Photo: John Clark
Suite 418 The Pentagon Centre, Washington Street, Glasgow G3 8AZ
Phone: 0141-204 4058
30 Redston Road, Crouch End, London N8 7HJ
Phone: 020-3362 4300
Height:5' (152cm)
Weight:8st. (51kg)
Playing Age:28 - 40 years
Eye Colour:Grey-Green
Hair Colour:Dark Brown
Hair Length:Long

About me:

Helen can soon be heard in the role of Granny McSporran in British Podcast Award winning podcast ‘Once Upon A Time In Zombieville’

Stage Television Radio Film Short Film Audio Animation Video Game
2019, Stage, Mother Gothel, Rapunzel, Macrobert, Johnny McKnight
2019, Stage, Squirrel/Fox/Heron/River/Girl/Bottle, A Walk in the Park, PPP/Oran Mor, Davey Anderson
2019, Stage, Kath, Lost At Sea, Horsecross Perth Theatre, Ian Brown
2018, Stage, Queenie McMeanie, Sleeping Cutie, Macrobert, Julie Ellen
2018, Stage, Jessie/Nurse/Betty/Camille/Charlie Chaplin, The Last Picture Show, Oran Mor, Morag Fullerton
2018, Stage, Darling, The Last Bordello, Fire Exit, David Leddy
2017, Stage, Queen Rat, Chick Whittington, Macrobert, Johnny McKnight
2017, Stage, Helen, Doris, Dolly and the Dressing Room Divas, Oran Mor/Gilded Balloon, Morag Fullerton
2016, Stage, Sheriffina Nottingham, Weans in the Wood, Macrobert, Julie Ellen
2015, Stage, Samsara/Priscilla, The Little Mermaid, Macrobert, Johnny McKnight
2015, Stage, Maya, We Can All Agree to Pretend This Never Happened, Oran Mor, Joe Douglas
2014, Stage, Queen/Wee Jeanie, Aladdin, Macrobert, Julie Brown
2014, Stage, Storyteller, Beowulf, Tron Theatre, Lynne Parker
2014, Stage, Bunny Essan, Whisky Galore, Mull Theatre Company, Alasdair McCrone
2014, Stage, Sharon, Rough Island, Mull Theatre Company, Alasdair McCrone
2013, Stage, Peter Panto, Peter Panto and the Incredible Stinkerbelle, The Tron Theatre, Kenny Miller
2013, Stage, Doreen, The Steamie, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Ken Alexander
2013, Stage, Pippa, Cannibal Women of Mars, Tron Theatre, Andy Arnold
2013, Stage, Danger/The Sowter's Wife, The Satire of the Three Estates, A and BC Theatre Company, Gregory Thompson
2012, Stage, The Ghost of Panto Present, Aganeza Scrooge, The Tron Theatre, Johnny McKnight
2012, Stage, Ma Ubu, Ubu Roi, Oran Mor, Marcus Roche
2011, Stage, Jackie, Jackie And The Beanstalk, Macrobert, Johnny McKnight
2011, Stage, Erica Thule, Singing Far Into The Night, Mull Theatre Company, Alasdair McCrone
2011, Stage, Nicki, The Dark, Imaginate, Lu Kemp
2010, Stage, Snow White, Snow White of the Seven De'Wharffs, Macrobert, Johnny McKnight
2009, Stage, Cinderella, Cinderella, The Citizens Theatre, Jeremy Raison
2009, Stage, Sinead, Balgay Hill, Dundee Rep Theatre, James Brining
2008, Stage, Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz, Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow, Guy Hollands
2008, Stage, Marjorie, Swindle and Death, Mull Theatre, Alasdair McCrone
2008, Stage, Flower, Flowers of the River, Oran Mor, Rosie Kellagher
2007, Stage, Peter Pan, Peter Pan, Eden Court, David Burrows
2007, Stage, Jo-Jo, Ice Cream Dreams, Citizen's Theatre, Glasgow, Guy Hollands
2006, Stage, Molly, Molly Whuppie, Lickity Spit, Virginia Radcliffe
2006, Stage, Miranda, The Tempest, Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Paddy Cuneen
2006, Stage, Holly, Prince Unleashed, Visible Fictions, Douglas Irvine
2005, Stage, Olive, Crestfall, Nutshell Theatre Company, Kate Nelson
2005, Stage, Izzy, The Girl With The Red Hair, Bush Theatre at Hampstead Theatre and Royal Lyceum
2005, Stage, Shirl, Weans In The Wood, Tron Theatre, Gordon Dougall
2005, Stage, Zlata, Zlata's Diary, Communicado Theatre Company, Gerry Mulgrew
2004, Stage, Edie, Fierce, Grid Iron Theatre Company, Janie Abbott & Justin Young
2004, Stage, Wendy, Peter Pan, Macroberts, Liz Moran
2003, Stage, Stephanie, Dr Korczak's Example, TAG Theatre Company, James Brining
2003, Stage, Felek, King Matt, TAG Theatre Company, James Brinning
2003, Stage, Petra, The Chrysalids, Complete Productions, Lorenzo Mele
2003, Stage, Marja, Word For Word, Magnetic North Theatre Company, Nicholas Bone
2002, Stage, Julie Bain, Farm Land, Grey Coast Theatre Company, Mariela Stevenson
2002, Stage, Various Roles, The Good Woman Of Setzuan, Tag Theatre Company, James Brining
2002, Stage, Swallow, The Happy Prince, Macrobert, Annie Wood
2001, Stage, Tess, Blooded, Boilerhouse Theatre Company, Paul Pinson
2001, Stage, Isobel, An Experiment With An Airpump, Queen Margarets University, David Mark Thomson
2020, Television, Michelle, Scot Squad, Comedy Unit, Noddy Davidson
2019, Television, Mrs Shepherd, Outlander, Starz, Meera Menon
2017, Television, Claire McKinnon, Trust Me, Red Production Company/BBC, Amy Neil
2016, Television, Street walker, Rillington Place, BBC/GHP, Craig Viveiros
2013, Television, Cassie, Bold Girls, Bees Nees Productions/BBC, Michael Hines
2012, Television, Nurse Ellison, Waterloo Road, Shed Media/BBC, David Holroyd
2012, Television, Mary, Limmy's Show, Comedy Unit/BBC, Brian Limmond
2011, Television, Alice Galston, Rab C. Nesbitt - Fight, Comedy Unit/BBC, Colin Gilbert
2010, Television, Gina Wilcox, Field of Blood, Slate North/BBC, David Kane
2005, Television, Tanya, Cracked, Scottish Television, Davey Mackay
2005, Television, Anna, Taggart - Cause To Kill, SMG, James Henry
2003, Television, Krrsty Krspltxx, Intergalactic Kitchen, BBC Television
2002, Television, Marianne McAughtry, Stacey Stone - Big Hugs, CBBC, Alison Peebles
2001, Television, Sandra Coyle, Taggart - Fire Burn, Scottish Television, Mike Alexander
2020, Radio, Granny McSporran, Zombieville, Bigmouth Audio
2020, Radio, Narrator, Mummas Boy, BBC, Eilidh McCreadie
2018, Radio, GP/Susan/Georgia/Deborah, Sam’s Secret Orchestra, BBC, Cherry Cookson
2014, Radio, Jane Gordon, The Dead of Fenwick Moor, BBC Scotland, David Ian Neville
2013, Radio, Jaqueline, The Mighty Jungle, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2013, Radio, Jessica, The Meeting, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2013, Radio, Debbie, The Big Ticket, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2012, Radio, Caitlin/Teacher/Elderly Neighbour, Monday - Friday, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2012, Radio, Karen, The Stranger, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2011, Radio, Heather, The Short Straw, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2011, Radio, Helen, The Jobseekers Diary, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2010, Radio, Sandra/Susan/Lizzie, In For A Penny, Tempest Produsctions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2009, Radio, Zoe, The Colour Of Light, BBC, David Ian Neville
2009, Radio, Titch, Food Fun - Vegetables, BBC, Richard Bull
2009, Radio, Rosie, Food Fun - Scottish Food, BBC, Richard Bull
2009, Radio, Kirsty, Exit Stage Left, Tempest Productions/BBC, Dominic Reynolds
2006, Radio, Margaret Beaton, McLevy: Christmas Special, BBC, Patrick Rayner
2006, Radio, Holly, Prince Unleashed, BBC Radio, Douglas Irvine/Lou Kemp
2003, Radio, Kimberley, Taglines, BBC Radio, James Brining
2018, Film, Head Nurse, The Sopranos, In a Big Country Films, Michael Caton-Jones
2013, Film, Isabel Turner, Xanadu, Tempest Productions, Dominic Reynolds
Short Film
2013, Short Film, Margaret, Stovies, Rose Hendry
2012, Short Film, Hunter, One Night in Sutherland Hill, Black Camel, Michael Callaghan
2011, Short Film, Warden, Asylum, Film 4/Hopscotch, Jorn Utkilen
2010, Short Film, Sam, Asexual Healing, Zirumbi, Martha Appelt
2010, Short Film, Young Woman, Boxer, Kinetic, Andrew Cumming
2010, Short Film, Amber, A Familiar Face, Vicki Reid
2019, Audio, Vivi (UK Dub), Holiday Secrets, Big Mouth Audio, Donald Pirrie
2020, Audio, Narrator, One Day in Summer, Isis Publishing
2020, Audio, Narrator, Mosaic, Chatterbox Audio/Bolinda
2019, Audio, Narrator, Keep Walking Rhona Beech, Audible
2019, Audio, Narrator, Little Bird Flies, Nosy Crow
2018, Audio, Narrator, Friday Night With the Girls, WF Howes
2018, Audio, Narrator, Temptation Street, WF Howes
2018, Audio, Narrator, The Moment of Truth, WF Howes
2018, Audio, Narrator, A Pinch of Salt, Chatterbox Audio
2017, Audio, Narrator, The Farm Girl’s Dream, Chatterbox Audio
2017, Audio, Narrator, Rich Girl, Poor Girl, Chatterbox Audio
2017, Audio, Narrator, Immune, Chatterbox Audio
2017, Audio, Narrator, Now That You’re Gone, Chatterbox Audio
2017, Audio, Narrator, What Goes Around, Chatterbox Audio
2016, Audio, Narrator, Where Have All the Boys Gone, Hachette Audio
2015, Audio, Narrator, Don't Be Afraid, Chatterbox Audio
2014, Audio, Narrator, Take Me Home, Chatterbox Audio/Audible
2013, Audio, Narrator, Watch Over Me, Audible
2013, Audio, Narrator, Whit, Hachette Audio
2012, Audio, Narrator, The Look, Whitehouse Sound
2011, Audio, Narrator, The Thunder In The Valley: The Song of Tomorrow, Shortbread Stories
2011, Audio, Narrator, The Thunder In The Valley: Ricochet, Shortbread Stories
2011, Audio, Narrator, The Thunder In The Valley: The Trail of Fear, Shortbread Stories
2011, Audio, Narrator, The Thunder In The Valley: The Faith, Shortbread Stories
2011, Audio, Narrator, The Thunder In The Valley: The Faith, Shortbread Stories
2020, Animation, Tanfenaton, Nefertine, Bigmouth Audio
2020, Animation, Sister Elena, A Question of Faith, Sun and Moon Productions, Chris Dann
2020, Animation, Mum, Heart of A Tower, Plutoon, Peter Budinsky
2018, Animation, Nanni, Sheryl Holmes and the Kid Detectives, The Hive/Bigmouth Audio, Amit Gicelter
2006, Animation, Lumen, The Imp (Animated Series), The Imp Corporation/Red Kite, Andy Janes & Wayne Thomas
Video Game
2018, Video Game, Baker Halma, The Bards Tale - Barrows Deep, Inxile Games, Dennis Miller
2018, Video Game, Cerys, The Bards Tale - Barrows Deep, inXile Games, Dennis Miller


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Cockney, Dundee, Glasgow*, Gloucester, Highlands, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, London, RP, Scottish-Standard, West Country, Yorkshire
(* = Native/Fluent)
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Ballad, Ballroom Dancing, Jazz Dancing, Mezzo, Period Dancing, Rock Singing
Performance:Audio Books, Audio Drama, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Voice Over + Home Studio, Voice Over + Studio + Source Connect or similar, Voice Over Professional/Specialist
Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:Acrobatics, Knitting


Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh

Graduated with BA (Hons) with Distinction