JANE LAPOTAIRE by Chava Eichner
Photo: Chava Eichner
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Playing Age:65 - 70 years


2019, Television, Princess Alice of Greece, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures/Netflix, Benjamin Caron
2016, Stage, Duchess of Gloucester, Richard II, Royal Shakespeare Company (London and New York), Greg Doran
2015, Stage, Queen Isobel, Henry V, Royal Shakespeare Company (London and New York), Greg Doran
2015, Feature Film, Sarah, The Young Messiah, Cinecitta Studios Spa, Cyrus Nowratesh
2014, Television, Princess Irina, Downton Abbey, Carnival Films, Minkie Spiro
2013, Stage, Duchess of Gloucester, Richard II, RSC, Greg Doran
2014, Television, Susie Maxwell Scott, Lucan, ITV, Adrian Shergold
2012, Radio, Haydee, The Count of Monte Cristo, BBC, Jeremy Mortimer
2010, Radio, Catherine de Medici, Living with Princes, BBC Radio 3, Jeremy Mortimer
2008, Television, Maureen, Casualty, BBC TV, David O'Neill
2008, Television, Tess, Trial and Retribution, La Plante Productions, Stefan Schwartz
2004, Short Film, Can't Stop Breathing, Scottish TV- Scottish Bafta Best Film, Amy Neil
2000, Feature Film, Alice Brewer, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble, Impact Pictures, John Hay
1997, Feature Film, Dylan's Headmistress, Shooting Fish, Gruber Brothers, Stephan Schwartz
1996, Feature Film, Olga Picasso, Surviving Picasso, Merchant Ivory, James Ivory
1986, Feature Film, Princess Mary, Lady Jane, Paramount, Trevor Nunn
1984, Feature Film, Helen McCann, Eureka, J.F. Productions, Nicholas Roeg
1975, Feature Film, Miss Prescott, One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, Disney, Robert Stevenson
Radio, Georges Sand, Georges Sand, John Thoecarris
1972, Feature Film, Charmain, Antony and Cleopatra, Folio Films, Charlton Heston
2006, Television, Mrs. Ernestine Carter, Elizabeth David, James Kent
2005, Television, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Fiona-Deakin Jones, BBC Television, Julian Simpson
2006, Television, Eleventh Hour, Gepetto, Terry McDonough
2004, Television, Lady Milborough, He Knew He Was Right, Tom Vaughan
2004, Television, Mrs. Rogers, Bella and the Boys, Brian Hill
1997, Television, Miriam Konrad, McCallum, Sarah Hellings
2001, Television, Mary Mahon, Midsomer Murders, ITV, David Tucker
1996, Television, Anouk Khori, Simisola / Inspector Wexford, Jim Goddard
1987, Television, Madame de la Rougierre, The Dark Angel, Peter Hammond
1992, Television, Martha, The Big Battalions, Andrew Grieve
1983, Television, The Wife, The Captain's Doll, Claude Whatham
1983, Television, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Jack Gold
1981, Television, Cleopatra, Antony & Cleopatra, Jonathan Miller
1988, Television, Lead, Blind Justice, Bafta Nominated for Best Actress, Rob Walker
1976, Television, The Other Woman, The Other Woman, Michael Simpson
1984, Television, Claire, The Testament of John, Don Taylor
1982, Television, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The Barretts of Wimpole Street, Michael Darlow
1977, Television, Marie Curie, Marie Curie, BAFTA Nominated for Best Actress, John Glenister
1978, Television, Queen Eleanor of Acquitane, The Devils Crown, Jane Howell and Alan Cook
1972, Television, Alice Stocker, Stocker Coppers, BBC TV, Jack Gold
1973, Television, Orianda, Country Matters, Granada, John Mackenzie
1972, Television, Czarina of Russia, Edward VII, John Gorrie
1972, Television, Miss. Heydinger, Love and Mr. Lewisham, Christopher Barry
1968, Television, Annie Harrison, Sherlock Holmes
Stage, Vera, A Month In the Country, West End, Toby Robertson
Stage, Lucy Honeychurch, A Room With A View, West End, Toby Robertson
Stage, Piaf, Piaf, RSC Production, Variety Club Award,, London Critics Award SWET Tony Award Howard Davis
Stage, Lead Role, Shadowlands, Variety Club Award, Elijah Moshinsky
Musical, Lead Role, Dear Anyone, David Taylor
Stage, Viola, Twelfth Night, Royal Shakespeare Company, Peter Gill
Stage, Sonya, Uncle Vanya, Royal Shakespeare Company, Nicol Williamson
Stage, Lady Macduff, Macbeth, Royal Shakespeare Company, Trevor Nunn
Stage, Rosaline, Love's Labour's Lost, Royal Shakespeare Company, John Barton
Stage, Mrs Alving, Ghosts, Royal Shakespeare Company, Katie Mitchell
Stage, Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII, RSC, NY BAM, Won Helen Hayes Award Best Actress, Gregory Doran
Stage, Lead, Kick For Touch, National Theatre Southbank, Peter Gill
Stage, Antigone, Antigone, National Theatre Southbank, Peter Gill
Stage, Belvidera, Venice Preserv'd, National Theatre Southbank, Peter Gill
Stage, Zerbinetta, Scapino, Young Vic, Frank Dunlop
Stage, Jocasta, Oedipus, Young Vic, Roland Joffe
Stage, Kate, The Taming of the Shrew, Young Vic, BAM NY, Frank Dunlop
Stage, Isabella, Measure for Measure, Young Vic, Roland Joffe
Stage, Rosalind, Love's Labours Lost, National Theatre / Old Vic, Laurence Olivier
Stage, The Daughter, The Dance of Death, National Theatre / Old Vic, Glen Byam Shaw
Stage, Antionette, A Flea in Her Ear, National Theatre / Old Vic, Jacques Charon (T.N.P)
Stage, Mincing/ Mrs Fainall, The Way of the World, National Theatre / Old Vic, Michael Langham
Stage, Girl, The Captain of Copernick, National Theatre / Old Vic, Frank Dunlop
Stage, Chorus, Oedipus, National Theatre / Old Vic, Peter Brook
Stage, Jessica, Merchant of Venice, National Theatre / Old Vic, Jonathan Miller
Stage, Zanche, The White Devil, National Theatre / Old Vic, Frank Dunlop
Stage, Juliet, Measure for Measure, Bristol Old Vic, Tyrone Guthrie
Stage, Natasha, War and Peace, Bristol Old Vic, Christopher Denys
Stage, Ruth, The Homecoming, Bristol Old Vic, Rob Knights
Stage, Vivie Warren, Mrs Warrens Proffesion, Bristol Old Vic, Christopher Deyns
Stage, Lead, The Happiest Days of Your Life, Bristol Old Vic, Denis Carey
Stage, Foible, The Way of the World, Bristol Old Vic, Val May
Stage, Lead, Hindle Wakes, Andorra Celebration, Bristol Old Vic, Christopher Denys
Stage, Duchess, The Duchess of Malfi, Bristol Old Vic, Richard Cottrell
Stage, St. Joan, St. Joan, Compass Company, Clifford William
Stage, Rosalind, As You Like It, Nottingham Playhouse, Edinburgh Festival, Peter Gill
Stage, One Woman Show, Shakespeare as I Knew Her, Bristol, Stratford, other UK venues & St. Louis, Jane Lapotaire
Radio, Lady, Lady With the Little Dog, Jane Morgan
Radio, Susan, Plenty, David Hare
Radio, Nancy, Nancy Cunard
Radio, Alma, Alma Mahler
Radio, Empress Josephine, Napoleon
Radio, Colette, Short Story, Clare Groves
Radio, Scenes From A Marriage, Nominated for Best Radio Production
Radio, Wide Sargasso Sea, Book at Bedtime
Radio, Time Out Of Mind, Written by Jane Lapotaire, Book of the Week
Radio, Jinny, The Waves, BBC Radio, Terence Davies
Television, Rabbi, Love Hurts, Roger Mitchell