Join Spotlight Actors | Step 1: Eligibility

Join Spotlight Actors

You can join Spotlight at any time of the year.

Membership of Spotlight Actors is open to actors who are 18+ years of age, and who have full-time professional training and / or professional experience.

How much does it cost?

Membership of Spotlight Actors is £158 as a one-off annual card payment (debit or credit cards accepted).

When will payment be taken?

Brand new Spotlight members
If you're a new member, welcome! All new members get a 30 day trial of Spotlight (cooling-off period) before any payment is taken for your membership fee. You can cancel your application at any point during this time, by emailing [email protected]. Your membership begins when we've approved your eligibility and your online profile goes live on our website. We'll take payment 30 days after this, from your nominated account or card. Please bear this in mind and make sure there are enough funds in your account to cover this, in 30 days' time.

Previous Spotlight members
If you've been in Spotlight before, we'll take your payment asap - normally within 48 hours, although direct debit payments can take slightly longer. It's a good idea to make sure that you have enough funds in your account for a week or so after submitting your application, just to cover this payment being taken.

If your membership only expired recently (2015 onwards), there's no need to re-join Spotlight from scratch. Just sign-in to Spotlight to re-activate your membership instantly.

Click here to read full membership terms and conditions.

Step 1: Eligibility and Previous Membership

Spotlight membership is only available to professionally trained and / or experienced performers. To continue with this application, you must be able to answer yes to at least one of these two questions:

1. Have you trained professionally for a minimum of one year, full-time? Examples include a full-time BA / MA performance degree, or courses offered by schools which are part of the FDS (Federation of Drama Schools).

2. Do you have experience of paid, professional acting work? (speaking parts).
Please note: as a professional casting database our entry criteria do not include work in Short Films, Commercials, Idents, Corporates, as an Extra / Supporting Artist / Walk-on, or Promotional work.

Previous Membership of Spotlight

3. Have you been a Spotlight member in the past?

If you previously appeared under another name, what was it?

4. Are you currently a Spotlight member in another category?

Which other directory do you appear in?

Your Playing Age

Please choose the option that best reflects your playing age:

  • 18-25: Playing age 18-25
  • 25-35: Playing age 25-35
  • 35-45: Playing age 35-45
  • 45-55: Playing age 45-55
  • 55-65: Playing age 55-65
  • 65+: Playing age 65 upwards

Please note: we may change your playing age if we think that your choice is inappropriate.

Please ensure you can provide written proof of your training and professional credits if required. We may ask for these as part of the application process, or subsequently, so please retain all of the relevant documents.