Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

You've said a thankful goodbye to 2016 and now it's time to aim higher and smash your goals in 2017. So, what are your next steps?

Your Spotlight Profile

Let's start with the easy bit - your credits and skills.

Have you listed everything you've been up to in the last 12 months on your profile? This is your chance to tell casting directors what you’ve recently been in and where they can see you perform, if you’re currently in a theatre production.

Did you know... If the show hasn’t opened or been broadcast yet, you can still use the 'Currently Appearing' section above your credits to tell everyone where they can see you or what you’re rehearsing. If it’s an embargoed production, do make sure to check with your agent first before adding it to your profile.

Check your details

Have we got your latest email address and phone number? To keep up to date with all the free events we'll be offering this year, be sure to check! If you can't see how to make a change you need to, just email us at [email protected].


Is your showreel showcasing you at your best? Take a look at these top tips from casting directors below to see if yours meets what they're looking for.


Your headshot is the first thing casting directors see, and most importantly it needs to look like you. It's not about having an extremely flattering photo, as you need to be recognisable in the audition room and suit your casting type! Take a look below at what the casting directors of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Gravity and more have to say about headshots. 

Stay motivated

We’ve got a whole range of podcasts full of advice including interviews with voice coaches, agents, casting directors, fellow actors and more, all available to download now. If you fancy something more practical, check out the Speech Surgeries from The Mono Box or apply to audition for MonologueSlam UK, and get your year off to an exciting start!

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