Spotlight joins forces with Subtitle film festival

We've partnered with the world’s only casting-led film festival, Subtitle, to help improve casting opportunities for actors throughout Europe. Subtitle European Film Festival

The Subtitle European Film Festival is held each year in Kilkenny in November with the aim of showcasing European films to new audiences and connecting leading casting directors from around the world with exciting acting talent from across Europe.

The festival provides a unique opportunity to see some of Europe’s most popular and provocative films that rarely show up in the multiplex. For actors who are invited to the festival, it's a unique opportunity to make connections with casting directors throughout Europe, opening up a wider range of casting opportunities and new projects.  

The festival is now in its fifth year and Spotlight's involvement will help to grow Subtitle and provide the opportunity for more casting directors and actors to take advantage of the unique atmosphere that the festival provides. Spotlight will also use Subtitle to help to grow the number of opportunities for actors in the UK and Ireland to work in European-based projects and films.

Richard Cook, founder of Subtitle, says "If you were looking around for an ideal partner for Subtitle, it would, of course, be Spotlight, given its reach and profile across the UK and wider Europe. In the context of a highly creative environment, Subtitle acknowledges and celebrates European acting talent and the casting process; the partnership with Spotlight has enabled the festival to plan the biggest casting event in the world and I am excited and proud that it is being staged in the beautiful city of Kilkenny”.

Ben Seale, CEO of Spotlight, commented "As the home of casting in the UK and Europe, Spotlight is thrilled to partner with Subtitle to encourage diverse casting and more opportunities throughout Europe. Subtitle festival is a unique atmosphere, bringing together the very best casting directors and showcasing the important role that they play in film.”

Set against the backdrop of Kilkenny, over 25 films will be presented to over 3000 audience goers. Over 60 invited casting directors from the UK, US and across Europe, and actors from 15 countries, will participate in workshops and networking events to establish relationships. A key purpose of the festival is to highlight the integral role that casting professionals play in film.

Industry attendees are by invitation only. Tickets to the films go on sale on the week beginning October 24th. 

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