Photo: Faye Thomas
2 Percy Street, London W1T 1DD
Phone: 020 7250 1760
Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Height:5'3" (160cm)
Weight:8st. (51kg)
Playing Age:30 - 40 years
Appearance:Hispanic, Mediterranean, White
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Dark Brown

About me:

Jennifer recently toured in Bryony Lavery’s adaptation of BRIGHTON ROCK. The short film ‘The Hunger Artist' is on an international tour of galleries.

"Jennifer Jackson brings an arresting contemporary edge to Lady Macbeth" - Lyn Gardner (The Guardian) on Omnibus' immersive production of Macbeth.

Stage Short Film Radio Workshop Choreography Television Further Credits
2019, Stage, The runner, ENDURANCE, HOME & Dare Festival (Shoreditch Town Hall)
2019, Stage, Kate, Tamed (Staged Workshop), Flight of the Escales, Sarah Calver
2019, Stage, Clair, The Drive (Staged Reading), The Yard / Brexit Stage Left, Melissa Dunne
2019, Stage, Lonely woman, Confrontational woman, Aunt, Mother, The Phanton of Normality (Staged Reading), The Yard/ Brexit Stage Left, Melissa Dunne
2018, Stage, Crab/Colleoni, Brighton Rock, Pilot Theatre, Esther Richardson
2017, Stage, Jenni (Lead), Wrestleladswrestle, Shoreditch Town Hall, Tom Hughes
2017, Stage, Fiona, Voicemail (Staged reading), Old Red Lion (London Horror Festival), Clive Judd
2017, Stage, Jenni, Neverland, Battesea Arts Centre & Tour, Tom Penn
2017, Stage, Various/ Devisor, Kika's Birthday (Workshop), Little Angel Theatre & Orange Tree, Sam Jones
2016, Stage, Orlando, Latina, After Orlando (Staged Reading), Finborough Theatre, Melissa Dunne
2016, Stage, She (Solo Show), Half and Half (The Dare Festival), Shoreditch Town Hall, James Blakey
2016, Stage, Abigail, Nailhouse, Old Red Lion, Gus Miller
2016, Stage, Bad Angel/Beezlebub, Dr Faustus (In original pronunciation), Sam Wanamaker Playhouse (Read not Dead), Ben Crystal
2016, Stage, Marina, Pericles Recomposed, Savannah International Festival, Passion In Practice
2016, Stage, Various (Verbatim), The Crunch, Look Left Look Right & Wellcome Trust, Rebecca Atkinson-Lord
2015, Stage, She, And Now: The World! (One Woman Show), Openworks Theatre & Derby Theatre, Abigail Graham
2015, Stage, Hostess Quickly/ Queen Isabelle, Henry V, Read not Dead/Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Passion in Practice
2015, Stage, Jenni, Winners (Workshop), Oxford Playhouse & ARC Stockton, James Blakey
2015, Stage, Various, The Shakespeare Original Pronunciation Project, The Pearl Theater NY, Passion in Practice
2015, Stage, Marina, Pericles, Berwaldhallen & Interplay Festival (Stockholm), Ben Crystal
2014, Stage, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Omnibus, Gemma Kerr
2014, Stage, Movement Ensemble, Therese Raquin, Theatre Royal Bath, Jonathan Munby
2014, Stage, Hecate, Macbeth (in Original Pronunciation), Sam Wanamaker Playhouse (Read not Dead), Ben Crystal
2014, Stage, Dr Jackson, Care (The NHS Show), Tangled Feet/National Theatre Studio/ARC Stockton, Nathan Curry
2014, Stage, Abby, The Malick Project (Days of Heaven/Badlands), CPT, Tom Hughes
2013, Stage, Jamie, Soon Until Forever (One Woman Show), Theatre 503, Rachel Parish
2013, Stage, Laura Lamotti (Lead), Flathampton (Winner of Argus Angel for Artistic Excellence), The Royal and Derngate at The Brighton Festival, Dani Parr
2013, Stage, Incompetent Mum (Lead ensemble), Push, Lyric Hammersmith & Tangled Feet, Kat Joyce
2013, Stage, The Model, The Drawing Play, Offstage Theatre/ The Yard Theatre, Cressida Brown
2013, Stage, The Secretary, The Box, Moving Dust/The Bush Theatre, Kate Sagovsky
2012, Stage, Noelle (Lead), HUMBUG!, The Royal & Derngate, Dani Parr
2012, Stage, Ensemble, U/S (& Performed) Supporta, Rivera, Scenes from an Execution, The National Theatre, Tom Cairns
2012, Stage, Land Girl & Various roles (Lead ensemble), All That is Solid Melts Into Air, Tangled Feet/National Theatre, Nathan Curry & Kat Joyce
2012, Stage, Arlie, Green and Pleasant Land, FanSHEN Theatre, The Arcola
2012, Stage, Kaz, The Red Shoes, Theatre 503, Abigail Graham
2011, Stage, Paulina U/S, Death and the Maiden, The Harold Pinter Theatre, Jeremy Herrin
2011, Stage, Laura Lamotti (Lead), Flathampton, The Royal & Derngate Theatre, Dani Parr
2011, Stage, Sara, Fixer, OvalHouse Theatre, Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe
2011, Stage, Actor, The Globe Sonnet Walks, Shakespeare's Globe, Jonathan Cullen
2011, Stage, Woman, Remote Control, National Theatre Studio, Kat Joyce
2011, Stage, Ensemble/Dancer, Amphibians, Offstage Theatre, Cressida Brown
2011, Stage, Mother/Puppeteer, Celeste and the Whale of Light, Little Angel Theatre, Elisa Gallo Rosso
2010, Stage, Jess, Blowing, The Southwark Playhouse, Rachel Briscoe & Dan Barnard
2010, Stage, Girl, Moshing Lying Down, Shunt Vaults & UK Tour, Rachel Briscoe
2010, Stage, Woman, Your Inner Polar Bear, Shunt & The Old Red Lion, Ben Webb
2009, Stage, Girl, Moshing, The Arcola, Rachel Briscoe
2009, Stage, She, The Doorbells of Florence, Vivid Dreams, The Rosemary Branch Theatre, Tom Wright
2008, Stage, She, Shooting Rats (Reading), The Old Vic, Rachel Briscoe & Dan Barnard
2008, Stage, Kathy Acker, The Kathy Acker Mobile Library, Canal Cafe Theatre, Ben Webb
2007, Stage, Valerie, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, The Shunt Vaults, Yvonne McDevitt
2014, Stage, Ensemble, Therese Raquin, Theatre Royal Bath, Jonathan Munby
Short Film
2019, Short Film, Jenni, East London Suffragette Project, Olivia Plender & ICA, Olivia Plender
2017, Short Film, The showgirl, The Hunger Artist, Reel Nice, Daria Martin & Joseph W. Alford
2010, Short Film, Maria, Open, Central Film School, Juliet McCawley
2009, Short Film, Sandra, Digital Memory, Isabel Buettner
2009, Short Film, Sarah, Moving on, Raindance, Martin Gooch
2008, Short Film, Jenny, Mr Foster, Ravensbourne Productions
2020, Radio, Bianca, White Tuesday, Fizzy Sherbet, Lilly McLeish
2009, Radio, Lur (Lead), Angel Story, Ravensbourne Productions, Paul Dodgson
2009, Radio, Masseuse, Dennis Dies in the Jungle, Ravensbourne Productions, Paul Dodgson
2008, Radio, Narrator and Voices, The Tale of King Grisly-Beard, Ravensbourne Productions, Cleo Frank
2008, Radio, Narrator and Voices, The Tale of the Golden Bird, Ravensbourne Productions, Cleo Frank
2008, Radio, Narrator and Maiden, The Tale of Rumpelstiltskin, RaveonAir 2008, Cleo Frank
2008, Radio, Jenni (Lead), Vital Statistics, Ravensbourne Productions, Penny Leicester
2020, Workshop, Elena & Various Roles, Refrain from Dreaming, Curious Directive, Jack Lowe
2019, Workshop, Little Bits of Ruined Beauty, NT Studio/ Graeae, Nickie Miles -Wildin
2019, Workshop, Jenni, Wrestleladswrestle, Royal Exchange Theatre & ARC, Jennifer Jackson (Lead Artist)
2018, Workshop, Antigone, National Theatre Studio, Roy Alexander Weise
2018, Workshop, Jenni, Ewalina's Crying, The Yard, Anna Karasinska
2018, Workshop, Various, Refrain from Dreaming, Curious Directive, Jack Lowe
2017, Workshop, The Hurt Village by Katori Hall, NT Studio, Roy Alexander Weise
2017, Workshop, Daisy / puppeteer, Rhinoceros, Puppets With Guts/ Old Vic Workrooms, Ivan Thorley
2016, Workshop, Various, Boys will be Boys, Headlong/The Bush Theatre, Amy Hodge
2016, Workshop, Various, Phone Home, Upstart Theatre & Pathos Transport Theatre, Tom Mansfield & Michel Sommer
2015, Workshop, Janet/Puppeteer, Septimus Bean and his Amazing Machine, The Unicorn & Offstage Theatre, Cressida Brown
2015, Workshop, Various, The Brecht Hauptmann Project, Zoe Simpson & Sally Homer, Fiona Evans & Tim Sutton (Composer)
2015, Workshop, Various, Untitled Project (New Play by Marcelo Dos Santos), Shoreditch Town Hall, James Blakey
2015, Workshop, Nurse Congleton, Edie's War, The Royal & Derngate, Dani Parr
2015, Workshop, Kat, Drive, Angel Exit, Tamsin Fessey & Lynne Forbes
2014, Workshop, Various, The Day Off, National Theatre Studio, Amy Hodge
2014, Workshop, Puppeteer, Septimus Bean and his Incredible Machine, The Unicorn Theatre, Cressida Brown
2014, Workshop, Actor, And Now The World!, Openworks Theatre, Abigail Graham
2014, Workshop, Tatiana, Knights, Oscar Mike/ The Bikeshed Theatre, James Blakey
2014, Workshop, Karuna, The Ilusionists (Workshop), Oscar Mike (Shoreditch Town Hall), James Blakey
2014, Workshop, Marina, Pericles, Passion in Practice (Jerwood Space), Ben Crystal
2013, Workshop, Michelle, Debris, Young Vic Directors Program (Young Vic), Abigail Graham
2013, Workshop, Various, The Ballad of Martha Brown, Angel Exit Theatre, Tamsin Fessey & Lynne Forbes
2013, Workshop, The Model, The Drawing Play, The Unicorn Theatre, Cressida Brown
2012, Workshop, Ruth, The Woods, National Theatre Studio, James Hurley
2012, Workshop, Actor/Devisor, Ariadne and the Minotaur, National Theatre Studio, Lisa Blair
2012, Workshop, Dancer, The Voyage, Motionhouse Dance, Kevin Finnan
2012, Workshop, Dancer, Workshop, Clod Ensemble, Suzy Wilson
2011, Workshop, Dancer, The Time Project, Running Bare Theatre, Kate Sagovsky
2011, Workshop, Various, The Secret Garden, Angel Exit Theatre, Tamsin Fessey & Lynne Forbes
2011, Workshop, Actor, The RIse and Fall of Gestures Theatre, Miscellany/HighTide, Henry Martin
2011, Workshop, Woman, All that is Solid Melts into Air, Tangled Feet, Nathan Curry & Kat Joyce
2009, Workshop, Jess, Blowing, Company of Angels & Fanshen Theatre Company, Rachel Briscoe & Dan Barnard
2020, Choreography, Movement director, Antigone: Burial at Thebes, Lyric Hammersmith, Roy Alexander Weise
2020, Choreography, Movement Director, Wuthering Heights, Royal Exchange Theatre, Bryony Shanahan
2020, Choreography, Movement Director, Amsterdam (Tour), ATC, Orange Tree & TRP, Matthew Xia
2020, Choreography, Movement director, Cuttin it, Royal Exchange Theatre, Nickie Miles Wildin
2019, Choreography, Movement Director, Midnight Movie, Royal Court, Rachel Bagshaw
2019, Choreography, Movement Director, Amsterdam, ATC, Orange Tree & TRP, Matthew Xia
2019, Choreography, Movement Direction, Pops (by Charlotte Josephine), Jake Orr Productions, Ali Pidsley
2019, Choreography, Choreography & Movement Direction, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, The New Vic, Anna Marsland
2020, Choreography, Choreography & Movement, I Wanna Be Yours, Paines Plough, Tamasha & The Bush, Anna Himali Howard
2019, Choreography, Movement Director, Out of Water by Zoe Cooper, The Orange Tree, Guy Jones
2019, Choreography, Choreographer, Be My Baby, Leeds Playhouse, Jaqui Honess-Martin
2019, Choreography, Movement Director, Around the World in 80 Days, Leeds Playhouse, Alexander Ferris
2019, Choreography, Movement Director, Flies by Charlotte Josephine, Boundless/RSC/Barbican, Bryony Shanahan
2019, Choreography, Movement Director, Marco by Simon Carroll-Jones, Upstart Theatre/Vaults, Tom Mansfield
2019, Choreography, Movement Director, The Trick by Eve Leigh, The Bush/High Tide, Roy Alexander Weise
2019, Choreography, Choreographer, Philoxenia, The Bush, Molly Taylor
2018, Choreography, Movement Director, Death of a Salesman, Royal Exchange Theatre, Sarah Frankcom
2018, Choreography, Movement Director, The Mountaintop (Revival of JMK Young Vic Production), Desara Bosnja Productions & JMK, Roy Alexander Weise
2018, Choreography, Movement Director, The Dark, Fuel Theatre, Roy Alexander Weise
2018, Choreography, Movement Director, Queens of the Coal Age, Royal Exchange Theatre, Bryony Shanahan
2018, Choreography, Movement Direction, ISLAND TOWN/ STICKS AND STONES/ HOW TO SPOT AN ALIEN, Paines Plough, Stef O'Driscoll
2018, Choreography, Movement Direction, Flies, Boundless, Bryony Shanahan
2018, Choreography, Movement Direction, MAYFLY, The Orange Tree, Guy Jones
2018, Choreography, Movement Direction, Out of Love/Black Mountain/How to be a Kid, Paines Plough/ Orange Tree Theatre, James Grieve
2017, Choreography, Movement director, Our Town, Manchester Royal Exchange, Sarah Frankcom
2017, Choreography, Movement director, Parliament Square, Manchester Royal Exchange & The Bush Theatre, Jude Christian
2017, Choreography, Movement director, Kika’s Birthday, The Orange Tree, Sam Lane
2017, Choreography, Movement director, Out of Love, Paines Plough, James Grieve
2017, Choreography, Movement director, How to be a kid, Paines Plough, James Grieve
2017, Choreography, Movement director, Black Mountain, Paines Plough, James Grieve
2017, Choreography, Movement director, The Ugly One, The Park Theatre, Roy Alexander Weise
2017, Choreography, Movement director, Death of a Salesman, Royal & Derngate, Abigail Graham
2016, Choreography, Movement direction, The Mountaintop, Young Vic, Roy Alexander Weise
2016, Choreography, Movement Director, The Future, Company Three (Islington Community Theatre), Ned Glasier
2016, Choreography, Movement Director, Stone Face, Finborough Theatre, Roy Alexander Weise
2016, Choreography, Movement Director, Why The Whales Came, Wizard Presents & Danyah Miller, Dani Parr
2015, Choreography, Movement Director, Subterranean Sepoys (Workshop), New Diorama & Avin Shah, James Blakey
2015, Choreography, Movement/ Choreography, Other (please specify), Islington Community Theatre, Ned Glasier & Chris Goode
2015, Choreography, Movement/ Choreography, Atoms, Islington Community Theatre, Ned Glasier & James Blakey
2014, Choreography, Movement Director, Silent Planet, The Finborough, Tom Mansfield
2014, Choreography, Assistant Movement Director, Roundabout Season (Edinburgh Fringe First Winners), Paines Plough, George Perrin
2014, Choreography, Movement Director, Debris (nominated for 2 Off West End Awards), Southwark Playhouse, Abigail Graham
2019, Television, The Great, Yekaterina, Ben Chessell
Further Credits
2020, Internet, Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare Happy Hours (NYC) & Rude Grooms, Montgomery Sutton
2020, Internet, Paulina, The Winters Tale, Shakespeare Happy Hours (NYC) & Rude Grooms, Montgomery Sutton
2019, Dance, Director, Thank Heaven for Little Grrrls, The egg, The Lowry & The Place
2019, Site Specific, Director, A Dukinfield Story, Royal Exchange Theatre (The Den), Jennifer Jackson
2015, Site Specific, Sascha, Instant light, Slunglow, James Blakey & Alan Lane
2014, Rehearsed Reading, Actor, Exploring Original Pronunciation in Shakespeare, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Ben Crystal & David Crystal
2014, Rehearsed Reading, Sooz, Sexism is Bad and Makes People Really Unhappy, The Miniaturists (The Arcola), Mel Cook
2013, Site Specific, Pip, Inflation, Lyric Hammersmith & Tangled Feet, Nathan Curry & Kat Joyce
2012, Site Specific, Prometheus Awakes, Aerialist, Graeae & La Fura Dels Bause, Amit Sharma
2012, Street Theatre, Actor, Rantbox, Tangled Feet & Biding Time, Kat Joyce
2011, Site Specific, Ensemble & Choreography, FESTIVAL OF THE DEAD, Nabakov/ Polly Stenham/ Tangled Feet
2011, Rehearsed Reading, Sophie, Grains of a Brighton Summer/ Scratch my City, The Roundhouse, Gemma Kerr
2010, Music Video, Girl, A Piece of String, Tangled Feet, Kat Joyce
2010, Rehearsed Reading, Narrator, Small Promised Fortune, Root Theatre, Ben Webb
2010, Rehearsed Reading, Various, Reverie, Three's Company, John Kay-Steel


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
Birmingham, Cockney, Devon, Italian, Latin American, Midlands-West*, RP, Spanish, West Country, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
English*, Spanish
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Alto, Ballet, Choreography, Contemporary Dance, Irish Step, Tap
Performance:Clown, Commedia Dell'Arte, Laban Training, Mask, Outdoor Performances, Physical Theatre, Role Play
(* = highly skilled)
Judo*, Stage Combat, Yoga*
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:Aerial Work, Balloon Modelling, Devising, Improvisation, Movement Director/Coach, Narration, Puppetry, Stilt Walking, Story Telling


East 15 Acting School (Acting)

John Wright (The Wright School) in Comedy, Mask, Clown and Physical Theatre.

Laban (Movement/Choreology) with Rosemary Brandt.

Flying Low & Passing Through Dance Technique (Leila McMillan)

Sue Buckmaster (Theatre Rites) in Puppetry.

Other training includes: Shared Experience (Nancy Meckler & Polly Teale), Andrew Dawson (Feldenkrais & Movement), Joe Hill-Gibbins (The Changeling), Gecko (Physical Theatre), Theatre O (Devising), Motionhouse Dance, Theatre Ad Infinitum (Physical Storytelling), Ultima Vez, Peeping Tom.