Data laws are changing! Here's what you need to know

What the new General Data Protection Regulation means for you and your relationship with Spotlight

By now you’ve probably heard a little about the changes to the way data is collected, used and stored across the EU. Your inbox might be filling with dozens of updates to privacy policies and terms and conditions, and Spotlight is not an exception! We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms, and we are providing a quick overview of what has changed, why, and what it means to anyone using Spotlight’s sites and services.

We value your trust in us, and believe these changes will help you to better understand and clarify what is happening with your information. It’s really important to us that you are comfortable and clear about your relationship with Spotlight, and we’re committed to doing what we can to provide more information about how Spotlight respects and maintains the privacy of its customers, members, and individuals who visit the Spotlight site. These pages also detail the ways in which you can take more control of your information.

These changes are all vital parts of the new data protection laws coming into force on the 25th May called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our new Privacy Policy provides more detail about how Spotlight uses personal information in line with the new regulation.

If you’re a regular on our site or often use our service, here’s a summary of what’s changed:

We’re telling people even more about what is done with their information

Spotlight is always looking at ways to better protect you and your data. The updated Privacy Policy provides more information about what type of information Spotlight collects, why it is needed and how it is managed.

We’re providing more access to information

The updated Privacy Policy provides details on how you can access and better control your personal information.

We’re providing more choice about the communications you will receive

Spotlight will provide important service emails to our members, such as updates to terms or reminders about renewals. However, we recognise that you may not want to receive marketing emails from us. That’s totally fine! When marketing emails are sent, you’ll be able to easily opt-out, and where applicable, make more detailed choices about what marketing communications you do and do not want to receive. More information is provided in our Privacy Policy.

A final note for Spotlight members...

When you first became a Spotlight member, you would have agreed to some terms of membership. These are kept up to date by us, and changes are made from time to time. If there is something in our latest terms that you don’t agree with, please contact our very officially titled Data Protection Officer at [email protected]. They’ll be on hand to answer any specific queries you might have!

Spotlight is here to help and if you ever have any questions about what these changes will mean for you, your membership or your data, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.