REGIS ROMELE by Céline Nieszawer
Photo: Céline Nieszawer
Phone: 020-8941 7907
Mobile: 07790 605191
35 Rue De Turenne, 75003 Paris
Phone: 00 33 177191461
Rambla Catalunya 20,3',2a, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: 00 34 934190415
Height:5'11" (180cm)
Weight:12st. 2lb. (77kg)
Playing Age:45 - 50 years
Appearance:White, Eastern European
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Light/Mid Brown
Hair Length:Short
Facial Hair:Full Set
Voice Quality:Clear
Voice Character:Engaging

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Film Television Television Movie Short Film Stage Commercial
2019, Feature Film, Le Passager, Easy Movie, Benjamin EUVRARD
2018, Feature Film, Sirha, KOI Films, Fangchen DONG
2017, Feature Film, The psychoanalyst, CHAZ Productions, Catherine CORSINI
2015, Feature Film, The biker, offshore productions, Bruno BALLOUARD
2012, Feature Film, The trader of vegetales, chapter 2, Nicolas BARY
2012, Feature Film, The police officer, Elia Films, Léa FAZER
2011, Feature Film, Chief union, Archipel 35, Pierre SCHOELLER
2010, Feature Film, The butcher in Algeria - 1924 -, la maison de production, Gianni AMELIO
2010, Feature Film, The painter, [email protected] productions, Anne FONTAINE
2010, Feature Film, Bertrand Dubois, light go down, Nicolas FOGLIARINI
2009, Feature Film, The Trader of Fish, Delante Films, Michel LECLERC
2009, Feature Film, Bazil's Father, Epithète films, Jean-Pierre JEUNET
2009, Feature Film, Police Officer, Tessalit productions, Rachid BOUCHAREB
2009, Feature Film, Doctor Gregoriev, F comme Film, Marc DUGAIN
2008, Feature Film, SWAT Lieutenant, mascaret productions, Jean-Paul LILIENFELD
2008, Feature Film, Employee of Undertaker's, Pathé Productions, Franck MANCUSO
2007, Feature Film, The Police Officer, Recifilms, Eric ROCHANT
2007, Feature Film, Police Lieutenant of the Juvenile Delinquency Divi, Artwrx films, Kim MASSEE
2006, Feature Film, The Sailer, Pathé films, Frédéric AUBURTIN
2006, Feature Film, The Policeman, TS Productions, Stéphane BRIZE
2005, Feature Film, Major of the police of the airs and the borders, Aurora Films, Nicolas KLOTZ
2020, Television, Gica, CONTUBIERNO (Madrid), Alberto Caballero
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Television Movie
2019, Television Movie, Général Jean-Baptiste KLÉBER, CANA BROTHERS (Madrid), ALFONSO CORTÈS-CAVANILLA
2020, Television Movie, Employé A.S.E, CAPA DRAMA, Akim ISKER
2020, Television Movie, Thierry KLÉBER, TELSÈTE, Thierry PEYTHIEU
2018, Television Movie, Police Officer, Caminando Productions, Marion LAINE
2015, Television Movie, The police officer, Scarlett Productions, Pierre BOUTRON
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Short Film
2019, Short Film, The Client, Le dernier matin du monde Productions, Geoffroy HASSOUN
2019, Short Film, Blue Beard, Damned Ashes Productions, Elise Sompairac
2018, Short Film, Etienne, La Bise au Chat, Jason SPADILIERO
2017, Short Film, Fabrice, Fabrica Nocturna Productions, Alexandre HILAIRE
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2019, Stage, The King of the Sea, Compagnie Parciparlà, Freddy VIAU
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2009, Stage, The Rabbit and the Chester Cat, Productions Parciparlà, Parciparlà, Freddy VIAU
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2009, Commercial, The fireman, XBOX 360, Buzzman
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2007, Commercial, The french killer, BCN productions, KOHLER, Frank TODARO
2007, Commercial, The fisherman, LIEBIG, Bruno CHICHE


(* = highly skilled)
Cycling, Kayak, Real Tennis, Rollerblading, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Swimming