Open House London: Thursday 12th April

Open house is back! With a fantastic mix of workshops, one-to-ones and panel discussions. This week-long series is your opportunity to continue to develop your skills, expand your network and progress your career. 

All events are free for current Spotlight members. Please book onto a max of 2 events to allow for as many Spotlight members to participate in these events.



Beginners Musical Theatre Jazz Class Thursday 12th April 09.00-10.30

This workshop will be a fun introductory jazz dance class and will give participants an idea of how a dance audition runs. Aimed at actors who have little or no dance experience, Ellie will take you through a jazz-based warm up and stretch, before learning some choreography. You will have the chance to work on some standard dance steps along with learning the terminology, and you'll then work them into a short musical theatre style routine. The routine will be strongly character-driven, so participants can focus on acting through dance as opposed to worrying about the shapes and steps being perfect!



Acting Through Song Thursday 12th April 10.30-12.30

Working with experienced West End singer Lucy Garrioch, participants will learn the song Being Alive from Sondheim's 'Company'. Lucy will work on vocal technique with each of the participants before the group perform it as an ensemble. Everyone will have the chance to perform individually and will get direction, feedback, and to experience a 'mock audition'.


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Managing Stress and Mental Health Thursday 12th April 11.00-13.00

How can I be better prepared for auditions? Will I remember all those lines? How do I manage periods of unemployment? How do I control my nerves? This workshop, run by Dr Jane Oakland, explores some of the more common stress-related issues experienced by actors and ways in which an actor can learn to take proactive steps towards enhancing confidence and general wellbeing.



One Short Day - Wicked Workshop Thursday 12th April 14.00-16.00

The Wicked musical theatre workshop is designed to introduce participants to the kind of multi-layered performance techniques crucial to performing in the West End. Following a comprehensive physical and vocal warm-up, the workshop begins by learning a song from Wicked, developing vocal techniques, and acting through song. The participants then learn the matching choreography to the piece and begin to put the two parts together. The group will rehearse the piece and work towards a sharing at the end of the session.