COVID-19: Hear our Head of Membership respond to queries about membership fees

Hear our Head of Membership, Lauren McKinnon, respond to membership fee queries.

Video transcript:

Hi everyone, 

I’m Lauren McKinnon, head of membership at Spotlight, and I wanted to share what we are doing in response to this COVID-19 crisis. 

I know that many of you, our members, are experiencing really difficult times right now. Maybe you’ve lost a job that you’d already secured or are stressed about the fact that there may be less opportunities to work in the coming months because some productions have been put on hold due to the uncertainty around how and when they’ll be able to film, or when people will be able to get back to the theatre. 

Our team at Spotlight have been really impacted by this too. Many of us are from the industry and have friends and family who are in the same boat as you, and we all absolutely understand your fears. But I am so proud of how they are handling this.

They are doing the best they can in an uncertain and stressful situation. They’re all working from home now, but are absolutely committed to supporting you, our members, as best they can. We’ve received some really great messages of support, which we really do appreciate and it makes such a difference. So thank you. 

But many of you are asking for more from us, particularly around your membership fees and ways to help you get through a tough time financially. I want you to know that we hear you, and we genuinely want to help. 

We’re in an unprecedented time, and not a situation any of us had planned for. While Spotlight is a successful casting platform, as anyone who runs a business knows, margins are tight. We are a family business and don’t have huge funds to draw on - but believe me, we are looking at every cost we have to see how we can help. But it will take a bit more time to work through exactly how we can do that, so please bear with us. 

All our decisions will be made to help all of us to navigate these uncertain times, to ensure that Spotlight will be here to help to connect you with casting directors and roles as the situation improves. 

Because there will be opportunities. One of the most inspiring things about creatives, is that it is often the most stressful situations that create the most wonderful art. I am so looking forward to seeing what our community creates on the other side. 

This is a really difficult time for us all, but we’re all in this together and we look forward to updating you soon on how else we can support you.