Spotlight: JOHN ROWE


JOHN ROWE by John Reading
Photo: John Reading
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24 Conway Street, London W1T 6BG
Phone: 020-7388 0088
Fax: 020-7388 0688
Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Height:5'11" (180cm)
Weight:11st. 10lb. (74kg)
Playing Age:70 - 77 years
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:White
Voice Character:Engaging
Voice Quality:Warm

About me:

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Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Standard, Belfast, Birmingham, Black Country, Cockney, East Anglian, Liverpool, London, RP*, Scottish-Standard, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
Performance:Voice Over
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence