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Height:6'1" (185cm)
Weight:14st. 2lb. (90kg)
Playing Age:26 - 40 years
Appearance:Eastern European, Hispanic, Middle Eastern
Eye Colour:Blue-Green
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Hair Length:Mid Length
Facial Hair:Full Set
Voice Character:Friendly
Voice Quality:Gentle


Film Commercial Television Stage Event Further Credits
2019, Feature Film, Ali's Servant, Aladin, Guy Ritchie
2019, Feature Film, Circus Attendant, Dumbo, Tim Burton
2019, Feature Film, Juggling dancer, Loveratri
2019, Feature Film, Knight, Cordelia, Adrain Shargold
2019, Feature Film, Nameless, Nemeless, Eternity World Film Production Ltd, Dawid Grzesik
2019, Film, Kevin, The Innocents, Netflix, Farren Blackburn
2019, Feature Film, Mr. Violet, Ties of the Ribbon, Jason Ferguson
2018, Feature Film, Civilian / Stunt, Ready Player One, Warner Bros., Steven Spielberg
2018, Feature Film, Greek Pilot, Entebbe, Participant Media, José Padilha
2018, Feature Film, Dinosaur Buyer, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Amblin Entertainment, J.A. Bayona
2018, Feature Film, Skipper / Stunt performer, A Star Wars Story: Untitled Han Solo Film, Lucasfilm, Ron Howard
2018, Feature Film, Wizard, Fantastic Beast and Where to find them, Warner Brothers
2018, Feature Film, Sentinental, Star Wars Han Solo
2018, Feature Film, Dinosaur Buyer, Jurassic World 2
2018, Feature Film, Yaromir, Wild Is The North, Eternity World Film Production Ltd, Hayley McInline
2018, Feature Film, Ali's Dancing Servant, Aladdin, Disney, Guy Ritchie
2017, Feature Film, Waiter / Actor Stunt, American Asassin, CBS Films, Michael Cuesta
2016, Feature Film, Merlin - Wizard, Blacksmith, KING ARTHUR: Legend of the Sword, Warner Bros., Guy Ritchie
2017, Feature Film, Knight - Stunt, Transformers - THE LAST KNIGHT, Hasbro, Michael Bay
2017, Feature Film, Waiter / Actor stunt, American Assasin, Warner Bros., Michael Cuesta
2017, Feature Film, Dynamo's Hooligan, Final Score, The Fyzz, Scott Mann
2017, Feature Film, Man in pink suit, Lost in London, Waypoint Entertainment, Woody Harrelson
2016, Feature Film, Rebel - X wing Pilot - Boba Fet, ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, Disney, Ben Mendelsohn
2016, Feature Film, Jason - main feature, Check it out !, BEEF Films
2016, Feature Film, Rebel - walk on, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Disney, Gareth Edwards
2016, Feature Film, Greek Rebel, JASON BOURNE, Warner Bros., Paul Greengrass
2016, Feature Film, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE, Warner Bros., Mandie Fletcher
2016, Feature Film, 1st AD, RETRIBUTION, Daniel Stisten, Nick Walls
2015, Feature Film, Mo, The Unborn Justice, Sean Cronin, Sean Cronin
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2016, Feature Film, Carol - Feature man, Enchanted, ADD
2015, Feature Film, Seti 1st, TUT feat. Sir Ben Kinglsley, HBO, David Von Ancken
2015, Feature Film, Maffia Man / Camee, The Enforcer, Simon Bond / Sean Cronin
2014, Film, Henchman - Baddie, BOND COMMERCIAL 2015 - feat. DANIEL CRAIG, MJZ, Tom Kuntz
2014, Film, Leader - Pureist, PUREiest, Pure, Philippe Stenier
2014, Film, Juggler, Peaky Blinders
2014, Film, Witcher, The Witcher - Gerald from Rivia, Eternity Group
2013, Film, Jesus - Spanish dancer, Foreign Player, with Samantha Fox, Uzong Films, Daniel Syrkin
2013, Film, Strip Dancer / Go Go Dancer, Pierwsza milosc (FIRST LOVE), Polsat
2012, Film, Circus / Stilt Walker / Circus Coordinator, Gabriel, Opus Film
2012, Film, Russian Sergeant - actor/ stuntman, HISTORIA ROJA (STORY about ROY), Opus Film, Jerzy Zalewski
2010, Feature Film, Gigolo, LOU, Film School
2016, Commercial, Tea Man, AUDI A6 - GLOBAL, Audi
2016, Commercial, Sportsman , Mudrunner, Mudrunners Festival - Find Your Dirty Side, Virgin Active
2014, Commercial, Chef/Juggler, Cookaholics, NEFF
2015, Commercial, Villain, HEINEKEN - JAMES BOND, Tom Kuntz
2014, Commercial, Traveller, PUREIest, Pure
2014, Commercial, Traveller, Discover Norfolk, Spindle Production, Greg Hackett
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2014, Commercial, Kissing man, GHD
2014, Commercial, Camera Man, LENS IDENT Rauf Bayraktar, Channel 4, Rob Fox Rauf Bayraktar
2013, Commercial, Pupil, Acting Academy in Warsaw, Daniel Rusin
2013, Commercial, Man, BLACK, PWSFTViT
2013, Commercial, Backpacker / Traveller, HOLIDAY ZONE, Piotr Kubiak
2013, Commercial, Maffioso, MASTERCARD
2013, Commercial, Traveller, PKP - POCiAG do Podrózy
2013, Commercial, Driver, SHELL
2013, Commercial, Intergalactic Boss, SPECTRUM, Spectrum
2012, Commercial, Boyfriend, ACATAR, Bayer
2012, Commercial, Bar Tender, Carlo ROSSI - FASHION WEEK POLAND, Fashion Week Poland, Jacek Klak
2012, Commercial, Bartender, CARLO ROSSI - FASHION WEEL POLAND, FW PL
2012, Commercial, Announcer, CRACOW - MALOPOLSKA, Suzan Gizynska
2012, Commercial, Trumpet Player, ENVIL GARDLO, Aflofarm Studio
2012, Commercial, Beard Man, JOKER CIDER, Zbigniew Rybczynski
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2012, Commercial, Architect, MARBET & Natasha Pavluchenko, Zbigniew Rybczynski
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2012, Stage, Captain Morgan, CAPTAIN MORGAN - POLAND brand AMBASSADOR, Captain Morgan
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2008, Stage, Prince / Butterfly, QQROQa - FINLAND POWER PARK, Power Park
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2009, Event, Presenter, Miss Polonia, Miss Polonia, Miss Polonia
2009, Event, Circus teacher, Mlodzi z Lodzi, Lódz Promuje, K.L.
2009, Event, Juggler, SAMOKHIN BAND - 20th Annivarsary, Toya Studio
2009, Event, Circus man / Stilt walker / choreographer, Trotu ART FESTIVAL, Arlekin Theatre, Wolanski
2016, Event, Fitness Santa Claus, Ewa Chodakowska, Dobre, Lemieszewski
2016, Event, Archangel, Ealing Broadway Music, Dobre, Lemieszewski
Further Credits
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2017, Short Film, 1920's Guy, The Girls Were Doing Nothing, Dekel Berenson
2016, Short Film, Lover Man, HAZE, Luis Hindman


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
French, Italian, Polish*, Russian, Spanish
(* = Native/Fluent)
Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese, English*, French, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Polish*, Russian, Spanish
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Can Can, Capoeira, Choreography, Drums, Flamenco, Flute, Guitar-Electric, Horn, Jazz Dancing, Lute, Rock 'n' Roll Dance, Street Jazz, Tango, Yodelling
Performance:Audio Books, Audio Drama, Children's Theatre, Clown, Comedy, Comedy Improv, Commedia Dell'Arte, Commentating, Dubbing, ECSPC Level 1-Basic (Longsword/Single-Rapier/Unarmed), ECSPC Level 2-Intermediate (Staff/Dagger/Rapier&Dagger), ECSPC Level 3-Advanced (Var. Weapons/Multiple Opponent), Green Screen/Chroma Key, Immersive Performance, Live Roleplay, Living History, Mask, Motion Capture, Murder Mystery Events, Musical Theatre, Outdoor Performances, Physical Theatre, Poetry Reading, Public Debating, Public Speaking, Radio Presenting, Role Play, Stand-up Comic, Story Telling, Street Theatre, Theatre In Education, Translation Audio Books, TV Presenting, Underwater Filming, Voice Acting, Voice Over
(* = highly skilled)
Air Rifle Shooting, Archery, Athletics, CrossFit, Cycling, Horse-riding*, Running, Shooting, Swimming, Sword Fighting
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence, Motorcycle Licence
Other Skills:Acrobatics, Ambulance Care Assistant PTS (professional), Animal Handling, Animatronics, Archaeologist (professional), Assistant Director (experienced), Assistant Stage Manager (ASM), Balloon Modelling, Beach Lifeguard, Club Swinging, Cooking/Baking, Cow Milking (by hand), Dental Nurse, Devil Stick, Diablo, Dialect Coach, Director, Doctor (qualified), Drama Workshop Leader, Fire Breathing, Fire Dancing, Fire Poi, Fire Staff, First Aider (qualified), Improvisation, Juggling, Knitting, Lasso, Midwife (qualified), Mime, Mixologist, Model-professional, Nurse (qualified), Origami, Painting, Paramedic (former/professional), Photography, Plate Spinning, Poi, Polish Interpreter, Producer (professional), Production Assistant (experienced), Psychology, Puppetry, Puppetry-Hand, Puppetry-Rod, Stilt Walking, Story Telling, Survival Skills, Technical Theatre, Theatrical Gun Handling training, Trained Auxiliary Nurse, Translator, Unicycling, Video Gaming, Walking Globe, Workshop Leader, Workshop Leader (Acting), Writer


Equity membership number is M00430663.

GARDZIENICE, acting, pantomime, 2000 - 2001, Poland

PWSFTviT in Lódz - acting classes 2001 - 2003, Poland

Dance House Theatre in Lódz - modern jazz, ballet , flamenco, hip hop - 2002 - 2008 , Poland

Circus School in Lódz / Wroclaw - juggling, stilt walking, devil stick, fire poi, clowning , panto - 2002 - 2008 , Poland

Equity membership number is M00430663.

Stunt Academy in Lódz - stunt man - 2001 - 2005, Poland