, Abbey's Mother, Persona, Three's a Crowd, Rewind Films, David Dacosta
2013, Corporate, Russian Voice Director, The Project, High Score Productions Ltd, Hugh Edwards


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-California, Russian*
(* = Native/Fluent)
English, Polish, Russian*
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Ballroom Dancing, Choral Singing, Folk Singing, Polish Folk Dancing, Singing (general), Soprano
Performance:Actor-Singer, Voice Acting, Voice Over
(* = highly skilled)
Air Rifle Shooting, Horse-riding, Ice Skating, Swimming
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:Assistant Director (experienced), Carer (trained), Crochet, Director, Hair Model, Knitting, Typing (touch)


Belarus State University, Acting, Philosophy and Drama, 3 years, 1995-1998