Qualifying short films now accepted as a credit for Spotlight Membership

We are excited to announce that from September 2020, we will now accept qualifying short film credits as part of the four professional credits required to be eligible for Spotlight membership.

We know that many actors gain valuable experience when working in high quality short films, and many people in the industry have asked us to reflect this in our membership criteria.  This change recognises that experience and the fact that performers may take many different routes to develop the experience required of a professional actor. We hope that this will allow a more diverse pool of talent to start a career in the industry, as outlined in our Inclusivity statement.

Which short films will be eligible? 

As the platform for professional performers, Spotlight will accept a short film as a valid credit when it is a paid, speaking role in a short film that meets the criteria for the BAFTA Short Film category. This means credits in films that have been screened at a wide range of international festivals will now be eligible to be considered as part of your application to Spotlight. 

If you’re applying with any short film credits, you will need to provide evidence that the short film was shown at one of the qualifying festivals in addition to proof that you performed the role. Evidence of this could include: 

  • Festival programme
  • Festival website featuring the film
  • Press coverage of the film
  • Social media coverage of the film at the festival

In addition, as we already do for other credits, we may ask for additional supporting evidence such as contracts to validate your role in the production. 

Please note, student films will not be accepted as a credit towards your Spotlight membership. 

How to apply: 

If you are applying to Spotlight and want one of your short film credits to be considered as part of your application you will need to: 

  1. Complete the online application, provide details in all of the fields of each credit to give us as much information as possible to validate it. 
  2. Email [email protected] with the name you used to apply, your application ID, and the evidence that the short film(s) that you include as part of your application were shown at the festival(s) on the BAFTA Short Film Qualifying Festivals List

Without receiving additional evidence to demonstrate that a short film credit was shown at the festival(s) on the BAFTA Short Film Qualifying list, we will not be able to consider short film credits as part of your membership application to Spotlight. 

Spotlight Membership Criteria

To qualify for Spotlight membership, you need to have four professional credits in television, feature film, qualifying short film, theatre or character-driven voice work, or alternatively, you have graduated with a minimum of a year's professional training from a full-time accredited drama school or university course. Find out more here