Changes to Spotlight Student Membership

Spotlight membership criteria for students is changing, to be more inclusive and reflect the increasing number of drama schools offering exceptional training in the UK. In agreement with Equity, we've updated the criteria for graduate eligibility for both Equity and Spotlight membership.

The new course criteria, endorsed by Equity Council, will recognise training that offers:

  • Vocational training courses for performers – practical rather than theoretical
  • Equivalent to NQF level 5/SCQF level 8 or above qualification issued by a recognised body
  • Contact hours in excess of 30 hours per week
  • No more than 22 students in a class, and 30 weeks in a year of instruction
  • Courses that offer a professional showcase opportunity, attended by industry
  • Courses that offer professional development programme with industry engagement
  • Access to professional facilities
  • Clear commitments on safeguarding, bullying and harassment, and diversity

In addition to this, for any non-acting performers, Equity will adjust the criteria as appropriate, for skills including stage management, circus, singing, theatre design and directing.

Each year, we'll work jointly with Equity to recognise the courses whose students will be eligible for both Spotlight Graduates and Equity student membership. Your course leader will have more information on this, so speak to them to find out if your training fits the bill. A finalised list of schools will be released once this process is complete, so check back for more information before applications open in the late summer. 

For any other enquiries relating to this change in student membership criteria, do get in touch with us at [email protected]