We explain all of the benefits of being a Spotlight member

Your Spotlight membership gives you more than an online profile and access to exclusive breakdowns. Here are all the ways in which your Spotlight membership can give you value as a performer.

Discounts on everyday items

Spotlight offers discounts on a wide range of services, from cinema tickets to mobile phones, car leasing, interview coaching, and even travel.

Your best possible acting profile

Your profile includes several key things every actor requires:

  • Information about you
  • Your best headshot
  • All your credits.

The majority of the information you enter into your Spotlight profile is searchable by casting directors. Over 100,000 searches are carried out by casting professionals every month, and we want to ensure that you appear in as many relevant search results as possible that’s why you should read our tips for creating your best Spotlight profile.

Whether you’re after advice for an upcoming headshot session with your photographer, want to know what makes a great headshot, or if you’re just curious to know what casting professionals are looking for, we have plenty of articles and videos to help you.

We also list recommendations of what photos you shouldn’t upload to your Spotlight profile and have our own technical standards to ensure that every photo displayed is of reasonable quality and makes you look good.

You can read our Spotlight profile tips in our dedicated advice area.

Showreel services and advice

Likewise, we have content to assist you with creating your showreel, including a hilarious and informative video that breaks the process down into easy-to-follow steps.

Industry contacts

Our Contacts listings are a database of everything you may need for a career in entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a set designer for an upcoming stage production, a voice over coach, a headshot photographer or something else industry-related, Spotlight Contacts is the place to start. We have all the relevant listings displayed in order of proximity to your location.

If you have an entertainment-related business alongside your acting career (such as drama coaching or headshot photography), you can create your own Contacts listing for free!

Free events and workshops to keep skills sharp

Spotlight runs various events throughout the year which are free for our members to attend. We host Open House, which gives you the chance to ask questions and interact with our carefully selected panels. We also run summer school workshops for our young performers.

You’ll also find our lovely team at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Kilkenny Subtitle Film Festival each year.

We know an acting career can be challenging, and so it’s Spotlight’s greatest hope that the benefits we offer to support our members can help make it less so. Be sure to take advantage of everything available – it’s all there for you!

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