COVID-19: Our Response to Queries about Our Membership Fees

Some of our members have been asking whether Spotlight will discount membership fees as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. We understand that many actors may be suffering financial hardship as a result of lost work due to this global emergency. This is also an incredibly challenging time for the Spotlight team, many of whom are from the industry (e.g. actors, dancers, camera operators), and we have carefully been assessing the best way that we can respond for the long term benefit of our members, our business and the wider performing arts industry.

Here’s what we’re doing to help: 

  • We are offering our members a three month payment holiday on their Spotlight membership. As soon as we understood the extent of the COVID-19 crisis on the UK last week, the team here at Spotlight immediately began work behind the scenes to plan how best we could help our members. Whilst we were always optimistic that we would be able to ease the financial burden our members were experiencing, we needed to understand to what extent we could support them, and how we could implement the necessary and complex changes to our systems. 

    The announcements made by the Chancellor on Friday 20th March about various business support packages available allowed us at Spotlight to work out how much financial support we could offer our members through a payment holiday, while still ensuring that Spotlight is able to continue to provide our services to the industry throughout this crisis. 

    We hope this comes as a welcome relief to those of our members who are struggling the most. 
    If you’ve been particularly affected by this crisis and are struggling to make ends meet, you can opt in to a one-off three month payment holiday. Members can expect to receive an email explaining how to opt in by Friday 27th March. Registering for this payment holiday will mean:

    • If you pay annually, we will add an additional three months to your membership.

    • If you’re paying by monthly instalments, we will cancel your next three months of payments.

    • Your profile will still remain on Spotlight throughout this time so you can continue to be submitted for any work over this period. You’ll also continue having access to our membership benefits, such as events, career advice, and our discounts scheme.

  • We believe strongly that the government needs to support actors and those who have been financially impacted by this crisis. That’s why we’ve written to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, urging him to announce financial support measures that provide for the unique employment situation of actors and other freelancers in the creative industries. We encourage you to do the same. Take a look at what you can do here.
  • We are supporting those in our industry who have been most affected by this crisis with a donation to Acting For Others, who work with a range of charities to provide immediate financial assistance to actors who are experiencing hardship. This will ensure they have the support and resources they need to get through this crisis.  

In addition to all of this, we are working with the industry to ensure that productions can continue to be produced, by introducing digital casting services, encouraging online meets between casting directors and much more.

How you can help: 

We encourage you to add your voice to ours and call on the government to provide assurance by announcing measures to provide financial assistance to actors and their unique employment situation. Find out more here.