Spotlight Open House London: Thursday 6th April

Spotlight Open House is back! Kicking off on Monday 3rd April is a jam-packed week of workshops, Q&As and one-to-ones led by top industry professionals working across all areas of film, television and theatre. 

Most of the events will be taking place at our Spotlight Studios and at 12 Bow Street, Dublin. We'll also be livestreaming some of the sessions, meaning that you can get involved with Open House wherever you're based.

Take a look at what's on offer online here: Spotlight Open House April 2017 Livestreams.

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Thursday 6 April 14:00-17:00

SOLD OUT. One-on-one session with psychologist Dr. Jane Oakland
These sessions have now sold out.
Many people in the performing arts will experience challenges with their mental health at some point in their lives. That's why is here to help. These private, 30-minute one-on-one sessions are a chance for you to speak to counselling psychologist Dr Jane Oakland, who works with BAPAM. The session is completely confidential and an opportunity for you to discuss any challenges that you're currently facing.

Thursday 6 April 18:30-20:00

SOLD OUT. Bechdel Testing Life - Individuality and intersectionality on stage.
This workshop has now sold out.
For female, non-cisgender, non-binary and intersectional actors. A workshop exploring how actors can bring their own individuality and reality to a role. We'll be using brand new scripts based on recordings of real-life conversations from our 'Bechdel Testing Life' project. As actors your own identities can sometimes seem to 'get in the way' of casting. You're pressured to be a blank slate or cookie-cutter. You're told You're too short, too tall, too fat, too old, too disabled, too foreign, too working class, too black, too Asian, too masculine, too feminine, too androgynous. The list goes on. In this workshop we want to meet female, non-cisgender, and non-binary actors who don't always get cast in the roles they want to play.
acting for cam.jpg

Thursday 6 April 18:30-20:30

SOLD OUT. Performing for Camera Clinic
This workshop has now sold out.
Mainly experienced at treading the boards? Or just need a refresh on how to make the best impact when acting on camera? Casting Associate Emma Sylvester will be on hand to give you feedback to improve your performance in front of the camera. Emma Sylvester has just finished casting short film 'The Snow Maze' which was directed by Sam Cadman and produced by RSA films (Ridley Scott Associates). Emma was a jobbing actress prior to her move into casting. She has cast music videos and commercials for various production companies.