Spotlight: JASON KARL


JASON KARL by Paul Howse
Photo: Paul Howse
7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ
Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Height:6' (182cm)
Playing Age:30 - 45 years
Eye Colour:Green
Hair Colour:Salt & Pepper
Hair Length:Short
Facial Hair:Beard
Voice Character:Natural
Voice Quality:Strong

About me:

2021, Event, Creative Director (2017-2021), Fear Island, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl
2020, Event, Creative Director (2000-2020), AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl
2020, Event, Marja, Dungeons & Drag Queens, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl
2020, Infomercial, Presenter, Forum Digital, Droog Media
2020, Event, Creative Director (2009-2020), Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Jason Karl
2019, Commercial, Director, Fear Island TVC, Leftlion Creative, Jason Karl
2019, Event, Creative Director, Old Market Scare, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl
2019, Event, Creative Director, Pleasurewood Chills, AtmosFEAR!
2019, Television, Presenter, Haunted Rooms, Droog Media
2019, Event, Creative Director, Terror Island, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2018, Television, Presenter (2015-2018), Headline News Live, That's Television
2018, Writing, Feature Writer (2017-2018), Horns Magazine, Aphelion Productions
2018, Writing, Editor (2010-2018), Scareworld Magazine, AtmosFEAR!
2017, Event, Creative Director (2015-2017), Screamland, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2017, Event, Creative Director (2016-2017), Snuffhouse After Dark, Janus Productions, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2017, Television, Presenter (2015-2017), Talk Lancashire, That's Television
2016, Commercial, Director (2015-2016), ScreamLand Commercial, Sands Heritage Ltd, Jason Karl
2016, Event, Creative Director (2010-2016), The Halloween Adventure, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2016, Commercial, Director, Killer Dates, Sands Heritage Ltd, Jason Karl
2016, Event, Host, The Paradise Foundation, AtmosFEAR!
2016, Television, Presenter, The Seance Live, Acorah Productions
2015, Event, Creative Director (2012-2015), Horror Camp LIVE!, Janus Productions, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2015, Event, Creative Director (2013-2015), Labirinto, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2015, Event, Nikolaus Von Struvwelpeter, Krampusnight, Janus Productions
2015, Writing, Feature Writer, Park World Magazine, Datateam Business Media
2015, Commercial, Director, What is Your Name?, Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Jason Karl
2014, Writing, Feature Writer, Haunted Magazine, Dead Good Publishing
2014, Event, Creative Director, WickSCREAM Park, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2013, Stage, (2011-2013) Company Manager, Carnesky's Ghost Train, Carnesky Productions
2013, Stage, Marja (2010-2013), Carnesky's Ghost Train Blackpool, Carnesky Productions
2013, Television, Presenter (2010-2013), GOV TV, Droog Media
2013, Radio, (2012-2013) Presenter, Sunday Asylum Live, Monster Radio
2013, Stage, The Devil, Carnesky's Tarot Drome Latitude, Carnesky Productions
2013, Event, Creative Director, Pleasurewood CHILLS Scream Park, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2013, Writing, Contributing Writer, The Psychic Biker Meets The Extreme Ghost Hunter, Mandrake Press
2012, Stage, The Devil, Carnesky's Tarot Drome London, Carnesky Productions
2012, Television, Co- Presenter, Great British Ghosts, Altamar Productions
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2011, Television, Presenter (2010-2011), OMG! TV, Droog Media
2011, Writing, Feature Writer (2008-2011), Paranormal Magazine, Paranormal Magazine
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2011, Music Video, Marja, Operator Taunt - Rasp Thorne & The Briars, Chagrin Records
2011, Event, Creative Director, The House of Fear, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2011, Writing, Contributing Writer, The Museum of Witchcraft - A Magical History, The Occult Art Company
2010, Television, Presenter (2009-2010), Faces in Places TV, Droog Media
2010, Television, Presenter (2009-2010), Scare E TV, AtmosFEAR!
2010, Stage, Producer (2009-2010), Soulstice, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Producer)
2010, Event, Creative Director, Funtasia Frightfest, AtmosFEAR!, Jason Karl (Creative Director)
2010, Writing, Feature Writer, Ghost Voices Magazine, Ghost Voices Publishing
2010, Writing, Contributing Writer, It's Only a Movie, Isn't it?, Anomalist Books
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2004, Corporate, Presenter, Disney's Haunted Mansion Weekend, AtmosFEAR!
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2002, Television, Guest, Antena 3 Today, Antena 3
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1990, Television, Commander, The Satellite Game, Broadsword Television
1990, Feature Film, Funeral Guest, Three Men & a Little Lady, Touchstone/Disney Pictures
1988, Television, Dungeoneer, Knightmare, Broadsword Television


Performance:Autocue trained/experienced, Green Screen/Chroma Key, Immersive Performance, Interviewer (experienced), Presenting, Promenade Theatre, Radio Presenting, Scare Actor, Street Theatre, TV Presenting, Voice Over