Photo: Rankin
3rd Floor, 8-12 Broadwick Street, London W1F 8HW
Phone: 020-7287 0077
3rd Floor, 8-12 Broadwick Street, London W1F 8HW
Phone: 020 7287 1070
Playing Age:66 - 78 years

About me:

Television Stage Documentary Film Television Movie Voice Over
Television, Sarah, Finding Alice, ITV Studios, Roger Goldby
Television, Rosalind Tartikoff, Jonathan Creek, BBC, David Renwick
Television, Pasty Stone, Absolutely Fabulous, BBC Television, Mandie Fletcher
Television, Vivienne (Regular), Mistresses (Series 3), BBC 1 Television, Various Directors
Television, Dolly Bantry, Miss Marple: The Mirror Crack'd, Granada Television, Tom Shankland
Television, Esme Ford, Lewis, ITV 1, Bill Anderson
Television, Delilah Stagg, Jam and Jerusalem, BBC Television, Mandie Fletcher
Television, Davina Jackson, Sensitive Skin Series, Baby Cow, Hugo Blick
Television, Narrator (Voice), Posh Nosh, BBC, Chris Langham
Television, Madison Blakelock, Up In Town, Baby Cow Productions, Hugo Blick
Television, Donna Sinclair, Dr Willoughby, ITV, David Skynner
Television, Annie, The Forgotten Toys, ITV, Various
Television, Diana, Nancherrow, Concorde Home Entertainment, Simon Langton
Television, Liz Franks, A Rather English Marriage, BBC, Paul Seed
Television, Diana Carey-Lewis, Coming Home, YTV, Giles Foster
Television, Kate Swift, Class Act, ITV, Various
Television, Mrs. Peacock, Cluedo, ITV, Various
Television, Victoria Cavero, Lovejoy, BBC, Various
Television, Loretta Stone, A Perfect Hero, Havahall Pictures, James Cellan Jones
Television, Mrs Robertson, Starting Out, Central Television, Geoff Husson
Television, Gigi, Oxbridge Blues, BBC, Various
Television, Helen, The Glory Boys, YTV, Michael Ferguson
Television, Lally Longbridge, Mistral's Daughter, CBS, Kevin Connor and Douglas Hickox
Television, Sapphire, Sapphire and Steel, Associated Television (ATV), Various
Television, Purdey, The New Avengers, CBS, Various
Television, Harriet Paulden, The Cuckoo Waltz, Granada Television, Various
Television, Up The Workers, Associated Television (ATV), Various
Television, German Lady / Miss French, Are You Being Served, BBC, Various
Television, Patient, General Hospital, Associated Television (ATV), Various
Television, Elaine Perkins, Coronation Street, ITV, Various
Television, Bunty, Steptoe and Son, BBC, Various
Television, Samantha Ryder-Ross, It's Awfully Bad For Your Eyes Darling, BBC, Various
Television, That Was Tori
Television, Girl Friday
Television, Roseanne
Television, Mirrorball, BBC Television
Television, The Mark 2 Wife
Television, The Persuaders
Stage, The Lion in Winter
Stage, La Bete
Stage, Don't Just Lie There Say Something
Stage, The End Of My Old Cigar
Stage, Private Lives
Stage, Noel & Gertie
Stage, Hedda Gabler
Stage, Blithe Spirit
Stage, An Ideal Husband
Stage, The Cherry Orchard
Stage, In Praise Of Rattigan
Stage, The Revengers Comedy
Stage, Who Will I Be Tomorrow
Stage, Vanilla
Stage, The Letter
Documentary, Presenter, Joanna Lumley's Hidden Caribbean: Havana to Haiti, Burning Bright Productions, Ewen Thomson
Documentary, Presenter, Joanna Lumley's India, ITV, Ewen Thomson
Documentary, Presenter, Joanna Lumley's Japan, ITV, Neil Ferguson and Ewen Thomson
Documentary, Presenter, Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah's Ark, Burning Bright Productions, Matt Bennett
Documentary, Presenter, Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey, Tiger Aspect Productions, Rob Farquhar and Dominic Ozanne
Documentary, Presenter, Joanna Lumley's Nile, Tiger Aspect Productions, Matt Bennett
Documentary, In The Land Of The Northern Lights
Documentary, Where Bond Began, Ian Fleming
Documentary, Last Chance To Save, Sky One Television, Harry Hook
Documentary, Giraffes On The Move, BBC Television
Documentary, The White Rajahs of Sarawak
Documentary, The Kingdom Of Thunder Dragon
Feature Film, Meghan Geoffrey-Bishop, Falling for Figaro, Such Much Films, Ben Lewin
Feature Film, Flick Fanshawe, Paddington 2, StudioCanal/Heyday Films, Paul King
Feature Film, Jackie, Finding Your Feet, Eclipse Films, Richard Loncraine
Feature Film, Patsy, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Mandie Fletcher
Feature Film, Me Before You, MGM, Thea Sharrock
Feature Film, Fenella, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, Pheonix Pictures, Terry Jones
Feature Film, Vivian Claremont, SHE'S FUNNY THAT WAY, Lionsgate, Peter Bogdanovich
Feature Film, Aunt Emma, The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese
Feature Film, Alfreda Rhinegold, BOOGIE WOOGIE, AUTONOMOUS, Duncan Ward
Feature Film, Maudeline Everglot (Voice), CORPSE BRIDE, Warner Bros. Pictures, Tim Burton
Feature Film, Ermintrude (Voice), THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT, Pathe Cinema, Dave Borthwick
Feature Film, Dame Olga, ELLA ENCHANTED, Blessington Film Prods, Tommy O'Havel
Feature Film, Eleanor Glynn, THE CAT'S MEOW, Dan Films, Peter Bogdanovich
Feature Film, Sheila, MAYBE BABY, Phil McIntrye Prods, Ben Elton
Feature Film, Gillian, MAD COWS, Flashlight (Mad Cows) Ltd, Sara Sugarman
Feature Film, Half Tusk (Voice), WHISPERS, Disney, Dereck Joubert
Feature Film, Freda, PARTING SHOTS, Scimitar Prods, Michael Winner
Feature Film, Mrs Lovitt, SWEENEY TODD, Hallmark/Showtime, John Schlesinger
Feature Film, Morgan Le Fey, PRINCE VALIANT, Constantin Films, Antony Hickox
Feature Film, Aunt Spiker, James And The Giant Peach, Disney, Henry Selick
Feature Film, Lady Helena Graves, Innocent Lies, Red Umbrella Films, Patrick Wolf
Feature Film, FUNNY BONES, Suntrust Films, Peter Chelsom
Feature Film, Marjorie Majors, Shirley Valentine, Paramount, Lewis Gilbert
Feature Film, Countess Chandra, The Curse Of The Pink Panther, MGM/United Artists, Blake Edwards
Feature Film, Maire Jouvert, The Trail Of The Pink Panther, MGM/United Artist, Blake Edwards
Feature Film, Jessica van Helsing, The Satanic Rites Of Dracula, Dynamite, Alan Gibson
Feature Film, Griselle Parkyn, Don't Just Lie There Say Something, Bob Kellett
Feature Film, Fanny Hill, Games That Lovers Play, American International, Malcolm Leigh
Feature Film, Susie, The Breaking Of Bumbo, Timon/ABPC, Andrew Sinclair
Feature Film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, United Artists, Peter Hunt
Feature Film, Some Girls Do, United Artists, Ralph Thomas
Film, Georgia, TAM LIN, Winkast Film Prod, Roddy McDowal
Television Movie
Television Movie, The Queen, Gangsta Granny, BBC, Matt Lipsey
Television Movie, Lady Maria, The Making of a Lady, ITV, Richard Curson-Smith
Television Movie, Mrs. Mary Smiling, Cold Comfort Farm, BBC, John Schlesinger
Television Movie, A Rather English Marriage, Wall To Wall Productions
Television Movie, Kate, The Weather In The Streets, Britannia TV, Gavin Millar
Voice Over
Voice Over, (Animated Film), Corpse Bride
Voice Over, (Animated Film), Magic Roundabout